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Is The New iPhone 4S An Effective Hand-Held Gaming Device?

The new iPhone 4S has arrived, and though Apple didn’t really care to change its looks and increase the screen size, they did care to make it a top competitor phone when it comes to sheer speed and intelligence.

What they also did is create a potentially worthwhile gaming gadget, one that gives you graphics superior to anything else in the cell-phone market. But the true colors of the iPhone 4S can only be determined by what lies beneath the plastic-metallic-glass exoskeleton.

The iPhone 4S boasts the super-speedy A5 chip – the same one currently being used in the iPad 2. This, along with a few other changes such as a revamped and super-enhanced camera, is the features that differentiate it from its predecessor.

Many people expected an iPhone 5 with bad-ass specs that would be superior to other phones in almost every fashion. Some have shown disappointment over the iPhone 4S concept, while others are getting impressed with its technical capabilities.

But whether or not the iPhone 4S can become a revolutionary gaming device is a debatable topic. Many would immediately respond with a ‘yes’, but the question is more than just an intuitive one.

Ted Pollak, Senior Gaming Analyst at Jon Peddie Research, had mixed views of the possibility of the iPhone 4S becoming a big step in gaming.

“The processing power of the iPhone 4S opens up opportunities for deeper gaming experiences in either a mobile or a streamed situation. The chip is the big news for me today.”

He also believed that the new voice-features can be integrated into gaming in a great way.

However, Pollak also stated that there were flaws in the iPhone 4S’ way to becoming a dedicated gaming gear. Though games may look great on the device, you can never actually play in a comfortable manner with only drag, tilt and touch controls. A genuine ergonomic designed controller is required for an optimum gaming experience.

Additionally, there are also massive limitations as to what can or can’t be done on a 3.5 inch screen. One of the most expected changes in the successor to the iPhone 4 was that of a larger, improved screen, since the standard screen size for most high-end phones nowadays is 4.3 inches – 0.8 inches larger than the iPhone’s.

This difference in size is very noticeable, especially when it comes to gaming. The massive 9.7 inch display of the iPad 2 is more convenient when it comes to gaming than the measly 3.5 inches screen of the iPhone 4S, and with the same processing power as the iPhone 4S, it can offer a more refined visual experience.

Though it’s highly doubtful that iPhone 4S has a revolutionary gaming impact when it comes to dedicated gaming, it is quite possible that such powerful gadgets are a definite way of increasing people’s exposure to video games.

Pollak seems to agree with the fact, as he stated, “The iPhone and Android are expanding people’s exposure to video games, and people who would never buy a PSP or 3DS are getting their first exposure to video games through their smartphone. Now that you have compelling graphics and fun, simple control schemes, it is opening the world of video games to everyone.”

In short, if you’re looking for a hand-held console whose primary purpose would be to serve as a gaming device, don’t go for the iPhone 4S; it’s better to get a Nintendo 3DS or wait for the PS Vita instead.

On the other hand, if you do plan on getting the iPhone 4S (or already own one) for purposes other than gaming, then you can have a great time with the new touch games that come out for your device.