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Battlefield 3 PC Will Get Squad Features

PC gamers are worried they might yet again be victims of console-based discretion, as a much availed trait found in the console versions of Battlefield 3 Open Beta is missing from the PC version.

Console users have the luxury to form squads and switch squads anytime in a match, whereas PC gamers are deprived of this feature.

But is it really something to worry about? DICE says that it isn’t, as squad support will be available to the PC gamers in full form later on. However, there is no indication of the ability to switch squads during a match, as a tweet from DICE Community Manager Daniel Matros stated that squad management and creation will be a ‘Battlelog thing’.  This might suggest that squads would have to be created prior to joining a match.

The Battlelog has been more or less successful in the Beta version of the game. The ability to view match history, unlocked trophies and manage your clan has been conveniently placed in an all-in-one management system. However, minor issues have mauled the exceeding expectations of it being a revolutionary service system.

But, it is just the Beta version after all. Let’s just hope that squad-switching isn’t an exclusive console thing when the retail version of Battlefield 3 arrives.