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The Nature Of Oppositions And Foes In Rage

A post-apocalyptic world is never a safe one – we gamers experienced the fact the hard way in Fallout 3, and we expect no less harshness in id Software’s upcoming first-person shooter Rage.

When you’re in a post-catastrophe era of the Earth, you can categorize the surroundings into two types. First is the safer makeshift towns that are inhabited by somewhat sane folks (who tend to give you a bit too many quests), and second is everywhere else – unsafe, uncertain and potentially lethal.

When you enter the world of Rage, you’ll be able to apply this categorization quite easily. Apart from two friendly towns, there is no place safe in the dusty and dry terrains that you can explore. And when we say unsafe, we mean different kinds of monstrosities, mutants and what-not’s – some lurking in the shadows while others maniacally sprinting towards you with melee weapons.

At the beginning you’ll find relatively simple-but-ugly enemies to fight against; armed bandits with not many brains or crazies that run at you with sticks and blades. Apart from agility and smart cover-to-cover maneuvers, these punks don’t make you work too much sweat, though you could be wasting a ton of ammo while readjusting your aim to follow their movements.

Later on in the game you’ll fight slightly more sophisticated enemies, with heavy armor and bad-ass weaponry. These bad-boys don’t carry hundreds of kilos of armor for nothing, so normal bullets just won’t do enough damage to bring them down in sufficient time. That’s when armor-piercing rounds become your best friends, as they penetrate through the thick armor.

But then there are the Authority soldiers, who have efficient coordination amongst themselves and will use shield barriers to protect them and their allies from harm. These guys are a serious threat, and the best way to handle them is with good old explosives and good new EMP grenades for the shields.

When it comes to weaponry, enemies in later games will be just as well equipped as you are – at times being even better equipped with things like massive miniguns and ridiculously threatening rocket launchers. And when the situation becomes one-and-a-half versus twenty (I add the half because you have the liberty of using spider turrets, which can act as temporary side-kicks), things aren’t pretty, simply because the enemy possesses a variety of different ways to blast you into smithereens.

Along with the many chances of you dying also comes a single chance of almost-instant revival. When you die, a mini-game starts which involves you trying to revive your heart. Succeed in doing so and you spring back to life, electrocuting anything hostile in the area with a localized electric burst. However, this ability has a cool-down, and if you die again before the cool-down finishes, then you respawn at the previous check-point or save.

Have fun exploring the dangers of the post-apocalyptic world and slaying deadly mutants and illusive factions!