Rage Collector Cards Location Guide

There are 54 collector cards in Rage that complete a deck that you can use to play a card game. If you collect all of these in one play-through, you will also unlock Gotta Have ‘Em All achievement or trophy in Rage. so let’s go and hit you up with the Rage Collector Cards Locations so you can start collecting them all.

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Rage Collector Cards Locations

Find below the brief locations where you can find these Collector Cards to complete your Deck. You can get 4 playing cards easily as rewards for Jobs and these are Dune Buster Card, JK Stiles Card, Cuprino Card, and Sally Card.

  • Dune Buster: Obtained as a race reward during ‘Durar’s Time Trial’ quest.
  • JK Stiles Card: As a quest reward of ‘Mutant Bash TV’.
  • Cuprino: As a quest reward of ‘Cuprino Needed’.
  • Sally Card: Obtainable by completing side quest ‘Sally’s Bounty’

There are five cards that are part of the Starter Deck and can be bought and these are City Guard Card, Club Mutant Card, Mayor Clayton Card, Jetter Card, and Sheriff Black Card. Collect the remaining at the locations specified or get them as reward for completing certain jobs. The rest of the Rage Collector Cards locations are given below.

Hagger Settlement Collector Cards

Location. You will find it in Dan Hagar’s office near the beds. You can get it at the start of the game.

Location. Look for it on the Barrel outside Dan Hagar’s garage.

Location. Look for on the Boulder outside Dan Hagger’s door. Should be easy to locate.

Dune Buster
Location. Defeat Durar’s Time Trial with the Dune Buster and it will be automatically added to your Deck.

Ghost Hideout Collector Cards

Ghost Bonestick
Location. During Quell the Bandit Threat quest, enter the hideout and kill the second enemy you encounter. He will be on the upper ledge between two torches. To get the card, walk around the back of the ledge.

Ghost Boss
Location. Go past the previous card, search the room with a large hole in the wall. There is a giant statue inside the room, pass around the back of the statue and look for it under a small table.

Ghost Pistol
Location. Get the Lock Grinder and return to Ghost Hideout. Now, open the Grindable Door at the start of the area. Inside you will find some Feltrite and Ghost Pistol card.

Outrigger Settlement

Location. You will find this card with Janus Outrigger in the Outrigger Settlement. She lives at the top of the rig the people live in. You will find the card beside her on the sofa. She wears red and blue glasses so it shouldn’t be hard to recognize her.

Waster Territory Collector Cards

Location. When you enter the Waster Territory during Radio Tower Repair/Find Juno mission, go up stairs, following the waypoint. When you encounter the enemies, kill them and look for a dark stairway, this will lead to a secret area with a Turret Card. It’s just before the area with ‘Bathroom’, if you go too far.

Location. When you go to activate the Radio Tower in Radio Tower Repair mission, at the bottom of the ladder leading to the control room is a shelf with the Rikter card on it. Don’t miss it!

Crazy Joe
Location. Go northwest of Mutant TV, up hill and you will find Crazy Joe’s place by the swamp. Enter his shack and collect the card lying next to him.

Dagger Thrower
Location. Just by the Wasted Garage exit, there is narrow pathway above the doorway. It’s on the main road above the road that leads down to the Ark and dam area.

Sentry Bot Card
Location. Go north of Dr. Kvasir’s mailbox and just before you cross the bridge, search the bushes to retrieve this card.

Shrouded Mini Card
Location. It is in the Feltrite Refinery area in the blue cargo container.

Enforcer Card
Location. It’s in the Wasteland, just before entering a large pipe leading to Dead City, look around the ground to the right of the pipe entrance.

Wasted Garage Collector Cards

Wasted Club
Location. In the Wasted Garage, after you get the Alternator in the Buggy Parts quest, an electrically charged door will unlock by the hanging mechanism. Take the stairs down and through the hallway, keep moving right as you exit to find another staircase leading up. You should notice Wasted Club Card shining in the far dead-end hallway.

Wasted Pistol Card
Location. Look for it on the staircase leading up on the floor that is above the boss floor. It’s in a cardboard box with a speed limit sign and a green mile marker sign. To reach it easily, enter the exit area by the Ark, go up one floor and then look for this at the base of the stairs leading to the third floor.

Wasted Turret Card
Location. After you have defeated the main boss, make your way around the car through the hole in the wall. Once through, at your immediate left is a tool box with Wasted Turret Card on it. It is near the final card part on the bottom floor of the dungeon, right before the exit door to the Wasteland.


Location. Take Sally’s first mission and destroy the Bandit cards outside of Wellspring. Talk to her in the bar and this card will be automatically added to your Deck.

Location. Win the Cuprino in the Sponsored Race, and talk to the Sheriff.

Location. Rescue Walter in the Second Chance bar from the Authority Prison and enter the Resistance area in back, you will find it on the stairs on your way up.

Bash TV Arena

Scoop Mutant
Location. Finish the final round of Mutant Bash, look for the Scoop Mutant in the hallway on the left.

JK Stiles
Location. Finish one round of Mutant bash and JK Stiles will give it to you.

Dead City Streets

Large Mutant
Location. When you enter the Dead City Streets area during Defibrillator Upgrade mission. You will encounter Mutants in a boarded up apartment, exit the area and you will find yourself attacked by few mutants taking cover in the office building. Be careful here, one mutant will come out of the tube below the building.

To deal with the situation, send an RC Car through this tube and detonate the tanks around the red door in the room inside. Once you have done that, take the stairs nearby and search the office for a staircase that leads down. This is where you will find the Large Mutant Card.

Location. When you fight with Kraken Mutant in Dead City Streets, look for it near the blood splattered side area. This card may only appear during the Lost Research Data.

Dead City Center Collector Cards

Slime Mutant
Location. Look for it on the table with the lamp near the dining area with the locked gate at the entrance of Dead City Center.

Authority Drone
Location. During Lost Research Date mission, you will go back to the Dead City and traverse the level in reverse. You start back tracking from the place where you got your Defib Upgrade and encounter your first enemies in a large room with escalators. You will find this card on the table by the ad in the large room.

Shrouded Bunker Collector Cards

RC Bomb Card
Location. Inside the entrance to the Shrouded Bunker, you will see RC Bombs streaming out of hole at you. Look above this opening near the floor and you will find the RC Bomb Card.

Shrouded Heavy
Location. During Destroy the Bomb Caches quest, there is a locked door that requires a keycard. Face the door from the lock side and turn around. Now, walk straight back to the huge pipe along the opposite wall. You will find the Shrouded Heavy Card at the end of this pipe.

Shrouded AR
Location. Look for it inside the area just before the final Bomb Cache in Destroy the Bomb Caches quest. You will find it on a shelf near an elevator, right next to the door with turret above it.

The Well Collector Cards

Location. When you meet with other Wellspring fighters in the Hijacked Well mission, look for this card on the crates filled ammo by a barred gate.

Location. In the long hallway where Ghosts fire at you from behind the cover in the Hijacked Well Job quest. Look for a ladder along the left wall. This ladder leads to a secret room with the Mine Card in it.

Authority Prison Cards

While you can come back to retrieve each card in all the locations in Rage, you can’t come back to Authority Prison to retrieve these cards. So, in any case, you will have to get all the Authority Prison cards in one go.

Power Supply
Location. When you turn off the first power supply in the Authority Prison to switch off the lasers, search this card on the far side and you will find it.

Giant Mutant
Location. Just before the first turret that you encounter, a hole in the wall will lead you to this card. First disable the turret then go and retrieve Giant Mutant Card.

EMP Grenade
Location. After the first three auto turrets, you will come across an open room with bunch of Authority and a shielded Authority. Take out the power supply to break the laser grid and go up stairs. You will find this EMP Grenade card upstairs.

Drop Ship
Location. Free Captain Marshal from Authority Prison. He will pull a rifle out of crate once free. Search this crate to get the Drop Ship Card.

Location. Once you have freed Captain Marshall from Authority Prison, follow him down the stairs and find a Grindable Lock. Inside you will find the Marshall Card.

Shield Guard
Location. When you split with Walter in Authority Prison, look for it on the other side of the door the Authority fighter knocks down.

Subway Town

Authority Mutant
Location. During your first visit to Subway Town, look for this card in the small lab by the Marshall’s Ark. You will find a rotting authority mutant inside but beside it is this card.

Blue Line Station

Dyno Mutant Card
Location. It is trapped behind the metal gate of a Mexican restaurant in the Blue Line Station. Get TNT as part of the gaining influence job and go to this restaurant.

Open this gate by hitting the yellow electric box next to it with an EMP grenade. The gate will open with the explosion and you can easily retrieve the exposed card.

Gearhead Vault

Advance Sentry Bot
Location. Look for it in the back seat of the one of the last cars you come to in the parking garage, before you head up into the main vault area.

Gearhead Shotgun
Location. In the Gearhead Vault, after you have turned off the flames and took the elevator down, clear the enemies in the lobby ahead and head right to find the Gearhead Shotgun Card sitting on the remains of a fountain.

Gearhead Jet
Location. After you have looted the vault, exit the vault chamber and go through the hole in the wall in the propeller room. The gearhead jet card sits on top of the area behind the curved bar at the top of the curved stairway.

Power Plant

Gearhead Boss
Location. After you have killed the boss, used three switches to kill the waves of enemies and you are ready to leave the Power Plant, go for the exit.

Just before the exit door, you will find an open door on the left with stairwell leading up to a small room above the exit. There is a filing cabinet against the right side of the wall with Gearhead Boss Card on one of the shelves.

Jackal Canyon

Jackal Crossbow
Location. Enter the Jackal Canyon and look at your left. Hop up on the ledge to retrieve the Jackal Crossbow Card.

Jackal Club
Location. You will find this card in the ammo stash, next to the first level you pull to raise the gates that will allow you to advance through the dungeon.

Eastern Wasteland Collector Cards

Location. It is on the ground just outside the Power Plant.

Location. Look for it on the right in the cave on your way to the Distillery.

Elite Guard
Location. Search behind the crates on the Authority Bridge and you will find it.

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