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Uncharted 3 To Use Sony’s Online Pass System

Sony’s Spain software manager, Juan Jimenez has confirmed to Spanish site The Vault that Uncharted 3 will use Sony’s Online Pass System that started with Resistance 3. He Said, Uncharted 3 will follow the network pass model of Resistance 3.

Uncharted 3 along with other titles that are part of the online pass program, will come bundled with a single-use code that will grant users ‘full online access for that title’. If you bought the game secondhand, you will have to pay $10 for the pass to play online. This is essentially a tactic to recover lost sales by Sony as a result of secondhand market. It is also an effort to make buying new games attractive than to wait and buy them used.

Several publishers have already implemented the online pass system in their games already, notably Electronic Arts, Microsoft, THQ, and Ubisoft. It remains to be seen, how successful this new strategy is. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is a gem, and we hope you aren’t among the one affected by this decision, since you will buying it new!