Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning Factsheet

It’s mind-boggling to think how much content you’ll find in a lore that spans 10,000 years in a game. What’s even more mind-boggling is how it all relates to a certain portion in history, which you get to experience and absorb.

Kindgom of Amalur: Reckoning tends to boggle your mind, as it does exactly the above. Mind you, this isn’t the first game to contain fantasy history, which must be explored and dug out in order to understand the ridiculous vastness of the world you play in. Games like Dragon Age: Origins and almost all The Elder Scrolls games possess this mesmerizing and time-consuming trait.

But Kingdom of Amalur is much more than just fantasy folk-tales and collection of made-up history; it’s a complete game with tons of features. The game’s story and world is the creation of New York’s bestseller author R. A. Salvatore, and here are the features we are most excited about:

Rich Story and Narration – Reckoning is set in the Kingdoms of Amalur universe, which has a deep fictional history that spans 10,000 years and is directly related to the resulting observable world in the game.

Unique RPG Combat – The iconic and most greatly anticipated feature of this story-driven RPG game is its combat. It allows you to play in your own unique style thanks to a dynamic system that delivers intense and responsive action.

Open RPG World – Though the combat may at times seem like one straight out of an intense action/adventure game, the world of Reckoning is heavily RPG based – vast and full of different sceneries and terrains. Moreover, the game has 60+ hours of storyline, along with plenty of sidequests and open-world exploration.

Choose Your Own Destiny – Another unique aspect of the game is its character development system. Instead of conventional categorization, your character is developed on the basis of his ‘destiny’ and how the player plays the game. Hundreds of combinations including skills, weapons, and armor allow you complete your character the way you wish.


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