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Bloody Roar Series Is Back With Bloody Roar 5

Many out there believed that there won’t be any more “Bloody Roar”. Well, Hudson has proved this thought wrong with the announcement of Bloody Roar 5 via twitter:

@HudsonSoftLtd ハドソン [Hudson Soft] New Bloody Roar sequel, is in production! we’ll post more soon! 😉

After the launch way back in 1998, this arcade game has been launched by different publishers including Virgin Interactive, Activision and Konami. Since Hudson Soft is now a Konami subsidiary, Konami will be the publisher of the upcoming sequel.

Regarding its release, the game is expected to hit stores sometime in 2012. So after a pause of almost a decade, the half-human half-animal fighters will be back to entertain you yet again.