Rage Walkthrough

Rage is an open-world first-person shooter developed by id Software, powered by id Tech 5 engine. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world such as the World of Fallout. If you are looking to dive into this crazy world but feeling overwhelmed with the quests, this complete Rage Walkthrough will help you figure out what to do.

Rage Walkthrough

Rage has an active multiplayer part and drives inspiration from games like Motorstorm and Burnout for racing and driving in an open World environment.

Players will earn cash from races won and then will be able to upgrade their cars. You are a survivor of the Apophis Impact in Rage, and just wake up in an Ark.

The Ark where you were in, malfunctioned and you become the only survivor. Now, you are alone and left to find your way through this cruel environment and different factions that inhabit this environment.

If you ever find difficult to survive, don’t worry, we are here to guide you through each quest with our Walkthrough.

Table of Content

Dan Hagar

After the initial cut scene, come out of the chamber and follow on-screen instructions. Once you are outside the room, you will be attacked. Wait… Where are your guns? You don’t need them yet as you will be saved by someone in the buggy.

Ride the buggy to Hangar’s town. Follow Dan into the restaurant to have your first assignment.

Quell Bandits
After grabbing the pistol and ammo from the table, follow the path marked on the mini map to the garage. Get the ATV and drive it to the Ghost Hideout. Leave the ATV at yellow bars and enter the hideout.

You can loot the corpses inside so make sure you avail any opportunity you find. Keep following the dotted path till you confront with the first wave of enemies. Shoot them with your pistol. Like many other shooting games, you will do more damage if you shoot the upper parts of the body.

You can use your fists too if enemies get too close to you. Your weapons can also perform the melee attack so you have multiple options depending upon the need.

After getting the “Ghost Bonestick“, a cutscene will play. Near the statue, you will learn the use of Defibrillator. After completing the exercise, you will regain life and also stun/kill the nearby enemies.

Leave the room through the door and save your progress. There will be some more enemies as you move along. You can either sneak up on them and get some melee kills or you can do it the traditional way i.e shooting them to death.

Near the zip line section, you can grab some CE grenades. They are useful specially when the enemies are cluttered together. If any enemy dies from the grenade blast then you won’t be able to loot the dead body.

After you have dealt with all the enemies in the section, use the zip line to get to the exit. Head back and report to Dan. He will assign you the next job.

Medical Supplies
You can visit the shop in the gas station section to sell the scarp and buy some useful items like ammo in return. Now, drive to Outrigger. Move up the stairs to talk to Rikter Outrigger and then Janus Outrigger. After that, you are going to need Where’s Juno and Radio Tower Repair missions to be completed to further progress in this job.

Outrigger Settlement

Where’s Juno/ Radio Tower Repair
You can complete both these tasks while you head to the radio tower. It is in Wasted Territory just across the street. You will face small enemy resistance in the tower so keep your guns ready. A dude with shotgun can surprise you.

Before you examine Juno Outrigger’s body on the floor, there will a couple of mutants to deal with first. After examining the body, you can return to Janus Rikter and complete “Where’s Juno”.

But you can proceed further to complete the repairing task. There is a ladder just beside Juno’s body that will lead you to the tower controls. After moving the lever switch, use the zipline to get back to the surface.

Go talk to Janus and both of your assignments will be completed. On you way along, if you talk to Rikter Outrigger, he will give you a shotgun. The ammo can be bought at the shop for this.

With resources you have by now, you can bow build bandages via engineering menu. Ramos Outrigger will assign you an assignment named “Mutant Alert”.

Mutant Alert
From the ghoust Hideout, move to the north and you will find a firework tube there. You need to activate it. You can’t just go there and return of course as some mutants will appear. Shoot them and return to Ramos who will reward you with 100 dollar. You should complete it before you see Hagar for completion of uest “Medical Supplies”.

The Missing Parts
In Hagar Settlement, head to the shop. The one near the garage. Durar there will sent you to Outrigger settlement to meet Johan Outrigger. Johan then will assign you the task of finding the missing buggy parts.

Find the Buggy Parts
You need to go to the garage in the Wasted Territory. All you need to do is follow the path on your minimap. Once inside, you need to look for the grindable lock. If you get it, you will have the lock grinder schematics. Now open the engineering menu and make lock grinder (Lock Grinder = Electrical Wire Kit + Hardware Packet + Small Gears).

You will have confrontation with enemies in the next section. Deal with them and keep moving till your reach an electric door. You need to find a motor now with some sort of alternator.

Move through the hallways and rooms to get to it. The alternator can accessed by only one side. Get the alternator to open the electric door. As you move down the stairs, you will face more enemies.

Shotguns are always useful in close quarter combat. You will find a grindable lock in here. Using the lock grinder here, you can have some grenades and other equipment.

Now after a couple of staircases and gathering the collector cards , get the distributor cap which open a new path leading to another stairs.

In the next section, the chaingunner will make things difficult for you. Enemies will keep on coming till you deal with that enraged idiot. You can try shooting him but there is a work around. Hit the button on the tower in front of the gunner and it will set a tank moving. Shoot it when it moves by the gunner.

You need to practice this exercise a couple of times before you can get rid of the gunner. Meanwhile, also stay cautious about other endless wave of enemies.

After dealing with the enemies, you will find the Piston Assembly on the other side of the garage. Once you have all the buggy parts, you can leave the garage. Stay on your toes as enemies will attack you while you try to ride back to the settlement. Durar will fix the buggy for you which you can ride now.

Destroy the Barricade
You will get this mission from Dan after completing the missing buggy parts mission. You will have the sniper rifle now. Pay a visit to the shop to refill your ammo and sell all the scrap you have gathered.

You don’t need the buggy ride to reach Hagar Territory. Walk to the rocks surrounding the territory. Why are you here? You need to blow off some heads with your sniper. Pick your targets. You can use 2x zoom to have a better view. Watch out for those launchers though. You can’t afford to give them a chance.

After the sniping job is over that is you have eliminated all the targets, you can place explosive on the large gate to blow it. You should wait at a safe distance. Head back to Dan to collect your reward.

Well Spring

Dan’s Message
It’s time to move to Wellspring. Talk to Dan and set out for the new coordinates. Before you leave, you can visit Durar in the garage and tune your buggy. You can also challenge him for Durar’s time trial which is a race against other buggies. You will get Evenflow 2X Boost from him.

At the Wellspring gate, you need to talk to Solomon who will let you in. Find Mayor’s office. The meeting with Mayor will conclude with a job at your hands i.e Changing Clothes.

Changing Clothes
There are multiple ways to reach Outfitters. Either way, you need to get the shop in the town and get free clothes from Coffer. Always look for the signboards if you can’t find the particular point in the game.

Now the outfit selection will affect your gameplay so give it a thought before you select. Wastelander will give you discount on all cash purchases. Roughneck will make you more resistant to attacks while Fabricator will enhance your engineered items. If you want a light armor upgrade from this shop, you should not buy the Fabricator.

Head back to mayor to receive another job.

Renting a Garage
Get to Mick’s garage. The garage is right across Mayor’s front door. Talk to Mick and you will be able to select a vehicle of your choice for leaving Wellspring. If you want your vehicle to be repaired here then you should have the necessary parts as you can’t buy items in this shop.

Now, you need to move to Sheriff Black’s office which is in the alleys behind the Mayor’s office. Look for the Sharif’s sign and you will find the stairs leading to the office. You will have your next job there.

Arming the Buggy
Rusty’s Autoparts is the only place in Wellspring where you can by weapon upgrades. So, it’s time to meet Rusty. He will ask you to win races to acquire the upgrades.

First talk to Jackie Weeks and then the guy named Slim near the booth to start the race. You can beat Dusty 8 (Time Trial) and Southern Highway (Non-Combat Race) in Beginner’s Luck to earn the 30 Certificates required. With the earned certificates, you can buy weapons like launchers and mini-gun.

You can race more if you want to for more rewards. Racing in rage is arcade styled where winning is all that matters. Use your weapons and accessories like shield and boost etc wisely to defeat your competitors.

More races you win, more upgrades you will unlock. Had back to Sheriff and he will give you supplies to be delivered to Dan in Hagar’s settlement. You will get a message first that will direct you to the Second Chance bar beside the garage.

If you complete the task assigned by Sally, it will earn you some cash. It’s worth of a shot as you only need to take care of few vehicles outside the city and 30 dollars will go in your pocket. Don’t forget to visit Outfitters to purchase missiles.

After you deliver the supplies to Dan, you will get the striker crossbow and a mutant. Head back to Wellspring for more jobs.

Cuprino Needed
Once you are in Wellspring after delivering the supplies, you need to talk to Sheriff Black first. Then meet Jackie Weeks around the races area to have your next job.

Dusty 8 Sponsorship
Before you leave for the Bash tv arena, it is recommended that you gather some cash and and ammo from Outfitters. You can do gambling at holographic betting game near Outfitters.

Inside the TV arena, JK Stiles will tell you that you can win sponsorship by completing a job (Mutant Bash TV).

Mutant Bash TV
The job is divided into 5 sections. The faster you go, more bonus you will earn. You will have to shoot plenty of mutants so make sure that you are not short on ammo. Bandages will help too.

Round 1
Start shooting mutants and try to make use of the free area you have in there. When the tower rises, aim for its top as fire emitting mutants will rise from here. Make sure that you use bandages when your screen is red.

Round 2
Mutants will span from the bars above the ceiling. Try to stay sharp and shoot them at sight.

Round 3
You should aim for the targets under the reel and not the reels themselves after the skull reaches the dollar sign. If you fail, expect a wave of mutants to entertain you. Don’t forget to collect any bandages or ammo you find in the area.

Round 4
Spotlight spikes will make things difficult. You need to stay along the perimeter of the room to avoid them. Like other rounds, you will also have to shoot mutants.

Round 5
You are doomed if you don’t have a ranged weapon ( like the assault rifle) against the Kraken. You need to keep moving to avoid its attacks. Aim for the head and keep a safe distance till you bring it down.

You will get plenty of cash for completing this job. Head back to Wellspring now and talk to Jackie Weeks who will direct you to a sponsorship event race. You should use Mutant bash power up to blast away any competitors ahead of you. If you win the race, you will get a Cuprino which is more resistant to enemy attack. you can access it through garage.

Head back to Sheriff black who will give you the Curpino card and also assign a new job.

Resupply the Watch Tower
Time to have some upgrades for your new vehicle. Head to Rusty’s and get your Cuprino upgraded. While on your way to the tower, destroy any enemy vehicles you encounter. Talk to the guard there and then head back to meet Sheriff.

You will be rewarded and a new job will be assigned.

Destroy the Bomb Caches
Before you move to destroy the bomb caches, make use of RC bomb schematic you get for this mission. Head to the marked location on your map and take out enemies in the area.

You can use your shotgun or Crossbow to serve the purpose. You need a RC car to reach the first bomb cache. You can find one on the crate in the first room or you can have it through your inventory. Move the car under the hanging wall and make it detonate when it reaches the inflammable tanks.

Move through the door and shoot the enemies ahead. Move to the elevator and use the control panel to get to B1. In this section, you will face enemy resistance. You have only one way to entertain them which is through bullets of your gun.

Once you are in the hallways section, you can collect some supplies and Authority Machine Gun behind the grindable door. You can use it take out enemies below you. Grab the Altrite on the other side of the closed door between the rocks and take it back up to the ramp.

Further ahead, you will find more enemies in the lower section. You can use RC car below to eliminate a group of enemies.

You will find the second cache on the floor. Use the RC car again to blow it and them move through the blasted door. Further along the path, some enemies will spawn through the door. Shoot them and then move on to reach the atrium. It’s a large section so you can use the ranged weapon (sniper) here.

More enemies will enter through the doors. If you find them cluttered, pop up a grenade or two at them to eliminate them quickly. You will find the next bomb cache while moving through the destroyed lab. RC is always a good option to grab some quick kills.

Destroy the Bomb cache again and take the elevator to the top floor where more enemies are present. Deal with them and move through the exit. Head back to report Sheriff and collect the reward.

Feltrite Crater
See Mayor Clayton for this job. You need to find Feltrite Crater south after leaving Wellspring. Although you won’t be facing any major resistance, it’s still better that you refill your ammo before you leave Wellspring.

Deal with some enemies before you can push the button to raise the Feltrite sample. Once you have it, head back to Wellspring and show it to mayor and collect your reward.

Feltrite Sample
It’s another journey full of enemies. To kill enemies, you need gunpowder so make sure that you grab it before you leave. You need to deliver the sample to Dr.Kvasir.

Kavasir’s chasm is your destination. Raise the bridge and then use the elevator to reach Kvasir. He will have the sample and assign you another job.

Defibrillator Upgrade
It’s a one heck of a job so make sure that you have sufficient resources before you leave for the dead city. Follow the marker on the map and when you reach the spot, find the entrance to the sewers.

Keep on moving till you confront a giant mutant. It will be accompanied with the regular enemies. He has a damaging weapon but the fire is slow enough to be beaten easily. First deal with the weaker foes then turn your attention towards the big dady. Keep a safe distance and you will be fine.

In the apartments, gather any supplies you get. There will be some mutants too so don’t let your guard down. After you have cleared them all, a door will open. Shotgun is always a good option in close quarter combat while the sniper rifle can be effective in the open areas.

There is another tough dude in office area. You should shoot the Kraken using your shotgun. Don’t be impulsive as there are other mutants too that can take you by surprise.

You will find a cable leading to the fuse box. Hit the switch and expect another wave of mutants. You will have to shoot them till the gate opens. Just ahead, you will encounter yet another mutant variant, the Slime mutant. You need to avoid its slime shots that can put you in trouble and make you blind.

Shoot it using the shotgun and move through the door to enter the central section of the city. Shoot he canisters you see across the door to open the path. Activate the fuse again to unlock the door. More mutants will arrive. Deal with them till you get to the escalator.

Outside, you will reach a sniping spot. Blow off some mutant heads down below and then proceed downwards. Keep on moving and then in the next section, you will find a rocket launcher which you should use take down the giant mutant.

Mutant Boss Fight
You need to target its weak point that is its heart. You can get a couple of initial shots but you will have to wait till it throws concrete at you after that.

You can dodge the big stones it throws at you by being mobile. You need to adjust your position such that you can get a shot when it exposes its heart after the concrete attack.

You won’t be able to zoom the rocket properly and if you make it late, the attack won’t have any affect and you will have to wait till another wave of attacks. After he pounds on the ground and finishes his attacks, you should target the glowing portion at its head. Repeat the whole exercise for a couple of more times to bring down the giant beast.

Keep on moving and collect any resources you find on the way along. Mutants slimes will be waiting for you in the hallways section. Finally, you will reach the room with your concerned item. Some mutants will enter to stop you but they should be just a regular exercise. Head back to Dr. Kvasir who will upgrade your Defibrillator.

Take the sample now back to Mayor in Wellspring to get the job done.

Hijacked Well
Do the regular preparations before you leave for this job. If you get Pop Rockets Schematics, you can add grenade launcher to your shotgun. Head to the well and talk to Carlson who will let you in.

Inside, you will find the electro bolts which can be used to kill enemies collectively when they are in water. Try it on the enemies you find below. Make sure that you approach them by crouching so that they are not alarmed.

Climb up the ladder and you will find more enemies. You can deal with them in the similar fashion using electro bolts. The next section with big turbine also has many enemies. You can use the shotgun to deal with them effectively.

Move through the opened gate to enter sewers. You will soon find a staircase that will lead you to a vintage point. You can silently use a couple of electro bolts first and then snipe the rest. Move down the stairs on the other side and shoot more ghosts on your way.

You will soon find yourself in a room with a button. When you hit the switch, Ghosts will enter. It will be repeated every time you hit the switch. After three waves of ghost, you will be able to move through the door.

Move up stairs and join the shootout with other Wellspring residents. There will be plenty of ghosts. Your shooting skill swill tested. Try to stay in cover while you shoot them.

After you are done with the ghosts, get to the toxin and take it back to to Wellspring. Take it to Carlson (He is in Mayor’s office) and get your next job.

Deadly Delivery
Ride to meet Dr.Kvasir again. By dodge the meteorites that fall along the way and collect any Feltrite. Show him the toxin and he will give it back to you take it to the resistance.

Secret Delivery
Meet Elizabeth Cadence who is sitting on a stool in Second Chance Bar in Wellspring. She will take you to Resistance HQ for the delivery also give you your next job.

Liberate Captain Marshall
Another harsh campaign is waiting so get yourself ready for it. You should have plenty of ammo specially for the machine gun. When you reach the prison, use the sniper to take out the enemy on the turret above the gate. Also take the one on the tower. Enemies here will be armored so they can give you a tough time.

Open the gate and then take the ladder in the hole to the prison. Search the rooms to pick some EMP grenades. Soon you will face the enemies inside the facility. They are armored so make sure that aim them precisely with the machine gun. You can also use mind control bolts (target the brain for that).

You can use the EMP grenades to wear off guards’ shields. While you deal with the authority guards, shoot the power supplies (two of them) and proceed to complete the job.

Recover ID Drive
You need to head to the ark which is near Hagar’s settlement. Like always, check your ammo before you leave. You will face minor resistance around the Ark but it should not cause you any major problem to access the central console.

Head back to Wellspring. There will be a Feltrite storm on your way back which will let you compete the enemies for the falling deposits. Head to the hideout in Second Chance Bar and collect your reward.

Lost Research Data
Head to Dead City Central through the sewers. Head to the lab where you got Defibrillator Upgrade before and then to the open area where you will meet an authority drone and other soldiers. It’s better that you snipe them from distance.

As you move further through the level, you will be up against some snipers. Take out your sniper and shoot the targets before they get you. There will be more of them when you move through the open town area.

Further ahead, more authority soldiers will be dropped off the ship. One of them will be with turrets so make it the prime target. Next, in the subway area, you can shoot the power supply through the hole to clear the area. Inside the room is the research data you want but first deal with the two soldiers inside.

As you grab the data, a door (laser door) will show you the way out. As you move up the escalator, a couple of soldiers will enter. Deal with them and then move through those flashing doors to Dead City Streets.

You will be in the area where you fought with the Kraken. Eliminate the enemies from distance before you enter the office building. Power Supply for that laser gate is in a room in the basement. Take the stairs and destroy it.

Move through the door and then through the apartments. Eliminate the sniper threat first and then you will notice another drop ship bringing more authority soldiers. Most of them will be the regular ones but there will be an armored soldier who needs special attention. Try using explosives on it otherwise you will waste your bullets.

After the fighting is over, take the linear path back to Wellspring. Talk to Captain Marshall and he will take you to the Eastern Wasteland. You can still come back to Wasteland though to complete any incomplete business you have like the side quests or any other collectibles.

Eastern Wasteland

Subway Town
Captain Marshall will do some briefing and then he will tell you about your next job.

Gaining Influence
Use the elevator and head to the Subway town. Go talk to Saul to have your new garage in this new area. On the top floor you can find Mayor’s office and Jani’s supplies which actually is the general store for Subway town. Talk to Mayor and he will assign you a short task.

He will ask you to meet Foreman Jones. Make sure that you visit Jani’s supplies for ammo. To meet Jones, head down the stairs from Mayor’s office and enter the tunnel behind the stationary train. He will assign you the Mutant Expansion Job.

Mutant Expansion
It is highly recommended that you have plenty of shotgun and Pop Rocket along you before you enter a mutant filled territory that is Blue Line Station If you can get the Advanced Sentry Bot, that will help a lot in this mission.

To get there, you are going to need a ride. Head to Saul’s garage and drive to the bridge. The station is under the bridge.

Use the stairs to get to the upper level. In the bathroom there, you will find a Water Purifier which you can sell later on. In the same area, also look for TNT. As you pick it up, the door will be locked and the area will be crawling with mutants. Deploy the sentry bot to eliminate them or you can rely on your shotgun.

When the gate opens, head down the main stairs. A mutant will come through a door. This is where you need to head next. Next area will have more mutants. Snipe the distant ones while your shotgun will be good for the ones on the ground.

Near the fire mutant ahead are stairs that will lead you to a large hall through a flooded bathroom. This section is tough as a large tough mutant will accompany the regular ones. You can deploy the sentry bot to deal with the weaker foes while you focus on the giant. Use any explosive you have on it like Pop Rackets etc.

To dodge its attack, you need to keep moving around. Your bot then can help you in clearing the tunnels ahead. Eventually, you will come to a blocked tunnel passage. You need to place the TNT at four places. Then activate the detonator for a blast.

This isn’t it as two Kraken will enter for a bigger blast. You need to throw grenades at them. Again, you can’t afford to stay stationary at one place for long so keep moving around.

After you have dealt with both the enemies, a door will open near the detonator so that you can get back to Wasteland. Talk to Jones to complete the task and collect your reward.

Gearhead Vault
Meet Mayor on the top floor for this job. He wants you to get inside Gearhead Vault. Its entrance is on the same floor as Mayor’s office. The door is just beside the office which says “Management Office”.

Inside the vault are plenty of armored enemies and some sentry bots to deal with. So you should prepare and stock up accordingly. Get some EMP grenades and as much explosive ammo as you can. Armor piercing ammo will also help a lot.

Use the EMP grenades to take out sentry bots and try pick other Gearheads from distance. There are plenty of them when you reach the second floor after climbing the ladder. Clear the area first and then turn the valve there to put out the flames.

Take the elevator down and as you leave it, you can pick up a couple of more Gearheads at distance. The flames in the area can’t be put out so you will have to take an alternate route through the offices. A tough Gearhead will rush into your location.

You can’t hug him of course so the only alternative is to shoot it hard before it can do any damage. There will be two more of them in the next section so you can’t afford to be relaxed yet. When the fire is out, move through the door.

Watch out for the propeller as it can take you out instantly.Wait for it to stop spinning and then you can make a move. As you get near to the bank vault, another heavy Gearhead variant with a flamethrower will try to stop you. You will be fine as long as you shoot its head.

Next section with the propeller has some enemies waiting for you. Good thing is that they won’t be able to avoid the propeller so you can watch them being eliminated without any effort. Same goes for the heavy Gearhead that will rush in through the wall.

The broken wall is your next way through. After you have looted the vault, there will a Gearhead with rocket launcher in the hall below to take care of. You need to blow off its head using sniper. Turn the wheel to put out fire and then get ready to leave. Not before you take on two more heavy Gearheads.

See if they are close enough so that you can pop a grenade or two at them for a double kill. If they don’t try hitting their individual tanks. Now, you can go meet the Mayor in Subway station and get your next job.

The Price of Power
The Mayor will ask you to visit the power plant for this Rage quest but you need a monarch before that. You need to race Starky to win the ride. You will fill find Starky at the bottom floor of Subway town with a cowboy hat. Win the race (it’s quite simple) and you will get the Monarch.

When you have the vehicle, you should do some purchasing from the shop there. Get some pulse shots (that can knock out opponent vehicles with one shot) and see if you can also get an armor upgrade.

Time to head to Power Plant. Gearhead vehicles will try to stop you but if you have done the initial preparation before, you will be fine. Use your pulse shots to knock those vehicles out of your way.

Once inside the power plant, get a silent kill on the first Gearhead. You can disable those yellow boxes using EMP grenades or Electro bolts. Otherwise, wait for the enemies to disable the barriers for you.

Go down the stairs ahead and collect the supplies in the lower level. Head back to the middle floor again and move through the door to face a Gearhead in the office section. If you have Pop Rockets then it won’t be a big problem for you. Otherwise, you will to spend some ammo before you manage to take it out.

As you move upwards, take out the sentry bots you encounter with your electric ammo (EMP grenade or the pulse weapon). On the top floor, more Gearheads are waiting for you. As long as you are maintaining a safe distance, you can rely on sniper to take them out.

A heavy Gearhead will also rush in so keep your sniper crosshair focused for it. As you press the elevator button, more of them will arrive. Be careful about the enemies that rush directly towards you.

Elevator plan will fail thanks to the Gearhead Boss so plan B is to jump down. It will be a rough fall but you will be able to get back on your feet. Apparently, there is no way out. Despite of wasting your time around, follow the passage along the catwalks dealing with any enemy that interrupts your path.

You will end up in a room with blades and fire all around. If you want to move through the flames, you need to take care of the heavy Gearhead first. You can crouch under the blades and shoot at it. Once the path gets cleared, continue heading upstairs.

The next section is full of same nasty Gearheads. Sentry Bot can help you a lot in these situations. There are more of them above so you need to shoot, shoot and shoot till they all are dead. You can also use the grenades to get some quick kills.

After you are done in the generator section, the door at the far end of this area will lead you to the Gearhead boss. He has Pop Rockets and if you don’t have any rockets left then the fight can go chaotic. Hit the button behind the boss to open the passage out.

Next, take the door above the control room to meet up with some allies. Then use the ladder to get to the platform below. You can use the switches controlling fire, blades and electricity to eliminate the approaching enemies. Once the area is clear of enemies, head for the exit to move out.

Move back to Mayor’s office but you will find it blocked. Move to Sauls’ garage and after refilling your ammo, use the secret elevator to the Resistance headquarters. Talk to Captain Marshal who will direct you to Lassard. Lassard will assign you the next job.

Ark Equipment
You will be up against Jackals now in this Rage mission who are quick and shoot sharp. Make sure you have plenty of sniper ammo with you when you leave Subway town. Also stock up on some vehicle ammo.

Head to the Jackal Canyon. After you enter the Canyon, walk along till you find a tunnel in the cliff wall. You will encounter the first of the Jackals in there. Pull the lever to raise the gates and then snipe some more jackals from distance. They won’t be like sitting ducks so expect some resistance and don’t expose yourself much.

Use the zip-line and when the Jackal blows off the bridge, take him out and find another way around the tower. While you move across the bridge, you can shoot the barrels to take out the Jackals. Sniper can be used to pick others jackals below before you get to the elevator.

After using the elevator, there will be more of them as you cross some bridges. After moving below the wrecked giant ship and then back to the cliffs, there will be more of them waiting.

You can shoot those TNT balloons and use height as advantage. Crossbows can annoying so make sure that you pick them up first. Next, clear few of more Jackals around the Ark entrance and then get the equipment from the panel inside.

When you move out of the Ark, look for a couple of handle bars at the top of a staircase. Move through the exit and head back to Subway town to meet Lassard. Meet Captain Marshall and then the person beside him to start your next job.

Assault the Authority Bridge
You are going to need any ammo or grenades you can get for this mission. Piercing ammo and EMP grenades are going to help. Ride your vehicle to the objective marker, kill the mutants and blow off blockage by planting a bomb.

Get back to your vehicle and drive through the gate and get ready for a tough fight. You will find that many authority soldiers are guarding the bridge. It’s better that you take them by surprise by tossing some grenades at them. Rest will be a typical shooting encounter. Stay in cover and pick up the remaining opponents one by one.

Then your job is to blow the bridge off. There are two points where you can plant the explosives. After you blow the bridge, enemy vehicles will appear. You need to get back to your vehicle fast or you will be killed instantly if you are spotted without a vehicle.

When you head back to Subway Station this time, you will have your final assignment. So make sure that you collect any items you have left so far. You will get an Authority Pulse Canon from the Portman before you talk to Marshall and have your ultimate assignment.

Assault Capital Prime
Well, since it’s the concluding quest. Buy everything you can including ammo for your guns and vehicle. Authority Pulse gun you got from Portman will come in handy.

Move towards the Capital Prime. Authority vehicles won’t stop re-spawning so it’s better that you avoid them. Inside, move through the tunnel and then cross the wall to face some drones. Make sure that you collect the high damaging BFG shots in this section. Next, you will encounter the well protected and dangerous Authority soldiers.

A tougher Authority soldier will attack at the next intersection. You can take it out using the Pulse Canon or the BFG shots. Deal with rest of the Authority soldiers and take the elevator to the next level.

Authority mutants will greet you there. A sentry bot can be a perfect friend of yours in this situation. They are fast so make sure that you keep your feet moving.

Move upstairs and hit the button to activate the elevator. Further above, more authority mutants will attack. To open that closed door, head down stairs to the protected doorway where you can hit the panel.

Clear another hall with enemies and take the elevator to the next level. You will come to large room filled with mutants. Deal with them and hit the panel on the catwalk to raise the platform which act as a bridge

As you get to the other side, deal with another tough Authority soldier using BFG. Next, there will be another hall section with similar enemies and elevator. Hit the green button to enter the central ring for your final encounter.

There isn’t a boss fight rather there will be plenty of waves of green mutants. You hit the green panel and the mutants arrive. A sentry bot here will be extremely useful. Keep on repeating the sequence till the final cutscene plays in.

Side Quests

The Rage Walkthrough isn’t over yet as below are the side quests you will encounter in the game.

A Proposition
This side quest can be found posted on the job board in Wellspring. You can find it once you’ve completed the Shrouded Bunker level in Destroy the Bomb Caches. Keep in mind that this mission will only be available when you finish the Shrouded Bunker level in your first attempt.

This side quest takes you to Phallinx in the Hagar Settlement. You are given a task where you obtain a new upgrade for one of the RC Bomb Car Schematics. Once you finish this mission, you’ll receive a new side quest: RC Prototype.

RC Prototype
Once you’ve completed the “A Proposition” side quests, you’ll receive a new quest called the RC Prototype by Phallinx Hagar in the Hagar Settlement.

In this mission you’ll have to locate a RC prototype in the Shrouded Bunker. This prototype is used to upgrade your RC schematic; which can help you in the further missions of the game.

Once you’ve returned to the Shrouded Bunke, you’ll face many enemies that have blocked certain areas of the Bunker. Be sure to use some of the Pop Rockets and Wingsticks to take on these brutal adversaries.

Use the lift to enter the upper areas of the bunker and search for RC prototype in the area where you bombed the second cache.

After you find the RC Prototype, exit the bunker and head back to Phallinx. In return he’’’ upgrade your RC Bomb Car Schematics by adding EMP capabilities.

Caravan Cover
This Rage quest can be acquired from the Wellspring’s Job board. After accepting the mission, you’ll be teleported directly at the scene where you’ll start the mission from a High overlooking spot of the Wasteland.

Your goal is to prevent the vehicle riding enemies from causing damage to the caravan along with its soldiers. A simple solution is to wait for them to exit their vehicles and take them one at a time.

Missing Person
The Missing Person mission is quite simple. Find this side mission at the Wellspring’s job board. Once received, you’ll be taken to the earliest dungeons in the game called the Ghost Hideout. Enter through the rope bridge and afterwards you’ll be caught by the Ghost Bandits.

Finding the missing person is an easy task as you’ll find him at the same area you were caught by the bandits. Simply head back to your initial location by following your footsteps.

Mutant Menace
Find this mission at the Job board of Wellspring and get taken above the Wellsprings entrance; in a prime perch. Your task is to prevent the upcoming wave of bandits (each coming from different sides of the road) from stopping the repairing technician.

Make sure to take them out quickly as you are only armed with a single Rifle. The mission is completed as soon as the technician repairs and returns inside.

Wingstick Mastery
Interact with Loosum Hager to receive the Wingsticks by beating Wingstick Mastery. Toss 5/10 Wingsticks at the targets and win “Five Wingsticks”. This is not the only way of obtaining the Wingsticks as you’ll have the opportunity to buy them from the shop once you’ve won this game.

Stolen Merchandise
This is can be obtained from the Wellspring Job board. Accepting it will give you the assignment to return to the Wasted Garage and recover some stolen booze. Go to the location and get rid of the thieves, retrieve the loot and end the quest.

Abandoned Distillery
This mission can be obtained in Subway Town from Dietrich. Simply head to the first floor behind Jani’s Supplies.

Recommended Assets: 4-6 Sentry Turrets (Preferably Advanced), Wingsticks, Lotsa Shotty ammo, and either: Shotgun Pulse Slugs, Crossbow Electro-Bolts, or EMP Grenades for the Electro-Panel controlled Door.

Locate the Portman card in the Distillery Caves and activate the brewing machines. Activating these machines will give you two bottles of Blueshine. Keep an eye on the Mutant onslaught because you’ll find plenty while activating the machines.

Head back to Dietrich with these bottles and once you’ve given the bottles to him. Enter the Distillery and find an office near the Lock Grinder door. Enter the office and loot it. After looting the office, push the pile of unwanted supplies towards the ventilation duct in the wall and enter another room. Loot this room and exit.

Keep moving forward until you are in a spot where you have to crouch. Once you’ve hit the spot, you’ll be taken down to a vertical tank room. This room has many Mutants so, proceed towards the hole after killing them. Search for an electric box on the left side of the hole. This will help you create an opening. Simply shoot an Electro-Bolt or a Pulse-Slug into the rectangular hole, or drop an EMP grenade right near the box.

Continue your journey through the Distillery until you come across another room with tanks. Kill every adversary you encounter and find the picture below in the room. Jump down the opening of the missing railing and move right and all the way back. Loot everything and activate the valve above the makeshift bed and open the DGR door.

Use the ladder to enter the main section of the room and hopefully receive your new Achievement/Trophy.  Once you’ve returned to the main room, climb up the ladder near the “No.5” marked tank and climb yet another ladder and drop down to an upper walkway near some pipes and boards.

Continue struggling to make it forward until you drop down to a hole and enter a room with Empty Jugs and the Filler Machine, pictured below.

Once you activate the Filler Machine, this mutant free area would be filled with mutants. Continue moving towards the catwalk area and grab on to some jugs and place one in the filler. Position some Turrets near the catwalk and survive the waves of enemies coming at your way.

Be sure to replace any turret that is damage or else the mutants will approach you quickly. Don’t worry! You still have a Combat Shotgun for your backup but it will not help you kill all the Mutants. Therefore, be quick and take the second jug to and enter the door at the back of the central tank.  Go through two more entrances, climb the ladder up to the ramp in a crouched position and find the front door in front of you.

Return to Dietrich with the Blueshine and receive the Regenerative Infusion Schematic reward.

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