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FIFA 13 To Support Move, No Word On Kinect

EA has confirmed that FIFA 13 will support Playstation Move. During an interview with UK Official Playstation Magazine, David Rutter commented on the effect of introducing a peripheral on the gameplay mechanics.

It’s about trying to make it part of the game in a good way, rather than have it as a cliched marketing gimmick.

Senior Vice President, EA Sports, added that gameplay will still be their primary focus when developing next iteration of FIFA.

The core focus for us is still on 11-versus-11, twitch-based gameplay. That’s where we’re investing heavily.

It’s a good thing that they are promising to integrate it in gameplay in such a way that it will become a core part of the gameplay else as they ‘David’ said, it would just be a gimmick and that’s the last thing anyone wants.

There is no news yet, if Kinect will be integrated in the next version of FIFA in any way.

FIFA 12 released worldwide today, and if you are going to buy it on PC, make sure you give our FIFA 12 crashes troubleshooting guide a read, it will help you resolve any technical issues you may come across.

Source. CVG