Battlefield 3 Open Beta Released – Get Your Hands On It Now!

It may not be the retail version, but it’s exciting enough as it is. Battlefield 3’s Open Beta has been launched today, and is available for download for everyone owning a good-enough PC, PlayStation 3 and/or an Xbox 360.

The Open Beta features the Operation Metro map in Rush mode, the very map that earned Battlefield 3 Best Action Game and Best Multiplayer Game awards at the E3. The official online service platform for Battlefield 3, the Battlelog, also comes with the Beta.

Interestingly, two updates of the Battlelog have also already been released, and the Battelog is expected to get regular maintenance at 8am GMT, at which time it will not be accessible.

If you’ve been wondering how to get your hands on the Open Beta, here are the simple steps for each respective console:

PlayStation 3 (U.S.)

  • From storefront, click on View All By Title
  • Click on B
  • Click on Battlefield 3
  • Locate the Battlefield 3 Beta

(The Open Beta is available in North America after the weekly update)

PlayStation 3 (Europe)

  • From storefront, click on Demos
  • Click on A-C
  • Locate the Battlefield 3 Open Beta

Xbox 360
The Battlefield 3 Open Beta will be visible in the Xbox Live Marketplace under Demos, or you can go to via this link and add the Open Beta to your Xbox 360 download queue automatically.

If you have already installed our new download service Origin, go to the section “Free games”, where the Battlefield 3 Open Beta will appear for download. You can also head to this product page via the web. If you have not installed Origin yet, it will ask you to do so before proceeding with the download of the Open Beta itself.

Have fun shooting opponents in the dark undergrounds of the Metro!