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Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Weapons of Mass Assassination

Ezio may have a grey-tinged beard in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, but that doesn’t stop him from continuing his ancestral profession as an assassin.

Yes, old age can play tricks on a person’s physical abilities, but when you have witty weaponry and all kinds of aesthetic tools of annihilation at your disposal; your grey beard becomes the least of concerns.

AC Revelations is bringing with itself lots of new ways to engage enemies. Some techniques and weaponry from earlier AC games have been reinstituted, while many new interesting weapons of death have been added – and it’s not just Ezio who gets to enjoy nifty gadgets, as our old pal and Ezio’s predecessor Altair will also have plenty of new equipment and ways to slay his enemies.

Assassin’s Creed has always given options and multiple ways of bringing down enemies. Some prefer stealth while others like to engage in one-versus-seven sword-fights. Both styles of play will have a lot of new content to look forward to in Revelations.

For starters, there is now a fully dedicated button for a secondary weapon, separate from the empty hand and primary weapon buttons. This button will allow Ezio to have quick access to weapons like knives and bombs while in a fight, and will enhance the flow of battles.

Additionally, it also allows players to use primary and secondary weapons in combination with each other and remain dominant in a fight.

You can use a crossbow in collaboration with a hidden rifle, gunning your enemies down from a distance. Similarly you could choose to use the hidden blade with smoke bombs for easy kills.

A grey beard is often the sign of wisdom – unless it’s been dyed. Since Ezio’s is naturally grey, you can expect some wiser abilities to have evolved.

This is where the Eagle Sense comes in, allowing Ezio to pick up cues in the environment and analyze situations to create the best possible strategic response.

It also gives Ezio the ability to isolate enemies in crowds, estimate their movements, and detect traitors in crowds by ‘sensing’ their heartbeat.

And when Ezio does get into trouble or has difficulty passing through a certain area, he can always use Constantinople’s circumstances to his advantage.

The city has fallen to the Ottoman Empire, and not everyone is happy about that, and therefore resistance groups have formed.

You can lure forces of both sides into fighting each other, and use the resulting mayhem as an opportunity for escaping or passing through a difficult area.

But a more practical solution for environmental constraints and dealing with enemies is none other than the multi-purpose hook-blade.

It’s a clever little hidden blade with a hooked end, which provides Ezio both maneuverability and ninja-styled outsmarting moves against guards and enemies.

In addition to his personal skills and gadgets, one of the greater features of AC: Brotherhood returns, and this time it’s revamped to give a strategically enhanced experience.

It’s the brotherhood that a talk about; the ability to recruit, train and call followers to aid him in battle. In Revelations, this system is greatly improved, first because the assassins will have more distinct personalities and stories, hence being closely tied to Ezio.

Secondly, players will be able to develop these brotherhood assassins by assigning weapons and classes to them.

But Ezio isn’t the only assassin you’ll be playing as. Altair’s inclusion is a prominent feature of Revelations, and though Ezio will be a significant figure, Altair will be presented in a more legend-like manner.

Players will relive important events from Altair’s life, and his skills and abilities will vary. Sometimes they will be similar to Ezio’s, while other times they will be completely different.

Though not much information is given about Altair’s mechanics and his gadgets, Ubisoft has indicated that players will feel like a legendary assassin when they play as him.