X-Men: Destiny X-Genes Location Guide

There are total 45 X-Genes in X-Men: Destiny. Out of these 45, 19 are suits. You have 4 slots to place your X-Gene. Each X-Gene represents a different mutant. If you already have the same mutants power, your powers will be enhanced when you use the X-Gene that gives you same powers. You can also upgrade the powers of your X-Genes by earning enough XP. Do know that you will get different X-Genes depending on what you have chosen.

X-Genes are of two types: White Genes that give you powers or suits and Yellow Genes that give you 300 XP. There are three achievements or trophies associated with collecting these X-Genes.

You will earn Splicers when you equip your first X-Gene, At Least It’s Aerodynamic… when you equip your first suit, and Four of a Kind when you equip yourself with complete set of X-Genes and corresponding Suit.

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Mission 1 – Inciting Incident

There are no X-Genes in this Mission.

Mission 2 – Raid

X-Gene #1
Location. After the cut scene involving Reyes and Magneto, Jump over the destroyed satellite tower and turn right. You will spot a mutant in an electrical cage, free him to get the X-Gene.

X-Gene #2
Location. As you enter the area with 50 enemies – when you fight along side Pyro, Juggernaut, Quicksilver. Take a right and you will find it in the corner.

Mission 3 – Chinatown

X-Gene #3
Location. Keep going left from Mystique Bio and you will come across it.

X-Gene #4
Location. When you leave the circular area, take a left leading to the alley. Keep going and you will come across this X-Gene.

X-Gene #5
Location. After crossing the Wooden Bridge, take the door that opens. Inside is your X-Gene and this the guard house.

X-Gene #6
Location. Keep moving up from Iceman Bio till you reach the very top. This is where you find this X-Gene.

X-Gene #7
Location. After breaking through the ground and falling down just to clear out more enemies. You should find on the right of the checkpoint in the area.

Mission 4 – Mutant Rescue

X-Gene #8
Location. When the mission starts, after the cut scene go straight and then make a right leading to this X-Gene.

X-Gene #9
Location. Once you have defeated your first U-Men. Go till the end and you will find it on your left just before the next door opens.

X-Gene #10
Location. After defeating the flamethrower soldier, you will find it in the next room. As you enter, go up the small stairs and jump over. Look for it in the corner.

X-Gene #11
Location. An X-Gene drops when you defeat your first Stalker enemy.

Mission 5 – Uncovered

X-Gene #12
Location. As the mission starts and you defeat the Giant Boss, it will be right in front of you.

X-Gene #13
Location. When you enter the tunnels, look for around the corner after the second train.

X-Gene #14
Location. After crossing the Broken Bridge and defeating the enemies there. Instead of jumping to take the checkpoint. Fall down and get this X-Gene.

X-Gene #15
Location. After taking the challenge 3, (After defeating the Stalker, instead of jumping to go up, look at your left to find another door. Again, you need to destroy the 4 activated Prime Enforcers that glow and shoot at you.

To complete the challenge, keep your focus on these instead of enemies that attack you) Jump up to the top level and reach the top and you will find it on your right.

Mission 6 – Priorities

X-Gene #16
Location. During your second fight when look for the X-Gene beside the equipment that steals your M-Power meter, just around the corner on the left.

X-Gene #17
Location. Search it in the far corner during your fight against Wolverine.

X-Gene #18
Location. Once you have defeated Wolverine, go and jump up twice during second of enemies. As soon as you jump up on the second platform, look in the right corner.

Mission 7 – Mutant War

X-Gene #19
Location. Near the first checkpoint where you rendezvous with Toad.

X-Gene #20
Location. Where you find the propaganda poster in the alley. Make a right and go all the way down and you will find this X-Gene.

X-Gene #21
Location. After freeing Pyro/Northstar from mind controlling Speakers, you reach a big area. Make a right and go all the way down to find this X-Gene. It will be on the right side wall with a life orb nearby.

X-Gene #22
Location. After talking to Forge. Go through the big door and make a right to reach it.

X-Gene #23
Location. Instead of making the right to find previous X-Gene, make a left to reach further down in an open garage area. There you will see the checkpoint. There is a small guard house nearby and you will find this X-Gene inside it.

X-Gene #24
Location. after reaching the tower, jump up to find this X-Gene. Make sure you don’t go around it.

There are no collectibles in the final mission so these are all the X-Genes you can collect in X-Men: Destiny.

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