X-Men: Destiny Challenges Guide

There are a total of 15 challenges in X-Men: Destiny. You can replay them at any time after you have found or unlocked them. If you are a completionist, this X-Men: Destiny Challenges guide will be your key to finish it.

To replay a particular challenge, you will have to go to Main Menu > Load > Select a Save > Select Challenges and re-do those that you haven’t completed. These are basically the choices you do during your playthrough. When you complete these challenges, you get an X-Gene.

X-Men: Destiny Challenges

There are three achievements and trophies associated with completing these unique challenges. Once you have completed all 15 challenges, you will unlock Side Tracked, Taking Every Opportunity, and Completionist achievement/trophy.

Don’t worry if you can’t complete the challenges, you can find X-Genes with help of our X-Genes location guide. For more help on X-Men: Destiny, read our Dossiers locations, Propaganda Locations guide.

Mission 1 – Inciting Incident

Challenge #1
Location. To complete challenge 1 in this mission, you need to defeat enemies within a given time frame.

Mission 2 – Raid

There is one challenge in this mission.

Mission 3 – Chinatown

There are four challenges in this mission.

Challenge #3
Location. Talk to Mystique and take her mission. This is a Brotherhood faction mission. You need to break the glowing boxes as part of this mission, don’t worry about the enemies when you do. There are four parts that you must destroy to complete this mission.

You can find the first on the stairs up on the left, now go straight till the end, make a left down the stairs, and finally follow the stairs and you will come across these. Completing this challenge unlocks Avalanche Utility X-Gene.

Challenge #4
Location. Speak to Toad in the circular area where you come after you defeat Northstar. Toad will ask you to assist the Brotherhood, do so to complete the challenge.

Challenge #5
Location. After breaking through the ground and ending up in the jail tunnels, make a right at the intersection and fall down to complete this challenge. You will be rewarded with Toad Utility X-Gene for completing this challenge.

Challenge #6
Location. After getting out of the tunnel, take a left and come all the way down. Fight 40 or so waves of enemies within 3 minutes to complete this challenge.

Mission 4 – Mutant Rescue

There are three challenges in this mission.

Challenge #7
Location. Go with Quicksilver and defeat 100 enemies in under 5 minutes to complete this challenge.

Challenge #8
Location. Talk with Surge and accept her X-Men mission. You need to defeat 31 enemies to complete this challenge. Be careful though, the final foe is a Purified Stalker.

Challenge #9
Location. Either go with Quicksilver or Colassus and defeat 100 enemies in under 5 minutes.

Mission 5 – Uncovered Challenges

There are three challenges in this mission.

Challenge #10
Location. Across the broken bridge, there is a checkpoint to your right. Instead of taking the checkpoint, go left and you will find an open door right. Destroy the 4 activated Prime Enforcers that glow and shoot at you. You have 2 minutes to destroy these and complete the challenge. Forget about the enemies and focus on these to complete the challenge.

Challenge #11
Location. Once you have completed the challenge 1, jump all the way to the top and you will come across a wave of enemies with another when on the top waiting for you. When you are on top, instead of going left, make a right and you will yet another door similar to what you found in challenge 1. Defeat waves of about 20 enemies in 3 minutes to complete the challenge. Last wave will consist of a Stalker so be careful.

Challenge #12
Location. After defeating the Stalker, instead of jumping to go up, look at your left to find another door. Again, you need to destroy the 4 activated Prime Enforcers that glow and shoot at you. To complete the challenge, keep your focus on these instead of enemies that attack you.

Mission 6 – Priorities

There are two challenges in this Mission.

Challenge #13
Location. Another X-Men faction mission. After you have freed Caliban, you fight with waves of enemies and after defeating them talk to Northstar. Take his mission after the chat by choosing to go with him. You need to destroy the Prime Enforcers that are still in the metal box to complete this challenge. Employ the same strategy and you should be fine.

Challenge #14
Location. After defeating the enemies with the help of Juggernaut, speak to him and you will get the challenge. Accept the mission and starting destroying the glowing rocket shooting weapons within given time frame. Again, the trick is to focus on the job and stop worrying about the enemies that will bug you during the challenge.

Mission 7 Challenges

There is one challenge in Mission 7.

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