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PES 2012 Online Mode Detailed

FIFA 12 might’ve come out earlier, but that doesn’t mean PES 2012 isn’t a soccer game to be excited about. Konami has been working hard on the title, and they’ve released new information about the game’s multiplayer mode and its contents.

The online multiplayer features of PES aren’t just improved adaptations of its predecessor – they’re almost completely new, adding more realism and choosing its variables according to a player’s skills. For instance, the gameplay style of the team can be varied according to the player’s choice, with options to choose from balanced play, speed, physical, technique and more.

The concept of contract periods for players has also been altered to add realism and believability. Players may have to be sold if their wage and improved contract demands cannot be met. Additionally, the injury and fitness system is also more realistic, with a lot more continuity between matches.

The match-making system of PES has greatly changed. It now has an improved and balanced system that pits players against opponents of similar manner. There are also punishments for bad-boys who disconnect before a match ends – they will be banned from competitions, and players with poor reputation will be pitted amongst one another.

Community mode has also been vastly improved, and allows users to have access to a wider range of opponents. Community groups of up to a hundred users can be joined, and there are Bulletin Boards for members exchange messages with each other. Inter-community matches have also been incorporated, adding rivalry between groups.

The entire system has also been generally enhanced to give an optimum and smooth experience.

PES 2012 hits stores on October 14th this year.