Dead Space 3 Set On An Icy Planet

More news regarding Dead Space 3 comes to the ear, as Siliconera has revealed some details about the initial plot and setting of the horror-themed third-person action game.

The new Dead Space will also see the return of Ellie Langford, our one-eyed British pilot survivor from Dead Space 2. According to the sources, Dead Space 3 will begin with Isaac Clarke crash landing on a chilling icy planet called Tau Volantis.

Isaac plods through a snow-storm to a way station, where he encounters a severely wounded survivor, who informs him of more survivors who are on their way to a nearby facility. Isaac grabs a snow suit (probably just as cool-looking as his old engineering suits), and sets off in pursuit of these survivors.

Later on, he finds Ellie and another new character Jennifer, who work together in exploring a frosty mountain region. Jennifer has discovered some sort of codex, and plans reverse engineer some research by a group called Rosetta.

During their journey in the mountainside, they hear howling from a distance. What kind of thing the howling came from makes them shudder in fear. I can’t help but wonder if it’s something with dismember-able limbs.

There is also indication of the presence of a ‘Hive Mind’ or multiple ‘Hive Minds’. In case you forgot, the Hive Mind was the head-of-evil in Dead Space 1.