El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Ishtar Location Guide

There are six challenging rooms which you’ll encounter as you progress through the story mode of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. These challenges are simple – once it’s started, a dark ooze will be following you on your way to the top and your objective would be to reach the top without getting hit by it or else the challenge will fail.

Once you’ll collect all six of these Ishtars you’ll get the best armor.

Chapter 2
Ishtar Location. Once you get onto the spinning platforms (right after you start using the gale). Look at the right side and jump onto that platform with the help of your gale.

Chapter 3
Ishtar Location. After going through Sariel, jump onto the roof of the next hallway and follow the path downwards until you get to this.

Chapter 4
Ishtar Location. This is located at the lower part of the platform which has the Lucifel save point.

Chapter 5
Ishtar Location. Search around the stone structure, its right after you face Ezekiel.

Chapter 7
Ishtar Location. Climb up the clips on the left side once the cut-scene is played (where you see the little girl for the first time) and reach the top.

Chapter 10
Ishtar Location. You’ll have to cross a chasm by a moving bridge, it’s just before you get to the boss chamber. Look at the left side and mount that platform until you see the Ishtar.

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