Battlefield 3 Leaked Battlelog Screenshots Reveal New Info

Every now and then, there’s always something new and exciting to hear or see about Battlefield 3, and this time it’s a leaked screenshot of the multiplayer interface of the game.

The Battlelog system is what I’m talking about; the main server browser of Battlefield 3 from which PC gamers will launch the game. Though its themed quite similarly to the home-screen interface of Bad Company 2, it has an ample amount of options, and feels almost like a Facebook of guns and warfare.


The Battlelog screenshot shows support for clans and the ability to create multiple soldier identities under a single account. The clans have been termed as ‘platoons’, and the ability to join and/or manage these platoons has been directly integrated into the Battelog.

The Open Beta of the game officially starts on September 29th 2011, so it’s only a few days before you can have a look at the features for yourself.

On a side note, PC gamers should be looking to update their graphics drivers as AMD and Nvidia are releasing fresh drivers specifically updated for Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 officially comes in stores worldwide by October 28th.