Resistance 3 Multiplayer Guide

Finished Resistance 3 Campaign ? It’s time to engage in multiplayer battles against your friends and online buddies. What ? just starting out ? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Our Resistance 3 multiplayer guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Resistance 3 Game Modes

Resistance 3 offers several game modes to choose from, you can play whichever you like from free for all, objective and other team based modes. Below you will find detailed overview of each game mode.

Chain Reaction
In this mode, the Chimera has to activate the transformers while the human part has to destroy it. The centre of the map is the most heated part of the battlefield. One person has to deactivate the transformer while others have to defend him as it has a countdown. You can also keep aside the objectives and kill the enemies in this mode.Killing 50 enemies are more than enough to drain the other team and win the battle.

Hardcore, as the name indicates removes all the upgrades, abilities and passives from the game and mainly provides the basic weapons. It doesn’t have the gaining xp points issue. As the players have to take each other down using the primary weapons and using their own skills.

Capture the Flag
This mode allows the players to have the enemy flag while defending their own. The person that holds the flag cannot use any weapons nor can he sprint but has only the melee attacks.

If the person gets killed, the flag while be returned to the base after 8-10 seconds so stealth and speed shall be of high priority. Humans shall use the Thermal Vision and the Radar Beacons as the Chimera has the advantage in this mode due to their cloaking ability. They can easily sneak up from behind and grab the flag so planning is necessary for victory.

The humans have to attack an installation while the Chimera has to defend that location. The attackers have 50 reinforcements while the numbers for the defenders is unlimited.

If the attackers are planning an attack, they shall first focus on the Shield Node and the Turret before taking out the main reactor. Defenders have the advantage in this mode but the attackers can win by taking out as many defenders as possible.

Also known as the Free for all which includes 16 players fighting each other in an area. All the players in this mode will either be the Chimera or the Humans. As you are on your own so abilities like the Scavenger, Hazmat Suits and the Body Armor comes into great use. The player need to score as many kills as he can to win the match.

Team Deathmatch
It is a team based deathmatch mode dividing the number of players into 8 on each side i.e Humans vs Chimera. Distribute the buffs accordingly and use Spotter as much as possible. The number of reinforcements is also limited to 50 by default. The team with the more points will win until the timer runs out.

Resistance 3 Weapons

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Weapons Loadouts – Classes

In Resistance 3, you can choose from four different load outs which will have their own characteristics. Upgrade a particular loadout by spending the skill points that are earned from each ability and weapons in the game.

It is a sniper class built for ranged combat. It includes Deadeye, Smoke grenade, Doppelganger,Spotter,Bandolier as well as Air-cooled Barrel. If you make a combo of the Spotter and the Deadeye’s ability then you can be a deadly ally in both the defence as well as the offense side. Enemies can be confused using the smoke grenades and the doppelganger with their added bonuses.

This loadout will be equipped with M5A2 Carbine, Doppelganger, Ammo Beacon,cavenger,Shrapnel Grenade and Bandolier. It is a balanced loadout that you will receive at level 1. Choose between the different weapons according to the need but using the Carbine’s lobbing grenades and melee power can help in the battlefield.

This loadout is great, you can earn lots of xp points using this loadout. It consists of Bullseye, Lightning Shield, Tracker, Spotter, Air-cooled Barrel and the Hedgehog.The spotter can help in gaining 90xp from each enemy you tag whether it is killed by you or your friendly ally. The Bulls eye’s secondary fire can be useful here.

If you want to play close ranged combat then this loadout is for you. It has Rossmore, Ammo Beacon, Shrapnel grenade, Scavenger, Tracker and the Lightning shield. You can upgrade the Rossmore’s ammo to incendiary rounds to kill enemies with some damage. Use the Tracker ability to sneak behind the enemies and tracing the path of the snipers.

The custom loadout is the default loadout to choose from. It is almost identical to the Survivor loadout with the replacement of Doppelganger with Lightning Shield. It can aid in unlocking the weapons and abilities that cannot be found in other loadouts.

Resistance 3 Abilities and Attributes

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Resistance 3 Berserks a.k.a Kill Streaks

Kill streaks in Resistance 3 can change the course of the multiplayer gameplay with interesting dynamic that can occur during the team based game mods.

If a player using Chimera kills three enemies without dying, it unlocks the cloak for themselves. It will help to reduce the damage taken from the front that will include headshots but will not cover the back which may be vulnerable to attacks. If you want to stay in the battle field holding your positions then this Berserk can be of great use. It also has the advantage to help in killing enemies in stealth mode.

Assualt Shield
If a human player in the game kills three enemies in a row without dying then he’ll gain a powerful shield that will protect his front but his back may be vulnerable to enemy attacks. It can also be used to stand your positions in a map under tight situations.

If you want to take out multiple enemies and want to complete a particular objective then you shall do nine kills in a row using the Chimera. The Chimera upon having this Berserk will be transformed into a ravagee with boosted damage and health abilities.

Combat Armor
Killing nine enemies with a human will grant you a powerful armor that increases your health as well as provides you a grenade launcher that is powerful as well. You can capture the objectives or kill a group of enemies while having this Berserk.You shall play carefully as it will make you the priority target to be eliminated.

Resistance 3 Multiplayer Maps

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