Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Maps Guide

Epic wanted to make the multiplayer of Gears of War 3 best in the series. That’s why they also started the beta way back in April. Four out of total 10 maps were included in the beta along with limited unlockables and modes.

Now since the game has been released, we can dissect the complete multiplayer maps in the game so that you don’t get pawned by other veterans you would be playing against. Good shooting skills along won’t be enough to conquer the battleground. So let’s see how you can plan your strategy to trouble your opponents.

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Table of Contents – Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Maps

  1. Checkout
  2. Dry Dock
  4. Hotel
  5. Mercy
  6. Old Town
  7. Overpass
  8. Sandbar
  9. Thrashball
  10. Trenches

Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Map – Checkout

Ideal map for those who just like to run and gun. Mostly, you can expect the close quarter combat in this map. Watch out for the wings as there are chances that enemy will try to flank you. When we talk about close quarter combat, which gun you should go with? Shotguns of course.

If you are not good with shotguns then you can consider using the Retro Lancer which is effective for medium to shoot range shooting. You can use the attached knife for a ruthless melee if an enemy gets close to you.

The fire alarms in this map actually trigger a hidden weapon which you can find and use against you enemy. In the beta, it was only the smoke grenades but in the full release, there are other weapons you can get.

Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Map – Dry Dock

This map is on a shipyard and the spawn points of both the locusts and the COGs are traditionally at opposite ends. The weapon distribution throughout the map is pretty symmetrical. Whether you are playing as a locust or COG, try to grab that torque bow placed in the central section of the map. You can grab some easy kills with that.

dry dock

Among the co-op modes, the map is well suited for the Horde mode. Lancer or the Hammerburst are useful weapons in this map. You should also carry a shotgun for the close quarter combat specially when your enemies like to play open.

Don’t hesitate to pop some blind grenades at the enemy spawn. Most of the fire fight will be in the center of the map. So if you are not finding enough targets, you are exploring the wrong section of the map.

Gear of War 3 Multiplayer Map – GRIDLOCK

The map is diverse enough to keep you thinking for a while. The key here is to maintain the higher grounds and not get sandwiched in the central section where most of the firefight is expected.


Any weapon will do in this map but if you are able to grab that launcher or the sniper rifle in the center of the map then you can grab some quick kills. You try to flank the enemy but for that you will have to keep a low profile and control the lust till you have breached their spawn.

Gear of War 3 Multiplayer Map – Hotel

If you want to play Horde in this map then the inner sections are safer than outside. While in versus, you can walk around in open but be careful of enemies occupying the wing sections. If you are reluctant of going out in open then it’s better that you get inside the hotel and wait for the enemies to rush in through the door.


The torque bow is always a useful weapon so try to get to it quickly as the match starts. You can expect the close quarter combat inside so carrying a shotgun with you will be a wise option.

Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Map – Mercy

You need to get hold of the heavy weapons as soon as possible. Map’s major section is open so if you can get to the raised platforms, you can have a great view to pick enemies.


For the most part, there will be medium to long-range combat. When everyone is fighting in the middle, you can use the wings to flank and take them by surprise.

Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Map – Old Town

I would call it the chickens’ map. They are not there only for decoration. You can use these chickens to stick some grenades which then can be exploded when enemy is in the contact radius.

old town

Apart from chickens, there are different small sections which can be the hot zones so you should keep moving to search the enemy.

Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Map – Overpass

Since Overpass is the only map with turret, most of the fight will revolve around it. How to get there fast? Using the smoke grenades is the best option. Since the opponent will try the same approach, you should have someone covering your back. Also keep your chainsaw/knife ready as physical contact with an enemy while running through the smoke is probable.


Once you have taken control of the turret on the high ground, you can chop down the enemies moving below. Holding the turret does not make you invincible though as you can get shot by sniper or any other long-range weapon.

It’s better that you use it in intervals. You can use any weapon here but you want the shotgun, make sure that you are aggressive enough to get close to the enemy quickly.

Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Map – Sandbar

This is the largest map in the complete Gears of War series. There are plenty of open patches in this map so you can expect to be shot from any direction.

Elevated part of the map is strategically advantageous and if you are a good sniper, the cliff’s edge is a great spot for picking enemies from distance.


Ranged weapons will work great on this map. There are multiple places where you find a sniper so that you can use it in this massive map. Don’t know about you but this map reminds me of Banoi Island.

Gears of War Multiplayer Map – Thrashball

The map was included in the beta (along with Trenches, Thrashball and old Town). The scoreboard in the center is primary focus in this map. Make sure that you collect the weapons underneath the board before it falls as those won’t be available after that.


You can use the high ground on the side of the map to pick enemies down below. If you play as a team, you can move across the outskirts of the map and pin down any enemy that enters the central section. Assault rifles will do a great job on this map.

Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Map – Trenches

The map is set in the desert environment and when the sandstorm hits, it makes every one blind so you need to get to that newly introduced underground section for safety.


If you don’t want to stay quiet then you can charge through the smoke with your Retro Lance to nail a couple of enemies with your knife. The big guns on the higher platforms like the One-shot and the Mortar are vital to have the upper hand in this map.

Well, that’s it for the basic tips on Gears of War 3 multiplayer maps. Since there is plenty of things and strategies you can adopt, you must have your own strategies and plans. You can share them with us in comments.