XCOM – Latest Trailer Shows Some Familiar Content

Let’s face the truth: the first time 2K revealed the reboot of XCOM, there was not much other than discontented fellows, simply because it didn’t offer much of what XCOM was really all about.

And what was XCOM about? It was about the world map, the turn-based combat, the customization of squad and researching of new weaponry. All that seemed not to exist in this reboot, right until now. The latest developer-diary trailer of the game shows the mission-selection map, squad customization, and mad scientists doing research for new weapons.

But no, there isn’t any turn-based gameplay here – it’s all very conventional first-person shooter stuff when it comes to that.

What this trailer is really showing though, is how XCOM plans to not be exclusively an outdoor shooter, but one that cleverly changes the pace and perspective of the experience when required.

Whether it can win the hearts of fans of the original game is another story, but so far this trailer has been the most intriguing, informing and satisfying of the lot.