Gears of War 3 Easter Eggs Location Guide

Gears of War 3 is one hell of a game and when you talk about Easter eggs, these are the most difficult items to get in the game. Thankfully, our Gears of War 3 Easter Eggs Location guide is here to save the day and lead you to find all these hidden secrets in the game.

Gears of War 3 Easter Eggs Location

I mean you can shoot 1000 locust with a weapon but what about the most hidden things and that too connected in twisted sequence making it almost impossible to get. We are here to help you out in finding these deeply hidden secrets in Gears of War 3.

Dancing Wretch on Checkout
Two players can easily get it done if you know the right sequence.

Start a private match on checkout. First thing you need to do after the map loads is set one of the fire alarms on any side.(there are three of them).

This will open a gate in the electronics section (you will be moving counter-clockwise from here on). There will some debris behind the door. You need to shoot the door on the other side of the door.

This will make a fire extinguisher appear. Grab it. This will set the other fire alarm on fire in the Pharmacy.

Head their, put out the fire and you will see a cart behind the grid doors. You need to shoot the red hat inside the cart. The red hat then will be shifted behind the window. Shoot it again (you will have to shoot it precisely) and a car will set on fire near the green ‘Closing Down Sale Everything Must Go’ sign. A scythe will also appear by the exit.

Extinguish the fire and the Scythe will move to the bathroom. Head to the bathroom and shoot it from the ceiling. It will disappear again.

Next, you will find an electronic box on fire in the electronics area. Extinguish it. This will burst open a door in the section where you first grab the extinguisher. You will see the dancing wretch with a red hat behind the door.

Use the Slide
In Act 1 Chapter 3, when you are in Children playground. Head to the slide there and press “x” to use it. Gears sliding. Great!

Ticker Fight Cutscene
In Act 2 Chapter 4, the place where you find Ticker cages. Once you have cleared the area, hit the yellow button near the entrance marked with a Ticker to see the fight.

Cole Train’s Voice
You can hear the voice every time you activate the button on the thrash ball table. You can find one table in Act 1 chapter 1 on the second floor of the ship.

Cole Train’s Hat
Act 1 Chapter 3, after you have passed the checkout section in the grocery store area, you will find some sports goods on the right side. You can find the hat placed there.

Candy Machine Easter Egg
You will encounter Jayson Jace Straton trying to get a chocolate bar from a vending machine after you walk past the first Thrashball machine that you come across in the game. Press X to kick the vending machine after Jace gives up, this will free the chocolate.

Infinity Blade
This is a reference to the hit Infinity Blade, that was developed by Donald and Geremy Mustard. In Act 1, chapter 1, you will see Jace striving to get some Mustard’s Infinity Mints

Two Piece
When you’re following the Ash man while you’re heading across the Griffin Tower. You will be able to see a man and a woman talking to each other. The man will ask the enquire about the Two Piece. This will be a reference to a shotgun tactic in the Gears series. In this tactic, one runs to their enemies and melees them, followed by blind-firing a Gnasher show to put them down.

Thrashball Cole Rapping
If you get a hundred kills on the Thrashball map with the scoreboard attached, the Cole Train’s rap will start playing.

Chicken Arcade Game
In Act 4-1, go through the stage and across the piano drop tap and the spinning machine gun trap. You will need to keep to the left and then head around the corner. Here, search for a building which has a glowing tree in it. There will be some red graffiti on it as well. Along side the graffiti, there will be a window, one you peak through it you will see a helmet in some rubble. Shoot the helmet with your pistol and it will explode, revealing a door. Head inside to find an arcade machine, kick it a few times by interacting with it and then proceed with playing the game.

This is a weapon easter egg that you can get in Act 1 and Act 4. You can only acquire this on Insane Difficulty if you’re playing alone or in the co-op mode.

Start a new game in Act 4-1 and avoid the ash people, once you get to the tower, stop before you talk to Griffin. Head to where the chicken with the hat is and press X. In Act 4-2, go to the car which has ammo on top of it and watch it fall. In Act 4-2, go to the ammo crate that is located at the end of the railroad tracks. In Act 4-3, there will be an ammo crate placed on a box and a barrel, go to it and press X to watch it fall.

If you pull this off correctly, a chicken will drop 4 Cluckshots

Golden Chicken Easter Egg
There will be 4 pipes at the deck area’s sides once you reach the first COG Tag. Shout into these pipes by pressing X and a Golden Fire-Breathing Chicken will appear.

Pig Roast 
Go up the stairs in the tower area and search for a fire in the boards and chains. If you shoot the Ash people in the foreground, the fire will reveal itself. Shoot the handle to rotate the skewer/spit.

Mad World Easter Egg
If you play Gridlock and finish the match without killing the Ash people, a song, Mad World will start playing in the next round.

Cole Train Cereal
You will find this Easter Egg in Act 1, chapter 3. Head into the supermarket before you get to the playground. Once you’re here, search for the sporting goods where you will be able to find a Thrashies stand with Cole Train on it. Interact with the cereal and you will be able to hear an audio recording. Spam the button to hear Cole’s speech from the Queen’s Stronghold in Gears of War 2.

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