Gears of War 3 Beast Mode Strategy Guide

When I first heard the name of this mode, I had locusts in mind. My imagination was to kill Locusts but it’s actually a bit different. The difference is that you would be controlling beasts (Locusts) than COG members, and killing Humans instead of Locusts. Still interested? Read on for the complete Gears of War 3 Beast Mode strategy guide and tips.

Gears of War 3 Beast Mode Strategy

It may sound weird but the fun you have in killing being a monster is unparalleled. So if you own Gears of War 3 and haven’t tried this new Beast mode yet then you should give it a go at least. Those who are already into it can also check the following guide for tips and useful information.

You will start with Tier 1 beasts which are apparently not that strong. The timer will be one minute and if it runs out, hammer of dawn will eliminate every beast (player) on the map. Just 1 minute? This is where the fun lies.

As you kill human enemies (controlled by AI), you will earn time along with some cash. You can use that cash to unlock more dangerous and bigger beasts and Tier 4 has the deadliest of them. After each level, human players get tougher making life difficult for you.

So balance is there on each side. Now let’s discuss each tier and some strategy that can help you survive in beast mode. Remember! Teamwork is vital in this mode to reach higher levels.

You have to complete 12 waves of the Beast Mode. A new wave starts every time one minute is remaining on the clock. Each kill that you or your teammates make, adds extra time to the clock and if you die, 3 minutes are deducted from the clock as a penalty.

If you manage to make money fast then you can unlock all the four tiers of beasts in the game. Either coordinate with your friends or invite people to make a group so it can be easier for you to farm money and unlock the beast tiers.

Tier 1 Beasts

Following beasts are included in this category:

Wild Ticker
Unlock Price – $75
Strategy – It’s the cheapest beast in the market. This small worms should clear the spikes and other barriers for the bigger beasts. You should not try to take on enemies with this creäture and stick to your purpose as it will take only a couple of shots with most of the weapons to take it down.

Cost – $75
Strategy – He is similar to the wild ticker but it can explode on your command. Like a suicide bomber, you can sneak into a group of humans and then boom. If humans are busy with the bigger beasts, you can use it as your advantage and give them blast.

Cost – $225
Strategy – Wretches are good melee attackers. You need to stay and watch for the opportunity to pounce on COG players. A couple of hits and you can earn yourself a kill. Screaming is another useful attack possessed by these creatures. Screaming can stun the enemies. You can stun them while your teammates playing Tickers can get close to the opponents and take them out by exploding themselves.

Savage Drone
Cost – $450
Strategy – This beast is slightly expensive but will enable you fight on equal terms with most of the COG members. It carries a Retro Lancer. You know what to do with it. Keep enemies engaged so that the smaller teammates can take them by surprise.

Cost – $300
Strategy – This slow beast carries machete and can take some damage more or less like a tank. Since it is slow, you should not walk in open with Gears pointing guns at you. Be patient and move from cover to cover. And when any human comes in range, you can slice it into pieces.

Tier 2 Beasts

You go around, killing human enemies and withdrawing money every time that a player dies. Collecting a certain amount of money unlocks the second tier which has more powerful and stronger beasts

Cost – $975
Strategy – This beasts carries a Gorogon pistol along with Inky grenades. So you can take out a couple of humans with him. He also act as a healer which earns you point providing the double benefit i.e to your team and to yourself. You need to keep a safe distance though as they cannot take cover.

Cost – $750
Strategy – You won’t be controlling the rider. The beast can use melee attacks and point the rider (who is firing continuously) to the enemies on the field. You need to point out enemies wisely. Point them first who are causing more trouble.

Cost – $1350
Strategy – They carry the defense shield which can be used to provide protection to the other beasts. For example, a couple of Maulers can walk ahead of some Boomers who can cause heavy damage.

Tier 3 Beasts

Giant Serapede
Cost – $1350
Strategy – These are giant, heavily armored insects. The weak spot is its tail so need to take that thing in consideration while attacking the humans. The tentacles around its mouth can inflict lethal attacks. The bigger size can be a trouble as you will be easily spotted/targeted. It’s better that you move along the hound.

Savage Corpser
Cost – $900
Strategy – It’s small but an effective killer. It’s melee attacks are brutal and it can hide itself underground for healing. Now, you should not take multiple enemies at once instead target the ones you find relatively isolated so that after a kill or two, you can retreat and recover your health before the next attack.

Savage Grenadier
Cost – $1050
Strategy – You can use this creäture in many ways. It carries a shotgun with frag grenades. The frag grenade ammo fills slowly over time so you can pop some of them freely to take out some COGs. Then you can stick some grenades onto the walls so that “Ticker” can engulf them and serve the exploding purpose. Last, but not the least, you have the shotgun, you can also use it for good.

Cost – $1500
Strategy – Boomers are slow but can deal with some damage. They carry a boomshot with them which can spray rockets at enemies. If you have played the campaign, you would know their impact which can help you devise the strategy.

Tier 4 Beasts

These are the most expensive hence devastating creatures.

Cost – $5625
Strategy – I would say her a crushing machine or a hulk may be. Just dash towards any human or fortifications and next task you have is to crush them into pieces. You need to stay away from Hammer of Dawn as it can bring the berserker down.

Armored Kantus
Cost – $3375
Strategy – Spending that much amount, you will buy an ultimate healer. The spiked armor on the body will make it immune to the bullets rendering you more time to heal your teammates. You have the pistol and grenades you can use in your free time to take out some humans.

Savage Boomer
Cost – $1650
Strategy – These Boomer variants use digger launchers. You can burrow the explosive in ground like a C4 so that when a target comes in range, they will blow up. You can spread them throughout the field to cause a lot of damage to human forces.


You are controlling Beasts so it’s only fair you kill humans, NO? Well, in this mode you do. Humans will have their usual defense and offense in place, so it won’t be that easy.


Humans will protect themselves using the fortification defenses like barriers and spikes. You can walk through the barriers but your movement will be slow and you will be vulnerable when crossing them. The trick is to break down these walls with Mauler or Wild Ticker before you advance.

Humans will also use Decoys to distract you and if you aren’t focused enough, you will end up shooting down a piece of cardboard especially for Bloodmounts who end up manually spotting for their Rider else it’s a wasted effort.

Automated Sentry and Mounted Lancer Turrets are fortifications you need to watch for. Sentries will fire at anything that comes in near, while any Human can control a Turrets and wreck havoc on Locusts. You can use either Serapede or a Boomer to take these automated Fortifications down if they become pain in the butt.

The most dangerous fortification is the last Silverback Minigun – armed with rapid-fire machineguns and rockets. It requires Boomers or even Berserkers to take on and makes your life very difficult.

You may want to use Kantus to keep your Boomers alive because this baby packs a real punch. If you get the chance make sure you don’t leave any vacant Silverback behind – it can be manned by other humans so destroy it fully before you move on.


Human Survivors in Beast Mode are weaker soldiers and refugees but with their weapons and aid of fortifications they become deadly enemies. You can kill the stranded soldiers with one of two melee hits – they are most basic human soldiers you will encounter in Beast Mode. Next are the COG Gears with more health and powerful weapons.

They aren’t much of a threat but still should be dealt with carefully. Watch out for Onyx Guard, who typically arrives to help important heroes such as Hoffman and Prescott. They are lethal and often start with Silverbacks making them tougher enemies. If you aren’t up against Heroes, Onyx Guards should be your top priority.


Heroes are tough, and are the best of humans you will encounter in Beast Mode. Heroes include the star steadied COG Gears cast – Marcus, Dom, Baird, Anya, Sam, Dizzy, Carmine, Jace, Cole, Hoffman, and Griffin. Prescott will join the party in 12th (Final) wave and you main objective is to eliminate him.

Heroes are your top priority but be smart when engaging them, they are intelligent and AI is tougher. If you go without a plan, you will disappoint yourself.

First you will need to down a hero – they survive the first kill. You need to follow-up with an execution or hero can be revived or for worse, alert the rest of the enemies of your presence. They are tougher so the rewards are also high for killing them.

So you have these beasts and your goal is reach level 12 before the timer runs out. 12 levels may sound less but the level of COG AI will test your skills. If you have a strategy of your own, go ahead and share with us. For help on Horde Mode 2.0, read our Horde Mode strategy guide.

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