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Deus Ex: The Missing Link DLC Developer Walkthrough

For anyone who has thoroughly enjoyed Deus Ex: Human Revolution, The Missing Link DLC will offer everything you are looking forward to after playing through the main campaign. There is plenty of exploration, hacking, and stealth waiting for you in this DLC.

The Missing Link also brings new improvements – mostly technical and graphics. These small improvements in graphics bring stormy shipboard to life with impressive weather effects and improved lightning.

The story starts with Jensen ending up at Shipboard while he has lost all his Augmentations. So you will have to rebuild him from ground up once again but that’s what makes it interesting and provides you with another opportunity to create a type of character that depicts your style of gameplay.

Apart from the action, The Missing Link improves on several grounds from the original game. It tells a better story through environment and overheard communications. The more you dig about what you heard, more you will find about the back story and what’s going on.

Again, the game will reward for exploration and adventure but this time there is an evolved sense of level and puzzle design which makes things more interesting. The Missing Link has 5 hours of solid gameplay in it so it literally extends your adventure in Deus Ex: Human Revolution at par to playing a new game.

Since everything is happening in the middle of the main story, you can get access to the DLC anytime from main menu. Eidos hasn’t announced price and release date but it has been confirmed that it would be released sometime in October.

Watch this video, as Lead narrative designer Mary DeMarle talks and walks us through five minutes of The Missing Link.

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