Dead Island Cheats, Exploits and Glitches

Dead Island is a huge game and so are the possibilities in it. Be it Weapon Mods Blueprints, or Crafting Weapons of your choice, or choosing your own game style with complex Class Skill Tree system, Dead Island provides you with the freedom to play the way you like.

If that wasn’t enough, there is plethora of Collectibles that you can spend time collecting and unlocking achievements for your perfect 1000 gamer score points.

If you need help, you can read our Walkthrough and if that wasn’t enough, these cheats, glitches and unusual exploits will come in handy.

Skip Eating Animation
You can skip the eating animations that start while eating and drinking so you skip it by hitting Kick when you take the first sip or bite to regain health faster.

Item Duplication
This trick comes in handy,just drop your items that you want to duplicate at a checkpoint and after you die and the countdown respawn starts just pause the game and reload from the same checkpoint and everything you dropped will be in your inventory as well as on the ground.

Infinite Money and Shotgun Ammo in the Laboratory
You can get the money from the Laboratory in the three safes containing no locks and holding 3-5000$ in cash. The trick here is that you can quick travel to any location and come back again and the money will be again available in the safes. Complete the side quest for the Will in the laboratory and you will get ammo from the table in the same room.

Infinite Diamonds
Basically there are two ways/methods to get infinite diamonds in the game.

Trick #1
After you reach the City of Moresby there is a safe house spot called Square. A bottle of champagne will be there in one of the refrigerators so take the bottle to the resort for the Time For Brooze continuous quest and if you use the quick travel back to the place the bottle will be back again in the refrigerator.

Trick #2
After you kill the Mayor in chapter 7 (City Hall Part 2), grab the diamond from his safe. Go forward to the sewers and then turn around to back to the mayor’s room. The diamond will re-appear back in the safe. You can sell them for 1500$ and they also help in modding items that uses diamonds.

Weapon Duplication
By using the default control scheme in the game i.e, Holding the left trigger for aiming and the y button to drop a weapon and right as you hit the right trigger to throw the weapon. Use the correct timings and you should throw one weapon and drop an same one.

Floating Propane Tank Exploit
In a two player game or more,take a pick up truck and let the other player load a propane tank at the back of the truck. The tank will slide and drop outside the car and eventually start following you. The player can shoot the propane tank killing any zombies near its area of damage.

Instant Save
The game does not saves automatically sometimes when you require the most. To get rid of this problem, simply Go to options and then controls and set the fight style from analog to digital etc and it will save it automatically every time you do it.