Forza 4 – Season Pass and Launch Bonus Details

Forza 4’s Xbox LIVE demo is coming out officially on October 7th for regular Xbox members, but the Gold members will get the chance to have a go at the demo on October 3rd instead. That’s not all.Turn 10 Studios is offering fans a special deal to allow them to further fuel their adrenaline-pumping automobile passion, and they’re doing this with the Forza Motorsport Season Pass.

It’s not an entirely new idea, and some may argue that it’s solely a business strategy, but fans may eye it differently.The Season Pass will give access to six add-on packs of the title’s downloadable content to be released through the next year.

This Season Pass will cost 2,400 Microsoft Points and will be available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace from October 14th. The purchase of this pass will give you 30 percent saving over buying the packs individually.

The six add-ons included will be the ones released from November 2011 to April 2012. Additionally, those who get the Season Pass will also receive the ‘American Muscle’ add-on – the first add-on for the game – at the time of release.

The ‘American Muscle’ pack will include the following cars:

1965 Pontiac GTO
1968 Pontiac Firebird
1970 Buick GSX
1970 Dodge Cornet Super Bee
1966 Chevrolet Nova SS
1969 Shelby GT500 428CJ
1971 Plymouth GTX 426 Hemi
1967 Dodge Cornet W023
1968 Dodge Dart HEMI Super Stock
1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt

But that’s not all, as folks who pre-order(ed) the game before its launch on October 14th will be able to get their hands on the Limited Collector’s Edition and hence attain the ‘Launch Bonus’ car pack.

The ‘Launch Bonus’ pack will include:

1965 Ford Mustang GT Coupe
2011 Koenigsegg Agera
1997 Lexus SC300
2011 RUF RGT-8
2011 Tesla Roadster Sport

Is the content worth of 2,400 points? Bless us with your views.