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Zynga Announces Mafia Wars 2

Zynga recently announced their latest Facebook game, Mafia Wars 2 – a game that’ll have you committing unethical deeds that instantly remind you of The God Father. You know a game means business when its slogan is “Being bad never felt so good”.

Zynga is also mentioning that it will contain a ‘vast 3D world’, but whether or not it would introduce something new – with lesser wall-spamming – is something not entirely known.

I don’t know about the original Mafia War fans, but the sequel isn’t being looked at with much positivity, perhaps because it will barely bring anything new to social gaming (apart from refined visuals perhaps), and become another excuse to spend money on items that are totally not worth their price.

However, if there is some innovation involved – one which doesn’t focus on over-tempting to spend money, introducing original and new content – it may become yet another social legend like Farmville. But betting on that wouldn’t be the wisest idea.