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Diablo III Enters Closed Beta

After years of anticipation Diablo III has finally entered into closed beta. Only a selected few will be invited to test out the technical aspects of the game and provide the feedback for Blizzard to improve Diablo III.

If we look at how Blizzard tests their games, it would be quite a while before public will be able to play it. Blizzard broke this news on the official Diablo III community site today stating:

For those who have received an invite to the beta test, we thank you for helping us test out our server stability and hardware,” Blizzard states. “For those of you still hoping for an invite, we wish you the best of luck and hope you’ll keep an eye out for some of the beta-key giveaways and promotions we’ll have right here on the Diablo III community site.

As I mentioned before, it’s currently a closed beta and Blizzard will add more testers in the coming weeks, so keep checking your account to see if you have been granted access. You can check this official FAQ for more info about it.