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No Scarecrow Drama in Batman: Arkham City?

In Batman: Arkham Asylum we had the whole Scarecrow thing, and we didn’t want to do that again we wanted something different

That’s what Paul Crocker (lead narrative designer) from Rocksteady Studios said in an interview with Game On. Does it mean that the scary Scarecrow won’t be included in the list of Arkham city’s villains? May be, may be not. It can also mean that he will have a different role to play like someone pulling strings from the dark. I personally don’t thinks that he can be dropped off the list considering the impact he has in the series.

Since there was no clear cut statement, for the time being the future of Scarecrow in Arkham City remains “uncertain”. Hopefully, we will have something solid from Rocksteady soon to solve the mystery. Batman: Arkham City will hit shelves worldwide on October 18.