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Gears Of War 3 Walkthrough

Locusts’ heart might have been destroyed but they are back along with the variants “Lambent” for the bigger impact. Gears of War 3 will end the locust story that started way back on E-day. The last human Stronghold, “Jacinto” was sacrificed to finish 15 years of ruthless battle.

In Gears of War 3, things are not going to get better, rather worse as a stronger foe will once again challenge the human strength. Sargent Fenix and company need to step up again to control the outburst.

The concluding installment in Gears of War series features new characters, weapons and few gameplay changes. The singleplayer campaign is full of action packed sections that will challenge your shooting skills.

We are here yet again with the walkthrough that will help you in the quest to liberate the human race from the freaking Lambent.

Table of Contents

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough – Act 1

Start of the Gears of War 3 Act 1 of the singleplayer campaign.

When i saw the beginning of Prologue, i was like WTH? It is same as the beginning of Gears of War (first game in the series). The only difference was Anya instead of Dom. If you are new to the series, i will suggest you try the lower difficulty or get ready to be screwed. Strangely, there are no on-screen instructions from the start. Don’t worry though, the default controls are pretty much the basic.

Follow Anya and soon the door will open and you will find yourself directly in the battle. It may seem unjustified first (that much intensity right from the start) but it won’t harm you unless you try hard to kill yourself. You will come to know why Marcus is always found in Jail. That’s it for the Prologue.

Act 1 – Chapter 1 (Anchored)
You heard the voice. You need to report. Walk out of the prison. You will find your partners along the way. Soon, some of those Lambents will come through the gates. Simple targets, shoot them straight. Keep moving and you will come to know that “Chairman Prescott” is back. But before he can land, you need to clear the landing zone.

If you have been playing Gears of War then you will know about the cover system. It’s pretty much the same. But if you are new to the series, always try to stay in cover. You can use different structural support or walls for that. Shotgun is always great for close combat so don’t forget to pull it out when the enemy is near you.

Move inside and press the panel to raise the landing platform. After the cut scene, you need to watch that disc. You can just walk in there. More enemies will attack. Try to flank them using cargo containers as cover. Head up stairs, watch the disc and enjoy the cut scene. Grab that sniper upstairs. It will come handy in the next section.

Start shooting the locusts below. You can move down but try to make some shots count from above. Use the sniper for some quick kills. And yes, i almost forgot about the quick reload thingy. You see the white bar (small one inside the longer line) up there where your gun is displayed? When press reload, the cursor starts moving, you need to stop that cursor in that small strip by pressing the reload button again. It will reload quickly and more damage can be inflicted for few seconds.

There are plenty of spots for cover. You need to stop them from getting below the deck. You can pick up guns and ammo dropped by enemies. More enemies will arrive after the deck lift is raised. Just down the stairs, there are extinguishers to blow out the fire. Deal with the enemies to reach Prescott.

Act 1 – Chapter 2 (Abandon Ship)
Take cover, polyps are in the pipes. Shoot them from distance. As you move through the door more locust will be waiting. You can turn the table to convert it into the cover. Keep on walking till you find a couple of more men. Head through the door and you will hear the sound. Yes, Lambent nearby.

You should keep changing your cover as enemy can crowd you and force you into melee if you stay at one point for long period specially when there are more enemies around. The red dot iron sights is the new feature included in Gear 3.

As you move towards the lift control to raise it, more enemies will attack. It’s better that you retreat. Otherwise, you can use shotgun to remove the threat. Time for the second chopper. Head back through the same hall. Locusts of course will welcome you. There is plenty of cover through.

Leviathan tentacles will cause the disturbance. Keep an eye on the floor though as polyps will crawling in. Shoot the arms for sometime. Find the lift controls to get above so that you can deal with it openly. You will face light resistance. Activate the lift and a cut scene will play.

You need to open the irrigation valves. There are 3 of them. First is near the hut building in the corner. Lambents won’t make your life easy so keep an eye on them. The second will be towards the left-wing near the similar hut structure. Put the fire out using the extinguisher. After the cut scene, you need to get back up there.

Watch out for the tentacles of that big monster. Take cover while you deal with the rest of the locusts. Grab the ammo before reaching the top. As you reach the top, run for the storage to find the two silverbacks. You have them, start shooting at its face. Watch-out for the polyps on the ground. You will have to dislodge the Leviathan a couple of times before Baird comes up with the solution (great solution).

Act 1 – Chapter 3 (Homecoming)
We are Cole’s hometown searching for some supplies. Keep up with your teammates till the cut scene. Keep moving and as you break that metallic door, Lambents will attack. You can use cars as cover while you take them out. It will take some time. So take your time.

Next, keep moving to the shops. Remember, it’s not always necessary that you always stay in cover. If you can handle the heat in open and shoot better, nobody is stopping you. But for that, you need more agility. In the parking lot, more Lambents will attack. Stay behind for a while and shoot from distance. If you are running out of ammo, you need to get moving.

You know from where these Lambents are coming right? Well in the predecessors, there were holes. In gears 3, those tentacles are the origin. In the shops section now, polyps and other lambents will attack. Keep moving and you will end up in a blocked path. Brake the crates and get to the switch to pass through.

Use that mechanical loader to smash some of the locusts. You can also you use it to open the gate and then move the van and the car.

Act 1 – Chapter 4 (Helping Hand)
While heading to the warehouse, you will face some of those lambents soon. They explode when they die so stay away from them. You can try sticking some grenades to their bodies. After you have dealt with all of them, a cutscene will play. The camp leader after that will lead you to a room where you can refill your ammo and weapons.

After that head to the warehouse door and as you open it, you will find a ship. Well, unfortunately your journey will start with a trouble i.e a monster will attack. You need to fight of course. Use the containers on the boat for cover and keep an eye on the enemies spawning from the tentacles.

You can use the nearby raised platform to have a tactical advantage to deal with the rest. After you are done fighting with all of them, head through the nearby door.

You can use the bridge leading to the stadium. Just when you think that you are done with the trouble, more tentacles will appear to test your patience. You know the basics. Stay calm and do what you have done. You don’t want to be James bond here as it won’t help your cause.

Act 1 – Chapter 5 (MVP)
You will soon face your first path choice in the game. You can either choose the upper path or the lower one. Both the paths are usually balanced when it comes to trouble you will face as you advance. But if one path doesn’t suit you, you can restart and adopt the other one in the next try. And yes, if you don’t have a partner with you and you go down, you will die and will have start it from where you got separated.

Those paths will soon rejoin. So deal with the enemies that you face on either the upper path or the lower path and when you meet up again, move through the doors that will end up in a cut scene. After the cut scene is over follow the stairs and keep moving till there is another cut scene.

After the cinematic is over, its shooting time again. While you are moving in that elevator, shoot the enemies you encounter in different directions. You can kill that tough guy by shooting at the explosives place near it. When the elevator ride is over, you are done with this chapter.

Act 1 – Chapter 6 (Hanging by a Thread)
As you leave the elevator, pick up the ammo in the area and move across the bridge. Take cover as Lambents are approaching. After you have dealt with them, look for that ladder to reach the upper section. Kick down that door and get ready for another brief encounter. Next, look for the chained door, break through it and watch the cut scene.

Next sections will be crawling with tickers. They are fast so you need to stay sharp. You can use the blind fire that enables you to move faster. After all the tickers have been taken care of, mortars will be sprayed at your location.

This is the tough part. Move from cover to cover and you can use the shade of those crates there for shelter. Then, you need to run towards the other side so that you can remove the mortar crew below you. You can grab one for yourself if you want to.

You can use the mortar rounds against the next locust attack. Shoot it till it is destroyed. Next, the tentacle will attack from the sides. Shoot it to make it retreat. It will make another appearance so keep an eye on it.

After dealing with the tentacles, move down the road dealing with more of those robust creatures. As you reach the dead-end, look on the left side to see a gate and the ladders. Climb up those ladders and move through the catwalk.

Soon, you will find a locust with a turret firing at you. You need to take it and then take control of that turret to deal with rest of the enemy wave. Move towards the ticker container.

You will face heavy enemy resistance here. Don’t get hasty and keep it simple. After you are done with this enemy wave, approach the container to conclude the chapter.

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough- Act 2

Start of the Gears of War 3 Act 2 of the singleplayer campaign.
Act II – Chapter 1 (Shipwreck)
You don’t have the weapons from the start. You better get them soon as the action is going to start soon. You can grab the sniper if you want to have some fun but many locusts don’t die in one shot. After some firefight in the next section, a cut scene will play.

Soon, you will be encountering a new variant, the “Digger”. This dude can send grubs underground which then can explode behind you. This section is rather tough so you should not stay out of cover for long. Also don’t stay at one place. You can dash towards some other place for cover but make sure that you are not being targeted directly.

You can grab a digger gun for yourself too. You will find it back up to the left when more grubs rise from the ground. After shooting the siege engine to take out the enemy artillery and the Brumak.

Don’t worry if you waste a couple of shots. In the next section, you will face more grubs and snipers. You can use the wing side to flank them. After you have dealt with them, a tough Brumak fight awaits.

He will be pissed of course. You need to target its back (the containers). There is a small duration when it stops firing (apparently its guns are cooling down). You need to use these intervals to hit it hard.

You can charge for the cover behind the wall that will give you a better shot at it’s back. For small time though but you can do the damage and wait till it again turns around towards other members of the squad. Once it’s down, you can continue your march to find Hoffman.

Act II – Chapter 2 (House of Sand)
As you move through the tunnel, you will face smaller of the those giant insect. Watch out for that moving smoke. You should stay away from it as it’s the creäture that will emerge from the ground. In the next section, there will be a digger along with some of those drones. Nothing big to worry about, right?

As you move to the next door, there will be an ambush waiting for you. You should try to get that cleaver weapon. Soon, you will be under attack of a catapult. You can’t afford to stay stationary.

Running away is a good option but beware of the digger and the drones. Try flanking them from the left side. Look out for the locust on the machine gun. Don’t forget to gather any ammo you find.

Use the ladder and now it’s your time to use the catapult. Once you have cleared the section, a cut scene will conclude the chapter.

Act II – Chapter 3 (Forced Entry)
Like the chapter says, its like a hijack. After you get out of the elevator, you need to take out the guards before they sound the alarm. You can use the one-shot or any other ranged weapons you have. Keep an eye on the tickers strolling around.

A gate will open with some enemies approaching. You need to take them out and follow the path to an open section. Here, many drones will be present to entertain you.Shoot them all and then blow up the barrels in the next room. You can use the sentry then to take out the diggers.

In the next section, you should try to take out that turret holder quickly. Rest won’t create any trouble for you. Digger or the sniper will help. It’s always better to stay along the teammates so that they can revive you when you are down. Comes handy specially when you are playing at the hardcore difficulty.

Act II – Chapter 4 (Trenchrun)
You heard the guy, Incoming! Run before the guns take you out. Keep moving and you will face some regular drones and tickers. Move through the gate and you will face another digger along with some tickers.

You will end up in the ticker mines. There is no need to waster your time in shooting the tickers in cages. Keep on moving. You will face light resistance but nothing worth of trouble.

In the next area, you will find how tickers are bombed. Use the higher position advantage to take out the grubs. There are tickers hanging above so keep any eye on them for the good or bad.

Next, you will end up with another baby corpser in the room. Don’t forget to stock up some ammo when you find it. Next section is the corpser hatching area. Yes, the mother will be there soon. Shoot her in the eyes.

The things that will add to your trouble are the hatching babies and then the adult corpsers too that come in waves when you shoot the mother in her eyes. So keep shooting and after 4 waves of those young corpsers, you will be able to breath. No, not yet. You need to run as fast as you can to the starred location. Run, run and run.

Act II – Chapter 5 (Hijack)
After the queen cut scene, get ready for the flying tickers. Normal locusts will accompany them. Don’t let those flies stroll too much in space. Keep moving down the path, shooting anything that comes in your way.

To take out that turret shooting from distance, you can use the sniper, one-shot or the crossbow. If you are out of any of these weapons, you need to be slightly aggressive to get close to it for a clear shot.

Always watch out for the diggers roaming around with other locusts. After clearing the area, you should move to the tower. Use the elevator to the top. Final fight with queen guards above. Well, at least for this chapter. Eliminate them and you are good to go.

Act II – Chapter 6 (Airborne)
Mr Dizzy is in trouble. You need to used the boomshot turrets on your ship to take down locusts’ balloons. Adjust your aim a bit higher as they are going to dip down slightly. Once on the ground, a small grubs army will be there between you and your target.

After the stairs, there will be a Reaver above you. Shoot it hard for good. Dizzy will give with some weapons. You can take whatever you like. Hammer of Dawn is a good option or the one-shot may be considering the resistance you are going to face including Reavers and Boomers.

After the stocking up is done, keep after the path and destroy anything that comes in your path with the hammer of dawn. Head back to the ship to start your journey again.

Act II – Chapter 7 (Touchdown)
Locust Gas balloons will attack you. There will be some Reavers too. It’s a test of shooting skills. Since the targets are mobile, you need to adjust your aim so. Take your time, they are not in much of a hurry neither are you. The flying bird that comes at the end to entertain you will make your ship crash (you can’t save it). You need to survive only.

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough – Act 3

Start of the Gears of War 3 Act 3 of the singleplayer campaign.
Start of the Act 3 of the Gears of War 3 singleplayer campaign.
Act III – Chapter 1 (Unbreakable)
Long time no see? Huh. I didn’t like that guy from the first two series. Anyways, grab the ammo as you are going to need it. You need to stop the locusts from breaking through the gates. You think defending is an easy job? Play this section and you will change your mind.

You can use the turrets of course but don’t hang in there for too long as you will draw their attention. Things will be relatively easier till the siege engine shows up. After that, many bad guys will try to breach the barrier.

What will you do? Well defend those damned gates. I won’t be surprised if your forehead has some sweat on it due to the intensity of this encounter.

If you want to stay in the game, try to stay with any of your squad members so that they can revive you when you are down. If you are torn apart, they can’t help you either. You will have a good cutscene as a reward after you are done dealing with those mad creatures.

Act III – Chapter 2 (Rescue)
Ladies are pinned down so you need to get there for support. Either on foot or using the truck. Truck’s ride is not going to last long though. Deal with that Digger immediately. Then you will have to run back the way you came from. Lambents will emerge to make your retreat difficult. Keep moving and don’t stand to shoot till it is necessary.

Beskerer will also be there to add more trouble. Head back into the fort. Beskerer will follow you. If you have dealt with the Berserker in the past then this variant is not much different. All you need to do is jump away when it charges towards you.

Timing is important and make sure you don’t miss the button at the right time. Also try to stay away from the emulsion it spits. Where to shoot it? It will open the rib cage in intervals and that will be the time you need to shoot at it. It will take some time before you knock her out. So be patient.

Act III – Chapter 3 (Breakneck Run)
Time to take another ride. You won’t be facing regular enemies but some Reavers and corpsers. So get ready for a rough journey. You have the machine gun to take them out but since the vehicle is moving and so are the reavers, you need to settle your aim.

Luckily, the gun doesn’t has any cool down time as it restores ammo when you stop shooting. Then there will be corpsers waiting for you ahead. Their mother will be there too. You need to shoot and shoot well. Watch out for the corpser that jumps on your vehicle. You can shoot those barrels for some quick destruction.

Some grubs along with the riders will also play their role.I loved the way the killed that Brumak. You need to shoot its rockets coming at you till they rip its head off with the wire.

Act III – Chapter 4 (Ghost Town)
There is a long walk at the start, so keep moving. You need to disarm those charges before they do any harm. There are three of them and then you will see a cut scene. After your short meeting with the old man, follow the path to find him again.

The path will lead you to the sewers. There will some sort of human lambents attacking you like zombies. You need to keep a safe distance as the emulsion can get you.

Soon, you will encounter some more enemies in the courtyard. There is a vulcan machine gun on the other side. But if you don’t have any other player along with you to do the ammo part, it is of no use. Anyways, there is some ammo you can grab which is sufficient to deal with those waves.

Follow the path to the church after you are done fighting with those converted creatures. You will find the pumping mechanism. Activate it and then you can get the hell out of there.

Act III – Chapter 5 (Brothers to the End)
Don’t know why always good guys, not part of the main plot have to die like that. Anyhow, you have a job at your hands. Deal with those bouncing converted lambents. There are plenty of them so don’t hesitate to use the blind fire. It’s strange how your partner gears can’t be hurt in any way.

After you are done dealing with those creatures (zombie lambents i would say), get ready for grubs and some boomers. You have the height advantage so it should not cause you any big trouble except for the boomers.

Your squad members will be near you to revive you unless you get yourself blown up by the boomers. After you are done fighting and have cleared the area, a cut scene will play to end Act III.

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough – Act 4

Start of the Gears of War 3 Act IV of the singleplayer campaign.

Act IV – Chapter 1 (Ashes to Ashes)
This level isn’t really a test of your shooting skills rather you need to dodge the traps and deal with polyps. Some of those traps (specially that baby one) are pretty convincing. So keep your head straight and avoid any kind of trouble.

Soon, you will face locusts. Grab some cover and do your regular stuff. After you have dealt with the stalks, enter the building and then use the elevator to meet Griffin. After the cutscene, use the elevator to get to the underground. There are supplies if you want. Get through the door for the next chapter.

Act IV – Chapter 2 (Crater)
Follow the path down the hill to you hear polyps. They are not alone though. Stalks will emerge and lambents will enter the arena too. You can use the left-wing section for cover and also the elevated section for some strategic advantage.

Keep moving and you will face another similar wave soon starting with some polyps. You should adopt the right path to lessen the danger. When the drone drops on the cargo container, you need to start running.

Your marathon will lead you to a tower where a stalk will entertain you. You need to keep your head down and when you get the opportunity, you strike it hard.

In the tower, activate the elevators. These elevators will contain a bunch of lambent zombies. They are fast so you also need to be quick. Just when you are getting away through the alternate path, an uninvited guest will arrive. You need to keep moving around it and of course shoot it till it is down.

Act IV – Chapter 3 (Hang em High)
Get to the cable car. You will find that it’s stuck. So you need to walk around and get it going. You can get through the wire barricade. It won’t be a walk in the part though as some of those zombie lambents will attack you.

Get back to the cars and make sure that you are full on ammo. As you start your journey, there will a barge cart with some of those queen guards. You can pop some grenades towards them. Once, you are on the other side, more grubs will attack.

Three will be more guards as you make your way to the roof. If you have the shotgun, it will come handy as there will be close quarter combat. Watch out for those flying tickers. Get to dizzy and the next chapter will begin.

Act IV – Chapter IV (Batten Down the Hatches)
It’s the shipyard now. You can use those containers as cover. Keep your head down. Soon, a barge will drop boomers and therons.

Watch out the hanger entry where you will find another boomer and a theron guarding it. Keep moving and you will soon encounter serapedes monsters. You need to shoot their back instead of the front. They are fast so staying at one position is not going to help. After the insect is down, you can move through the next hanger.

Act IV – Chapter V (Bon Voyage)
You will have a choice at the start. You can either go through the dockyard for fuel or the other path for maintenance. If you have chosen dockyard, get ready to face the heavy resistance. First things first. Grab some ammo. Longshot will come handy.

Follow the path and you will face more grubs along with some mounted ones. Before you can assault the ship, you need to activate a switch to move the rap. Clear the ship from enemies (nothing serious) and then head back to the crane room at the back. Soon, there will be a big enemy wave containing reavers and the mounted grubs. You can use that fixed gun to deal with them.

Then move to the room next to the crane one to get the gas into the sub. Things are going to get rough from here on. Deal with the wretches and tickers first. Don’t enter the room rather stay outside to have some open space.

In the next section, you should shoot the artillery carts to take out the turrets. Head inside through the door and use the elevator to get to the top. As you leave the elevator, you will find Boomer, a Grinder, a Kantus up top to the left. You should throw a couple of grenades to deal with the grubs that are descending from the balloon quickly.

You need to get to dry docked ship now to grab the rotor. There will be a berserker and some regular locusts. Deal with them and then you can take the rotor using the loader. Move through the doors and you will face more trouble. You know how to deal with the berserker right? You can grab the boomshot, that will help.

While you escort the sub, grab heavy weapon like the oneshot and the vulcan. Armored Kantus can be a trouble so deal with it quickly. After all the fighting is over, deliver the damned item and take a breath.

Act IV – Chapter VI (Watery Grave)
It’s an aquatic ride. You will be in a gun pod attached to the submarine. You can rotate the gun 360 degree. You need to shoot those creatures before they can harm the sub-marine. Those mines can be annoying. You need to shoot the chains not the ball.

You need to shoot at the face of that giant fish like creäture. After moving through the tunnels, you will encounter the automatic torpedo turrets. Next, shoot open the door and get through it. Three will be plenty of torpedoes to deal with. You are in Azura now.

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough – Act 5

Start of the Gears of War 3 Act 5 of the singleplayer campaign.

Act V – Chapter 1 (Home Away Form Home)
After the first wave of soldiers, you will have to face some more along with the wretches. Don’t haste to use the blind fire against these nuisance creatures.

When the train comes with guards, you can throw a couple of grenades to deal with them quickly. Watch out for the machine gunner on your left. After the cutscene, move along the path and then to your left to grab the silver back.

You have to deal with all sorts of enemies now. You have the silver back and the machine gun mounted on it. Fire anything that comes in your path. It’s better that you shoot bigger enemies first and then turn your attention towards the weaker ones.

Your father now will send you back to the train track. Beware of the boomers behind the big door. Keep on moving along the track and clear all the enemies that come in your path. Stick to the basics and you will be fine. Soon, you will find entry to the next chapter.

Act V – Chapter 2 (Black Out)
After the elevator, you will face some guards and wretches. Climb up the ladder and there will two reavers waiting for you. In the next section, you will face an Armored Knatus. Explosives will do the trick here.

Elevator again, and after you leave it watch out for the flamethrower. There will be more in the next section when your are trying to turn off the generator by hitting switches.

Then you will have to rotate some valves for the steam. There will be small waves of enemies indicating that the valve is nearby. The final valves are going to present some difficulties as multiple Kantus will attack you. Don’t forget to collect that boomshot in the middle level before you face them. Rotate the final valves and after the cutscene, Run as fast as you can exit the building. You will have to face a grinder before you conclude the chapter.

Act V – Chapter 3 (Shattered Paradise)
Time for a rough ride. Since it’s a bumpy ride, you need to focus on your aim. That gun does not cool down rather requires a recharge. Destroy the three emulsion pipelines to clear the passage.

You will have to deal with the reavers and corpsers along your way. You need to cover the area ahead of you. Don’t follow one target for long. If you can’t shoot one, shoot the other one. Watch out for the baby corpser that hits your ride. Mother corpser will also appear to scare you. If you aren’t playing it on hard or insane difficulty, things aren’t that tough as they appear. The environment is there to make you rattle but if you keep it cool, you can control the situation.

In the next section, there will be some drones and riders to stop. But you can’t be stopped, can you? Shoot those barrels to get rid of them quickly.

Act V – Chapter 4 (Threshold)
After using the elevator, there is one big fight waiting for you in the open section. If you can avoid the mortar fire, it will be useful to thin down enemies. At start, keep a safe distance and when you move forward, try to stay with your teammates so that the reviving task becomes easy.

Just when you are about to leave through the door behind the sandbags, lambents will emerge. You need to keep your head down while you take them out.

Act V – Chapter V (Ascension)
You will soon encounter grubs in the building. Take cover behind the door and start shooting. Stay or boomers will make you pay. There will be more of them including the bloodmounts in the next section. Try not to move forward till you have thin down enemies.

After you activate the elevator, more lambents will arrive. You need to hold it till the elevator arrives. You don’t need to be aggressive. Just stay alive and you will be fine.Watch out for those glowing wretches.

After reaching the top, try to knock out the Kantus first so that there is no resurrection. There is also a longshot if you like just after you leave the elevator. After clearing the section, head upstairs and after dealing with some more grubs, lovely queen will come again.

You need to defeat queen’s bug. She is scary as spits fire. You need to run till her weak point is revealed. After climbing two levels, rush towards the cables and cut them to get the the job done.

In the next section, a berserker will appear. You can cut it down using Mulcher. Beware of the turret at the end of the hallway. There will be also be a grinder to deal with. In the lab section, you need to deactivate two security panels. Don’t go hasty as the panels will be patrolled by grubs and a grinder.

When you get back to the lab, lambents will arrive. Take cover and deal with them. After you have taken care of this wave, you can proceed for the final chapter.

Act V – Chapter VI (Reckoning)
You need to clear the roof before Marcus’ dad can activate the weapon. The big creature needs your attention. You need to move from cover to cover and while it takes a pause, utilize the time and shoot it with full force.

The fight won’t be over soon so use the hammer of dawn when it is available. Enemy reinforcements will make things difficult. Try to stay with your squad members. You will need them to revive you multiple times. The exercise will be repeated several times before you conclude your long exciting adventure.