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PS Vita Software Won’t Be Region-Locked

Sony revealed most of the important and generally desired aspects of their upcoming PS Vita in the Tokyo Game Show, but one vital detail omitted from the event was recently revealed via Twitter.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed yesterday that Vita will not be region-locked, after a Twitter user inquired about this feature.

However, the nature of being region-free was not detailed. The current Sony consoles such as the PS3 and PSP are also generally region-free – at least when it comes to physical media. Games developed in one country can be played in another.

However, the digital content available through PSN is strictly dependant on the region of a user’s profile. It is not known whether this strategy will be applied to the PS Vita, or whether the hand-held console will be region-free both in-terms of physical media and digital access.

PS Vita aims for release on December 17th in Japan alongside 26 different games for it. Sony is expected to release the console in Europe and North America sometime in early 2012.