How To Customize Keyboard Controls In FIFA 12 Demo

I have been playing every game in the series since FIFA 99. Back then i used to play the game on keyboard on my PC. I have shifted to controller now but there are users out there who still want to play the game on keyboard. Now since the demo does not provide the option to customize keyboard controls by default and i am not sure if the full version will allow the customization or not, you can follow a simple procedure to help your cause.

All you need to do is copy “buttonDataSetup.ini” and “fifasetup.ini” of FIFA 11 from Documents and Paste them to FIFA 12 Documents folder. This will transfer your FIFA 11 customized controls to FIFA 12.

If you have uninstalled FIFA 11 then the folder should still be there in the Documents (unless you also deleted the saved files). It’s the easiest way around atleast till the game is released. We will update you if the game supports the keyboard key customization.