Battlefield 3 – There Will Be “Commo Rose” Instead Of “Camaros”

If you are not aware of these terms already then as a hort note; Commo Rose is a command tool used to give quick commands in-game while Camaros are vintage Chevrolet sports car which inspired special forces cars in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson revealed in the press conference just before Gamescom that Battlefield 3 will have the “Commo Rose” feature as demanded by many Battlefield fans. Someone at Eurogamer misunderstood it as Camaros car series. Here is what Troedsson had to say in reply:

Well we won’t have them when we ship the game,” he told us, “but listening to your story, I’ll see what we can do


As you noticed, I am often up on stage myself and doing presentations, and English isn’t my first language. Every now and then I say stupid stuff as well.

“It’s fun to see that people can actually make these kind of mistakes and then just go with it and say yeah I was wrong.

“We should sometimes step off our high-horses and just have a bit of fun with what we’re doing,” Troedsson said

That was something amusing. Camaros won’t be a bad idea though.