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Angry Birds Downloaded For Over 350 Million Times

Don’t tell me that your play games on you mobile and you haven’t played or atleast heard about Angry Birds yet. Why am i saying that? The game is famous enough to be downloaded over 350 million times since the launch back in 2009. Rovio GM Andre Stalbow also revealed that users on average play this game for 300 million minutes daily.

This is not it as company’s short films on YouTube have also picked up more than 170 million views. With that much success, Rovio Mobile is planning to expand the franchise to bring more entertainment for the fans.

People in Hollywood are really surprised with the quick acceleration in the way consumers engage with entertainment on their mobile phones. There will be some interesting entertainment partnerships that will hopefully take what we had from [Angry Birds Rio] to a totally different level. There’s a very strong focus on Angry Birds because it’s turning into a big entertainment franchise

It surely has turned into a big entertainment franchise and we expect to see more of it for a long period ahead.