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EA Beats Farmville With ‘The Sims Social’ For Minor Victory

EA’s been a company that has been a tremendous force in the gaming market for a while, and recently their focus for domination shifted to social games.

All their work has paid off, as they have managed to surpass Zynga’s ever-famous Farmville with their own The Sims Social (a Facebook spinoff of The Sims by EA) in-terms of number of daily players.

According to L.A. Times, The Sims Social has just edged forward of Farmville, as by September 9th the number of players for the day of The Sims Social was 9.3 million as compared to Farmville’s 8.1 million.

However, Zynga still remains the top social games company, with other hit titles such as Cityville, currently at number one position with 14 million users per day. In terms of monthly basis, Farmville is ahead of The Sims Social, with 35.7 million and 34.3 million players respectively.

The Facebook social games war will look to continue on for a while, as EA is currently the no. 2 company in social games, and they are trying ever-so-hard to attain the number one spot, which is currently owned by Zynga.

Will EA be able to maintain their momentum and achieve their objectives? Or will Zynga always be one step ahead with their ingenious social games?