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Official Battlefield 3 Store To Be Revealed Soon

How cool would it be to have a T-shirt painted with Battlefield 3’s box art? You want that right? Dice’s Christina Coffin tweeted that Battlefield 3 T-shirt will up for sale soon with the other products. Seems like a Battlefield store is in plans where fans will be able to buy official Battlefield gear. I don’t find it surprising as fans always wanted a place to buy something official for their favorite game. Following tweets from Christina hint the stuff we can expect on this store:

#bf3 t-shirt – get! – official dice bf3 shirts will be for sale soon 🙂

@vp2008 have to review product prototypes, make sure they are good quality material+consistent craftsmanship, colors match,etc, takes time

@geronimo_73 we have additional #bf3 related shirt designs, not just this one that will be revealed in the near future

@DevasinInc we have other store stuff in the works that will be announced later

Lets see what else Dice has got stored for us. I would like to have a trouser based on Bf3 theme.