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Warhammer 40000: Space Marine Weapons Guide

Weapons for a soldier are as important as an axe for a woodcutter. Warhammer 40000: Space Marine features different heroes which carry weapons to annihilate the opponent forces. These weapons are of different variety – ranging from a sword to a bolt weapon. Read on for the brief a description on each of these weapons.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Weapons

The sharp edge of this sword can cut through armor, flesh and bones. Units carrying these swords will be like Samurai warriors who will slice any living tissue or armor that come in their way.

Power Sword
This melee weapon performs similar function as of Chainsword and the Power Axe. It is more damaging than the Chainsword but lesser than the heavier weapons like the Power Axe.

This melee weapon builds up an energy charge which is damaging enough to affect anything in the impact zone. Speed is compromised for high damaging ability.

Plasma Gun
This rifle fires the plasma that can melt enemy’s armor and vehicles. It may sound cool but the exhaustive use of this weapon can even harm it’s own carrier.

This is the standard Space marine assault weapon. It fires self-propelled missiles (bolts) that on hitting the target explode and blow it apart from inside. It can be used against a wide range of targets.

Bolt Pistol
The bolt pistol is usually wielded along the chainsword just like a side arm. It has the same features as of a bolter but has lesser damage.

Stalker Pattern Bolter
It is an upgraded version of Bolter. The weapon is common among Ultramarines and is more effective than it’s simpler variant. The weapon is useful at both medium and long range combat.

So it’s a mix of melee weapons along with bolt guns. Do you like to slaughter your enemy using Thunderhammer or explode their bodies using bolt projectiles? Tell us DAMNIT!