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Dead Island Survivors Location Guide

Banoi Island might have been plagued by the dead and infected, but there are some people who have survived the outbreak and are fighting for their lives. These survivors are scattered throughout the Island.

You should escort them to the safe house. All of them may not agree to move with you though as they might have gone crazy with fear.

Others may ask for your help in the form of different quests that will earn you reward. Some of these survivors will stay at the Island and wait for help while others want to leave.

There are few bad guys too who will try to harm you as well as the other survivors. Following is a list survivors (location wise) along with brief description of each in Dead Island.

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Dead Island Survivors – Golden Beach

John Sinamoi
He is one of the main survivors in Dead Island. You will interact with him multiple times during the main storyline. You will meet him at the pool house for the first time in the game.

You will find Haris stuck in pick-up truck. After you free him from the zombies, he will offer you to go with him to collect some supplies during which he will tell you about a table in the back room that you can use to repair weapons.

Pool House

This Caucasian female will be among the survivors at the pool side.

This Caucasian male is among the survivors at the pool side. You will find him talking with hank.

You can find this guy among the survivors at the poolside. He is wearing a cap and glasses. He will often try to use the radio to contact outside world.

He is also one of the survivors at pool house. He will save you when one of the survivors will try to attack you thinking you as an infected. Afterwards, he will move to the lifeguard tower instead of the lighthouse with other survivors. He will try to fix the antenna so that they can call for help.

You will interact with this lady just before “Blood on Sand”. She will ask you to help Sinamoi who is fighting outside with zombies.

This lady in bikini will be concerned about Sinamoi fighting outside with zombies at the pool side. She will then travel with Sinamoi and other survivors to lifeguard tour after it is secured.

He is among one of the survivors in the pool house. You can find him with Kelly on the couch. After he leave the lifeguard tower with Kelly, he will ask you to find her husband (Quest= Family Matters).

You will find this guy in the pool house sitting on a chair and regretting his decision to stay with Sinamoi. He believes that he should have moved to the lighthouse with others.

You will interact with him just before “Blood on Sand” quest. He will stop you from going outside but Jeannine will ask you to save Simanoi’s life.

Dead Island Survivors – Lifeguard Tower

Hank will give you the side quest Lazarus Rising after travelling to the lifeguard tower.

John Sinamoi
See the description above in Golden Beach.

See the description above in Golden Beach.

He is among of the survivors at the pool house who will evacuate for the lifeguard tower. He wants you to arrange gas so that he can burn the rotting bodies to prevent any other outbreak Quest=To Kill Time).

Dead Island Survivors – Ocean View Bungalows

You will hear from the bungalow #20. He will talking over radio with Danny about Insulin.

Ted B
You will find him crying over his wife’s death in the pool filled with blood during your quest to find the security keycard to the lifeguard tower.

Dead Island Survivors – Lighthouse Tower

Colin Kugler
He is one of the survivors in the lighthouse, sitting on a chair. He will ask you to go see James.

James Stein
He is like the head of the survivors at the lighthouse. He will assign you the quest “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”. He has slight difference in opinion with Sinamoi and he preferred to stay at the lighthouse than the lifeguard tower.

Mick Fler
Among the lighthouse survivors, the man in the bathing suite and a bandage on his arm is Mick Fler. He will ask you to find painkillers for his friend in the quest “Tell Me Where It Hurts”.

Monica Goldberg
She will assign you Nighthawk quest where you will have to check the crash of the jet in the jungle for any survivors.

He is just a survivor in the lighthouse. You won’t have any quest from him.

Trevor Cohen
He will ask you travel to the cave to find any flares there.

Dead Island Survivors – St. Christopher’s Church

You can find Bruno in the church after it has been converted to a safe house.

Just another survivor in the church safe house asking for help.

She is a nun and act as the caretaker of the survivors in the church. She will assign you the quest “Drowned Hope”. She will also ask you to silence the church bells.

Howard Craigson
This survivor in the church will ask you to find his family in the quest “Last Chance on the Wall”.

You will find Mugambe in the church asking for help.

Just another survivor in the church desperate to get out of there.

He is a vendor at the church safe house. He sells different weapons and items.

You can hear him saying “her survivor group, need more alcohol.”.

Dead Island Survivors – Simon’s Hub

He has taken refuge in a warehouse in the city of Moresby.

She is just another survivor in the warehouse.

Florencio Morales
This survivor in the warehouse won’t have any task for you.

There was a survivor of the same name in pool house. The warehouse has another survivor named Jack.

Kwan can be found in the warehouse with the other survivors.

Simon Buchanan
He will assign you the quest “Simon says…” in the warehouse.

Note. There are some other characters which you will see in cut scenes but their name and location is unknown like the mysterious man who calls in the beginning at the pool house for the evacuation.

If you know any other survivor that we might have missed, let us know in the comments section.