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Black Ops Zombies Rezurrection Achievements Guide

You have been slaughtering zombies in different terrains; Treyarch now want’s you to fight them in a more unique environment, the Moon. There is plenty to explore and a couple of new additions that will make things more interesting. Lack of gravity on moon will also add a different experience.

First, they have introduced a perk, “Mule Kick” which will allow players to carry three weapons at a time. The perk will cost you 4000 points. The new weapon is called the “Wave Gun”. It’s basically a dual wielded gun but can be joined into one large gun for greater destruction.

There are total 6 achievements to meet on this zombie map. If you are finding them hard to do, read on to help your purpose.

Cryogenic Slumber Party
You need to complete Richtofen’s grand scheme for this achievement. You will also need to Ensemble Cast’ and ‘Time Will Tell’ from the previous zombie DLC.

Then you will have to be Richtofen while playing Moon. You are also going to need three weapons for this purpose i.e.The Wave Gun, Quantum Entanglement Devices (QED), and Gersch Devices. To carry three weapons at a time, you need buy “Mule Kick” perk (4000 points).

Also acquire Excavator “PI” to breach the tunnel 6. Activate the power near the pyramid and then play “Samantha Says” once on the computers outside. Now, move to the labs, and after acquiring the hacker, hack one of the red button there. This should bring some switches with green lights.

Hack all four of these switches. Then in less than 2 second time, you need to press all the buttons on the wall you found earlier. If you do it right, the pyramid will come into play and a hole will be opened.

To make the digger leave, someone must hack the correct the right terminal from the receiving area after the breach has been done. Head to the tunnel 6 now and you will find an egg there near the gun. Knife and it will start moving. Knife it again if it stops. Keep on following the egg (you will have to open the door for it) till it place itself on a dish.

Use the wave gun to make it moving again. Soon, it will hide in the metal structure. Pop a grenade towards it and it will start moving once again. ultimately the egg will fit into the hole you opened earlier. Now you will have to take care of the zombies so that the container can gather 25 zombie souls. This will earn you “Cryogenic Slumber Party” along with the death machine for 90 seconds.

One Small Hack for a Man
All you need to do is hack something on the Moon.

You need a hacker which you can get on the counter in the labs. Select it and hack the gun on the wall (MP5k). Wait for the bar to be filled and you will get the achievement.

One Giant Leap
You need to trap yourself in the receiving area and then free yourself through resurrection in co-op.

When the two excavators are done, you can only move across via teleporting or Gersch device. Teleport yourself to the receiving room. You partner should not teleport along you. You need to kill yourself and let your partner complete the round.

When you re-spawn, you will be out of the receiving room which will also grant you the “One Giant Leap” achievement.

Perks in Spaaaaaace!
To get this achievement, you need to purchase every perk in one game. For that, are going to need 14000 points for all of them. The perks you need to collect are; Quick Revive, Stamin-Up, Double Tap, Mule Kick, PHD Flopper, and Juggernaut. Once you have all of these in the same game, you will receive “Perks in Spaaaaaace!” achievement.

Fully Armed and Operational
You will have to acquire three “pack-a-punched” weapons at the same time to unlock this achievement.

Before you proceed with this achievement, make sure that you have at-least 20000 points in your bank. You need to get “Mule kick” perk first which will allow you to have three weapons. Buy a third weapon. Now, head to “Pack-a-Punch” machine in No Man’s Land and use it on all three weapons. Each weapon will cost you 5000 points. After that, you will get Fully “Armed and Operational” achievement.

Ground Control
For this achievement, you need to prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game.

You need to hack the excavators before they breach the tunnel. The excavators will be activated if your turn on the power in the Receiving room.

Go grab the hacker from the labs and as you hear the sound that the excavator is active, head to the Receiving area and use the hacker to stop it from breaching the tunnel. Use the same procedure for each excavator and you will get the “Ground Control” achievement.

Big Bang Theory
You need to get gain sweet, sweet, revenge on the Moon.

Continue from where you got “Cryogenic Slumber Party” achievement. Head back to No Man’s Land (the place where you spawn) and throw a grenade on the structure having some plates there.

After the plates have fallen, throw a Gersch Device behind the crates which will move the plates on the teleport pad. Head back to the moon and you will find the plates near the quick revive machine. If you use QED on these plates, they will be displaced to a corner near the computers.

You need a lead pipe which can find in the Labs near the section where you find Hacker. Plug this pipe in the machine in the receiving area. Now use Richtofen to place the Vrill generator in between. Then Richtofen should repeatedly press the “X” button which will power up the generator.

Move the generator near the pyramid. 4 containers will rise this time. Fill these containers with zombie souls just like before you did in “Cryogenic Slumber Party”. The egg will detach itself and head to the consoles outside. Use the Gersch Device on this egg. The egg will teleport now to the rockets section setting them off for the earth. This will unlock “Big Band Theory”.

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