Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Delayed For Good

European fans have to wait a bit longer as the European version of Star Wars: The Old Republic beta has been delayed. There has been no confirmation regarding the new date, and fans are getting impatient for a firm release date for the real game. According to the community manager Chris Collins:

Firstly, there’s a new build of the game on the horizon. This is a major build, meaning there will be character wipes and a new client to download. As you may be aware, the current client download is around 27GB in size.

If we were to invite players en masse today, those players would have to download the entirety of the client to get access to the game. There’s every chance that later this week, the service will go offline and this new version will be rolled out, meaning everyone currently in Testing will have to not only download the entire client again (another 27GB download), but will also have their characters erased and have to start afresh.

This is a relatively large amount to download in such a short space of time and not an experience we want new testers to be exposed to.

I will agree with him as 27gb download can be a real pain specially when you have limited speed and bandwidth. Don’t you think? Comment section awaits your opinion.