Warhammer Space Marine Crashes and Fixes

Whether it’s the matchmaking issues or the graphics and performance issues holding you back from playing Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, we have a workaround you can give a shot to in this Warhammer Space Marine Crashes and Fixes guide.

Although SledgehammerTHQ are working really hard to fix all these recurring issues in the next patch especially the matchmaking and performance issues that are plaguing the experience, but if you are in for temporary fix, you will find what you need in our troubleshooting guide.

Warhammer Space Marine Crashes and Fixes

Space Marine Laptop Performance Fix
If you are running the game on your Laptop, make sure you have updated the video card drivers or you may experience performance drops.

Stuck on Loading Screen ?
This issue has been resolved for most of the people by just updated their system drivers – graphics card. In your Nvidia Control panel make sure all graphic settings are set to application controlled. If the issue isn’t resolved, try verifying the game cache. Make sure your internet security software is not blocking the executable so add that to exceptions and run your antivirus or whatever in-game mode.

Space Marine Crashes To Desktop When Launched From Steam
Re-install and leave the screen resolution as is. It may help solve the issue, if it doesn’t, verify the game cache.

Slow Cut-scenes and Black Screen Afterwards

Ranks/Stats Reset When You Disconnect
It is a bug on Steam’s end and is associated with how Steam is tracking your progress. Developers are looking into the issue and it will most likely be fixed in next patch. You can either turn off Steam Cloud or enable it Globally. You should see this setting under Steam -> Setting.

Low FPS and Lag When Playing Multiplayer
You can play the singleplayer mode smoothly but multiplayer mode lags and there is a random drop in frame rates. Another thing that you can try on PC, is setting the priority to High. Right click on spacemarine.exe in task manager and set priority to High. It may sound a bit odd but unplugging any USB controller may help the cause.

Stats Doesn’t Save Multiplayer
This issue is associated with Steam, try enabling the Steam Cloud and see if it helps.

How To Use Generic USB Controller With The Game ?
The game won’t recognize any generic USB controller. The workaround to get the controller recognized is to use any Xbox 360 emulator that are available online.

Space Marine Crashes When Loading Campaign
Verify the game cache. Make sure your video cards are up-to-date. If you still can’t launch the game, try to free the space in your drive the game is installed. It may just be case of free space required for the game to open the game files. You can follow the instructions in this post to move only one game to different drive.

Space Marine Matchmaking Issues
Currently, it may be taking a bit too long for you to get into Space Marine servers, observe patience as developers are looking into and the issue will be resolved in the next game update. If you want to register your specific issue, you can post in this thread.

Nvidia Graphical Corrupted – Textures, Flickering, Weird Graphics
If you are experiencing graphics bug and have Nvidia graphics card, you should disable Vsync to temporarily fix the issue. If you have any antivirus installed, try to run the game with that disabled.

Space Marine Audio Stutter Fix
Set the game priority to High and download these latest Realtek audio drivers.

If you face any other issue, let us know and we will try to help you out.

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