How 3 Million Copies Of Dirt 3 Went Missing?

The access to 3 million digital copies of Dirt 3 have been stolen by the hackers. The huge list of Steam download codes was retrieved from AMD’s site, which was compromised.The keys were stockpiled for use in a promotion with AMD graphics cards, reported Kotaku.

Posts on Steam forums have revealed that the codes were discovered in a .sql database and accessed with a simple .htaccess exploit. Steam codes are traceable by developers, so possibly the access of the hackers to the game can be denied. Codemasters told Eurogamer it hopes Steam will deactivate the codes. A statement from AMD is expected shortly.

Back in June Codemasters admitted that its website had been attacked by hackers, with encrypted passwords, email addresses and user names stolen. That’s what happens when loose ends are left unnoticed. Bad guys are everywhere and software companies need to be more stringent to stay safe.

It has now been reported recently that 1.7 M copies were stolen instead of 3 Million. Codemasters is trying to to block the hacker’s access to the game.