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Windows 8’s App Store Excites Vice-President of Epic Games

It’s true that not too much information has been provided about Windows 8, indicating that there is still time before an official release. But the vital information that we do have is prospectus for PC gaming, as W8 seems to be really focusing on bringing a fresher, convenient gaming experience for the users.

The Window’s 8 App Store, announced a month back, is another feature that hints prosperity for gamers – at least when it comes to purchasing games online. However, Epic Games’ co-founder Mark Rein is more excited about the App Store than the ordinary fellow, because he believes it will really shape up the PC gaming experience.

“Windows 8 getting a proper app store! Woo-hoo! This will be profoundly positive for the future of PC gaming,” Rein stated.

“Hopefully it means every single Windows 8 PC will have a pre-installed, trusted, curated, easy-to-use app for buying software.”

We’re not quite sure if its sheer optimism or if there is real weight behind his excitement. Nevertheless his excitement means our excitement, and we PC gamers will take anything that can be termed good news.

Strategically, the App Store could also be a way of substituting their more-or-less unsuccessful Games for Windows Live effort. The only question is whether they can make the App Store original, non-malicious, safe, efficient and reliable to use.