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Top 15 Facebook Strategy Games Worth Trying (2011)

You’ve got to agree that gaming is one field where millions of users surf their time on daily basis. There are plenty of games of different genre for people having different taste. A female most probably would like to play Farmville or related games on Facebook while young boys might show their interest in Mafia Wars or Vampire Wars etc.

One type out of many is the strategy games where players have to use different strategies usually to build an empire and then run it accordingly. There are plenty of variants of this genre but all of them do not meet the standards. Being a strategy fan, you would like to know that which game will suit you best? Here we are with our list of top 15 strategy games that are worth of a try.

1. Social Empires
Social Empires stem from same source as Social point. Almost 4.3 million players have already played it to build their own empires, and not just building they are there to protect them as well. You can expand your empire as much as you want, but to you have to conquer it yourself.

2. Dragon of Atlantis
With over 3.7 active users, the Dragons of Atlantis is next in our list. The game play is pretty similar to the Kingdoms of Camelot but it has dragons that take it to the next level. You are to choose one of the four tribes, build your own city and should defend it. Remember! Dragons play an important role in your success. Hence, survival belongs to the fittest.

3. Global Warfare
From developers Kabam, Global Warfare is set in a futuristic world where there are no governments and there’s a new world order of warring states. As a General, you are in charge of your own city and army and have to set up alliances to rebuild your city.

4.Army Attack:
You don’t need to take commands, when you are the commander yourself. Army Attack belongs to the category of highly recommended strategy games on Facebook. This game is developed by Digital Chocolate. Army Attack gives you the decision-making power along side the maneuvering of troops according to your plan. With army at your disposal you can run campaigns to capture new territories, set up your rule and protect yourself. As you keep on fulfilling the required tasks, in reward you can buy more advanced weapons and other articles for your army.So why wait? Get your own army and begin your crusades.

5. Battle Pirates
Even pirates need to follow certain strategies when they are to compete with opponents with same trade. Battle pirates is an addictive game, played by millions around the globe. You are to protect your island from other pirates in Waterworld erque land. So you need to have a stronger fleet, with heavy defense mechanism and advance technology.

6. City Wars
Here is another game that requires you to build a city and defend it from attackers. You can use a trained army and advanced armor to grow your empire. You have to be ever so watchful of the spies around while you play this strategy game developed by FunStar.

7. Galaxy Online II:
Well this game is a bit different from other war strategy games as it allows you to design your own battle ship, rather than just using them. You can play it either by being social and forming alliance, or you can stay independent and safeguard your territory. This venture by IGG is played by around five hundred thousand people.

8. Kingdom of Camelot
Almost 1.3 million people around the globe play this game. It has been voted best Facebook game of 2010 by IGN readers. Kingdom of Camelot requires growing your own kingdom, conquering your opponents’ and becoming the mightiest lord or lady of Camelot.

9. Warstorm
Zynga, The creators of Mafia Wars bring you another indulging game, Warstorm. It’s a card game, best suited for Facebook platform. You earn silver for everything you do, either win or lose; you can use this silver for making your own army of elves, orcs, demons and the undead, and use it to beat your opponents.

10. Kings Bounty: Legions
This is the first title for Facebook users from the King’s Bounty series. The game can be played in single person mode or mini game, and you can also enjoy multiplayer mode. Make your own army, and develop skills to beat your enemies. The more you play, the better you get, and your opponents gat worse!

11. Infinite Realm
Joy port brings Infinite Realm for Sci-fi strategy lovers. So setup up your high-tech kingdom, build your army, and equip it with latest technology to get bigger and better. Use your skillful army to tackle your competitors.

12. Empire Allies:
The destruction caused by the evil force of “The Raven”, has led your nation towards turmoil. Now its your duty to uplift your nation and take revenge from your enemy. To make it happen you need an army, which is to be made from the revenue generated by from house rents, oil rigs, lumber mills, etc. While facing your enemies you need to make proper decisions while selecting your targets, and make sensible moves.

13. Fame Town
Being an actor doesn’t make you a celebrity, you need to maneuver yourself through the road of showbiz. This is what Fame town is all about. It is based on similar pattern as the Mafia Wars, but with certain interesting features that make it worth playing. This game shows you the path towards fame.

14. Crazy Boat
One of the most interesting games on Facebook, Crazy Boat combines elements of strategy with traditional pen and paper role-playing games. It comes from a small San Francisco based publisher called Echo Team and is absolutely unique. Don’t be put off by the long list of permissions you need to give it to play — this is needed because it uses your personal info and wall posts to form your character’s stats, nothing untoward. Crazy Boat: The Curse of the Crash Vortex (to give it its full title), is a sci-fi sea-faring game where you explore, search for interesting debris and decide how to deal with challenging situations.

15. Civ World
Like many other strategy games you are to start from the scratch, by building up your cit, developing your army and gaining experience. As you move along the game, you move up towards the throne. At start it consumes time, but once you have learnt the skills you get addicted to it.

That was our top 15. You may want to share any other game that has not been featured in the list. Share with us in comments.