Resistance 3 Abilities and Attributes Guide

Multiplayer of Resistance 3 has abilities and attribute system which allows players to customize their character in different ways. A total of 30 attributes can be used in 4 different slots. These attributes work more or less like perks in other shooting games. Every ability has its specific functionality. Let’s dissect all 30 of these attributes so that you may select the best combination that suites your gameplay.

Resistance 3 Abilities and Attributes

Below we will list down all the attributes and abilities in their corresponding slots so you can decide which combination you want to use.

Personal Attributes

These are of following types:

It will increase the damage cause by all explosive weapons by a player.

Hazmat Suit
This ability eliminates all damage-over-time effects and prevents the attached projectiles from sticking to the player.

Body Armor
It increases player health but at the cost of mobility.

Players can fire with more accuracy during the sprint.

Players can carry more ammo and alternative fire capacity is increased.

Leaper Corpse
It’s like the martyrdoom perk from COD series. After death, leapers will emerge from the corpse and will attack the enemies around.

Ability cool down time is reduced.

Players will be able to see others footprints for certain time.

Visual Health Indicators
Players will be able to see how much health opponents have left.

Support Abilities

This slot includes the following abilities:

Bubble Shield
It surrounds the players with a static shield and absorbs damage till it wears off.

Healing Beacon
It creates a circle for health regeneration where players can restore their health of they stand in it.

Radar Beacon
This makes all enemies visible on the radar within a particular area.

Those enemies that have been seen by the player will be marked and hence easy to find. Marked enemies will also be visible on teammates’ radar.

Ammo Beacon
Just like the healing beacon, it forms a circle where players can restore the ammo for the equipped weapon.

Radar Decoy
It makes an enemy mark on enemy radar and when the enemy comes in 5m range, it blows up.

Tactical Ability

You can fill the slot with following abilities:

Lightning Shield
This shield protects players from melee attacks and inflict damage to the opponent who attacks.

Thermal Vision
Players can see through wall and obstacles.

Player creates same image of himself to some other position and follows them around the map and imitate all the players’ gestures.

Players can deploy a turret that can attack players for certain period.

Players can move around silently and they look like the opposition hence difficult to be identified.

Allows players to dash forward.

Combat Attribute

You can select one of the following combat attributes:

It increase the number and types of grenades that a player can carry.

Scan Jammer
Causes interruption in opponent’s tracking system when in close proximity.

The longer the enemy stays in your aim (crosshairs), the more bonus damage will be done to that enemy by that weapon.

The requirements to kill a berserk are reduced.

Increases the sprint duration and the agility.

Air-Cooled Barrel
The fire rate of the primary weapons increases while shooting through iron sights.

Team Player
The radius of support abilities is increased.

Players can start with two primary weapons.

Players get 25% health when they pass over the opponent dead bodies along with ammo/alt-fire packs.

This sums up all 30 attributes that you can choose from in Resistance 3. Tell us which combination has worked best for you and why in comments below!