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PS Home Challenge – How to Unlock Explosive Meat In Dead Island

Apart form the main stroyline, there are some other interesting things to do in Dead Island. For example the survival mode ‘Playstation Home Challenge’ in extras where you can complete different challenges and earn rewards.

There are total 9 challenges to complete and then you will get a smashing weapon, “EXPLOSIVE MEAT” which will be available in the full game after its unlock. Lets get you through the challenges you need to complete.

Note. Playstation Home is the only way to get the “Explosive Meat” weapon.

Dead Island Challenges

1. One Man Army
You need to deal with all three waves. The first wave is not that tough. You need to keep it steady. Don’t forget to check the bar as there is high probability that you will get a shotgun in there which is extremely helpful against the zombies.

The second wave also won’t require any crafted weapons or medikit. Things should go smooth. Third wave may give a slight tough time and this time you may need some special weapon. There is one basic tip while dealing with multiple zombies is to target their legs. It will save your ammo and they will be easy to kill like stomping their heads etc. After dealing with the third wave, you will complete this challenge.

2. Iron Will
This challenge can be completed in multiplayer. All you need to do is beat one wave with other human players without dying. It will depend on how good other players are who can make your task easy.

3. Nobody Left Behind
This challenge also needs to be done in multiplayer. This challenge may give you some hard time as it requires all 4 members to survive through one zombie wave. Coordination ofcourse will play a vital role but even if one player gets down for once, you will have to try again from the start.

4. A For Style
You need to use all special attacks to beat this challenge.

  • Make a zombie to crawl on the ground (do not kill it) and look at his head. Press the displayed button to smash its head.
  • You are going to need Electric Machete for a special move. Keep on using it till you see a button icon on the screen. Press the button to stab the zombie in the chest.
  • You need to create a spiked bat first. Equip it and keep smashing the zombies with it till you see a button on the screen. Press it knock off the zombie head in different style.
  • You need a double axe now. Keep on attacking the zombies with high attacks till you see the button icon. Press it and see the zombie head blown off with the axe.
  • Yo will need a Sawblade Mace for this one. Rest remains the same that is attack the zombies till you the icon button. Pressing it will execute the special move.

5. You Got Red On You
This challenge requires you to kill 100 zombies. It may some time but it’s not that hard to reach that number special when zombies are swarming the place.

6. They Belong To Me Now
Equip with any sharp weapon like Electrified Machete, Double Axe or the Sawblade Mace to cut zombies’ limbs off. That’s all you need to do to beat this challenge.

7. Handyman
You need to create 10 crafted weapon for which you will have to collect bags scattered around the map. Start moving in a circle and you will find the spawn points of these bags. In the successive cycles, you will get spot them easily.

8. Here Have Some Random Stuff
This challenge requires you to be sacrificial as you will have to give the crafted weapons (10 of them) (just like you created in challenge 7) to the community.

9. Smorgasboard of Stuff
You need to craft one of each weapon and then give it away to community. You need to give away following weapons:

Green Bag – Duct Tape
Yellow Bag – Wooden Stick
Red Bag – Batteries
Blue Bag – Nails
Dark Turquoise Bag – Saw Blades
Light Turquoise Bag – Bandages

Health Pack – 2x Bandages
Electrified Machete -1x Duct Tape + 1x Battery
Spiked Bat – 1x Duct Tape + 1x Nail
Sawblade Mace – 1x Battery + 1x Sawblade
Double Axe – 1x Wooden Stick + 1x Duct Tape

Last three challenges are tough as you will have to do a lot of hard work to complete the task. Anyhow, this is what the developer wants you to do. So you have got no other choice but giving away those weapons if you want to get that “Explosive Meat” weapon. If you have got some tips of your own, do share with us.