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Germany Lifts Ban On Doom After 17 Years

Id’s infamous Doom, the title widely renowned as one of the most important games in gaming history, has finally managed to get access to German stores. After nearly 17 years or so, Doom and Doom II’s long standing ban has been lifted in Germany.

Id’s parent company Bethesda announced the news in a post on its official blog.

“Good news for German gamers! Following an appeal to the German ratings board, both DOOM and DOOM II have been de-listed and now carry a ’16+’ rating,” said the post.

Along with the entirely uncut versions of the first two games of the infamous Doom series, Bethesda also announced that the uncut version of the upcoming game ‘Rage’ will also be available in German stores.

Doom was originally banned in Germany for its depictions of swastikas in the game. However, the ban has been lifted because it is believed the game is more of a historic interest, and thus it is quite unlikely that children will play it. However, the North American version of Doom II remains banned due to its depiction of swastikas.

It’s not certain whether this overly late move will attract the interest of many, but there may be some German gamer who would be glad to legally experience the legendary first-person shooter.