Andy Murray Will Be The Wayne Rooney of Grand Slam Tennis 2

EA has decided to engage the British tennis superstar, Andy Murray in their latest edition of Grand Slam Tennis. Roger Federer and Murray have provided the publishers with the in-game licenses. With such an enormous fan following, EA believes that these two men will be useful in enhancing the game popularity.

While in an interview with MCV, EA’s European product marketing manager Claes Gartner said:

We’re going to look at these guys and ask what can we do to help them become spokespeople.We have Andy Murray. So obviously we speak to Murray’s agent, we try to understand what he is willing to do and at what cost is he willing to do it, and then try to come up with a creative idea that helps us promote the game with him in it. Take Wayne Rooney as an example of what he’s done for FIFA in the past.

Rooney has been on the cover of EA’s annual football games since 2006. He has also starred in several EA TV ads and also tweets about it.

Gartner further said:

It could be a video, an application, a website or a launch event. Maybe we’ll bring [Murray’s] face to the forefront of the game. What is he willing to do with us? Those are the creative things we are brainstorming right now.

The original Grand Slam Tennis was released as a Wii exclusive in 2009. Let’s see if the predecessor has enough fuel to compete against the other famous Tennis titles like Top Spin and Virtua Tennis.