El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Walkthrough

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron is inspired by the Book of Enoch, and follows Enoch, a priest seeking seven fallen angels to prevent a great flood from destroying mankind. You will play as Enoch and helped by a guardian angel in charge of the protection of the World that exists outside of the flow of time, and by four Archangels.

It’s a third person action platformer, with player progressing through the game with weapons and items that he can use against enemies he encounters. You will start unarmed but soon you will three primary weapons – Arch, Gale, and Veil. Another interesting aspect of the game is that your weapons become corrupted as you use them, so you have to purify them periodically.

You can use combos of these weapons, which makes finishing off enemies easier. If you find a boss fight or a particular section of the game hard to complete, we have this walkthrough just for you.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Walkthrough

Intro:The Journey Begins
The game starts of with a tutorial that is cinematic and you’ll get prompts about the various instructions following through. To start off, you need to notice the power of a weapon by judging how bright it is appearing. You can also glide using the Arch after the double jump which can be helpful later in the game for searching through the hidden passages.

The tutorial will end after Lucifel teaches Enoch on how to get alive from the gasp of death. You need to be careful in the game as you won’t get enough chances to tackle death and restart from a checkpoint. If you die, you need a couple of button mashing to revive yourself if you die more, the button pressing will get difficult.

Chapter 1: At World’s End
Continue ahead when you get in contact with Azazel again. The breathtaking 2D sequence will start soon after the conversation. Once you are done, you’ll be sent back into combat with Azazel and you’ll fight with the fallen angels many times. These fights will have an outcome but the story will continue regardless of what the outcome is.

After finishing the fight with Azazel, head through the mountain until you face Martyr and get to learn how to successfully disarm a downed opponent. You need to use the technique as soon as possible as it will give Enoch a powerful weapon to use. Head forward down the passage to spot the tower at a distance. Engage the couple of enemies down the way and reach the base of the tower to complete the chapter.

Chapter 2: The Tower
Inside the tower, press the switches to extend the path as you move forward through the winding hallways. You will encounter Sarges here which holds the second weapon being used by Enoch. Just run along the pathway while assaulting with your projectiles and jump when the bullets get near to you to avoid taking damage.

After taking both down you’ll get Gale as rapid fire projectile weapon that will take foes down at a distance and fire off multiple spears. Play carefully and watch their movements as the Sarges will attack you with missiles of their own. Follow this method to take them out. Once the battle is over, go ahead forward after passing some platforming challenges.

You will get into a fight with the Watcher Sariel. Sariel will make quick work of you so once you regain your senses back, you’ll be in the Nether Realms. Complete the 2D platforming sequence to finish this chapter.

Chapter 3: The Mercy of Ezekiel
Make your way forward through the landscape until you meet the Souls of the Beloved. You will be paralyzd if you get in contact with them so keep some distance if get caught, rapidly press any button to regain yourself. The game will turn into a 2D sequence once you reach Azazel. Some boxes rotating with weapons will be introduced and you’ll have to choose them yourself which munition you want while moving forward.

You can use the waves to cross the lengthy chasms here. After you’re done, you’ll come across the last weapon which is a heavy shield known as the Veil. You can split it in half and Enoch can use them as gauntlets on his fists. You will get into another 2d section where there is heavy platforming to carry out. Use the glide ability of the arch to safely move forward.

You’ll reach a girl riding a Nephilim once the section is over and note carefuly the platforms that she uses.Once you get over it,reach to the rain-soaked arena where you will meet the pets of Ezekiel i.e Foola and Woola.

Boss Battle: Foola and Woola
These creatures will circle around you at the opposite side and around the battlefield Weapon Wisps will float. Use the arch and stay at the centre of the arena to make them focus you. Once they are about to charge use the glide ability to let them collide into each other and get out of the arena for things to get normal. Do the same procedure a couple of times and you’ll be able to defeat them and finish the chapter.

Chapter 04: Sariel’s Deception
A 2D sequence will start in the world of Nephilim and introduces Sariel’s Mistress which are floating spectars that will stop you to move forward if you get into contact so destory them before heading forward. Go left across the landscape and you’ll get in a fight with Sariel. Sariel will send you back to the tower so fight with the minions and you’re tossed back to the landscape of Nephilim.

The area will introduce a tricky puzzle basically a maze in a square. If you hit the tonsils the maze will rotate 90′ clockwise. You should slash the switch at the entrance and jump up the level and hit the switch on the left. Head up and slice the switch on the left side of the maze.

This time head right and make your way at the very top of the maze and pres the switch.Get done with the puzzle and use the Arch to time your jumps carefuly and glide. Move ahead until the gaint Nephilim devours you and once you leave the area you’ll be in contact with Ezekiel. After the battle you go back to Nephilim and use the Arch for the platforming. Comeplete it to get to the last section of the chapter.

Boss Battle: Sariel
Sariel will get in a fight with you after you get back to the 3D world. You need to glide away using the Arch once he charge and try to hit you with his offensive attacks. After he attacks, slash him until he is knocked down. Stay back and let him get on his feet. Sariel will transform himself into Nether Sariel eventually which is a flying bat. Dodge his attacks and you’ll be shown on how to trigger the Overdrive which is kind of rage mode.

You can give devastating blows to your enemy if you hit the Purification and Gaurd buttons at once. Now with the Overdrive in hand, let Sariel charge you,once he does dodge the attack and give as many hits as you can until the foe is down. You can take down the Fallen Angel once you use the Overdrive as he is down. Finish the battle to complete the chapter.

Chapter 05: The Tragedy of Baraqel
You can take which ever weapon you like in the start of the chapter once you are introduced with the enemies in the Fire Nephilim. You should take the Arch or Gale which will also help in platforming as well. Move ahead carefully as meteors will fall and destroy the path. Ezekiel will appear and attacks Enoch.

Climb towards the centre of the fire and an elevator just past Lucifel will raise you to the next section. Continue ahead with the spikes and narrow surfaces in the way and proceed up th path to make it to the top of the tower. Avoid the golden platforms as they will fall once you touch them. carefully work your way through the section as there are not many enemies here.

You should reach the top by taking the elevator ride to the chamber of Fire Nephilim or you can also collect the red orbs if you use the Gale and break the hidden walls before entering the elevator.

Boss Battle:Fire Nephilim
This fight will let you use dodging a lot as the boss will attack with his tentacles. Dodge its attacks and repeat the technique several times until the Fire Nephilim starts attacking with projectiles.Dodge the fire beams and projectiles once you know they’ll hit you. Use the Overdrive when it’s available and you’ll take down the Fire Nephilim if you fight the battle with patience and with careful movements. Finish off the giant to end the Chapter.

Chapter 06: Azazel’s Zeal
This chapter will take place in a futuristic city just like the move Tron and you’ll be introduced into a high-speed motorcycle chase at the start. Once you drive enemies will try to knock you down and the jumping mechanic will give you an additional boost. Throughout the level foes will try to block you as well but you’ll be able to spot them from a distance.

Avoid taking damage as much as you can and eventually you’ll be pursued by a transforming machine known as the Battorile. Just survive as you won’t be able to take it down, so focus on driving until you reach the next section.

Boss Battle: Battorile
The boss will transform into a tank or a motorcycle or a tornado depending on the situation. The will also prompt you which weapon to use according to the form of Battorile but you can win the fight simply by hit and run technique that can be achieved with Gale.

Just avoid the attacks and hit as many projectiles as you can. You can raise the boost meter by purifying the weapon and Enoch can be invincible using the Gale. Follow the hit and run procedure to end the battle. Use Overdrive when necessary and complete this chapter.

Chapter 07: The Cry of Armaros
The chapter starts in an underwater cave so move forward by jumping from platform to platform and take out the enemies in your way. Stick to the centre of the path as some of the areas might fall killing you. Enoch will come across a girl so follow her path but on your way Watcher Azazel will appear and attack you. Inflict as much damage as you can and after the fight head deeper into the cave.

Get yourself into a 2D sequence after you fight with Watcher and your destination lies at the bottom right corner of the room. Head right to reach to the next area and the girl will again come across you. Follow her and time your jumps to cross the current. After reaching the other side, just scale the wall and go through the door to a boss battle.

Boss Battle: Watcher Armaros
The boss is invincible during the first half of the fight so he will summon his minions to get your attention and dance around the screen. Take out the weaker enemies and the boss battle will move to the next stage after the lights go out. When Armaros turns blue it means that he is about to attack so
wait for his attacks and charge after his to give a few blows.

Avoid his punching attacks and avoid them by keeping yourself to the edge of the chamber. Purify your weapons to get the extra punch and use Overdrive through the fight. Make quick work of Armaros and finish the battle as well as the chapter.

Chapter 08: Belial’s Temptation
In this chapter you begin as Armaros who is in search of Enoch.The controls are the same the only difference is in the combos. Go down the rocks and take a leap of faith into the swirling vortex. Head forward once you reach on the ground and go easy on the platforming as there is no Arch like Enoch here.

Proceed through the blocks and you will reach a series of horizontal halos affixed with rotating arms. The arm will knock you off so jump into the centre and time your jump to the next place. Now continue until you come across some thin platforms in which you’ll be only able to perch on the platforms for a limited time before Armaros slides off and dies.

Make your way across the spinning platform and reach the tower with rotating fans. You need to ascend down the tower which can be achieved by timing your jumps precisely. You shall find yourself on a large spiked sphere in which a number of enemies will attack you. Armaros should strike the red orbs to rotate the sphere. Make your way to reach the boss chamber of the chapter.

Boss Battle: Dark Enoch
Enoch has a total of 3 major attacks so keep a distance as all of them are melee attacks. He will also charge at you like a bull so stay away. Like the previous battles, you should use the run and hit strategy to win the fight.

Enoch is vulnerable for a short period after he attacks thats the time when you strike. Take out the Fire Wisps that appear as if you dont make it your priority than Enoch can deliver some deadly damage. After dealing some damage you will eventually win and complete the chapter.

Chapter 9: Enoch’s Indecision
As Enoch awakes, you should climb the stairs and walk through the dark passage and take out the creatures that are stealing the light before moving forward to the hallways. The battle with Sariel will be fought again the same way as the Chapter 4. This time the battle will be fought with Enoch unarmed this time.

Use the previous tactics and win the fight.After the encounter with Sariel you will be transported back to Armaros aquatic chamber. Same procedure as before, dodge his attacks and hit him when you get the chance. Get rid of Armaros and you’ll put into the last battle of the chapter.

Dark Enoch will be waiting for you so take him out as its easier than before with weapons. Remember to use Overdrive when necessary as well as purify your weapons. Take him out to finish the stage.

Chapter 10:The Grave of Arakiel
Head up the staircase and fight the enemies to steal an Arch for yourself. Continue forward and step on the switch at the top left corner of the final platform and cross the bridge of lights. Go right through the 2D section and make your way across the lengthy void. The destination here is the green light at the far side. The platforming here requires a lot of experimentation so for ease ride the invisible platforms in the this order to complete it – up, up, right, up, right, up, left, left.

Reach the green box to propel yourself up in the air to jump higher and higher. Use the right paths in one of the two that opens up for Enoch and grab the red orbs from the leftside before moving up the right side. After the platforming ascend the stairs and slash the stone monoliths to activate the elevator and climb the lengthy staircase to reach the chamber of Ezekiel’s third pet Boola.

Boss Battle: Boola
Apply the same steps as done in chapter 3 to fight this boss.Let Boola charge and jump of the way to make him smash into the wall. Repeat it several times and you are done with him. Navigate through the chasm with the help of the small squares and use the switches to align the platforms for crossing the gaps in between.

Time your jumps by using the Arch for ease and stay on the centre block on the moving bridge to avoid being fallen into darkness. Climb the wall once you reach the ground to face the last chamber of the chapter that includes a boss fight.

Boss Battle: Ezekiel
The major attack of Ezekiel devimates everything in its way so use the Gale to barrage from the other side of the room.Hop over her if she is close to avoid taking damage and dodge her attacks. After her human form is destroyed, she’ll transform into a giant monster. Keep some safe distance and use the Gale to fire missiles at Ezekiel.

Once you take one-third of her health she will separate her upper torso from the lower one and will fly around the room to attack.You should concentrate on the lower part for attacks so hit her as much as you can to make her reform the two halves again.

Remember to purify often to build up your Overdrive meter and once she is down to the third of her health Ezekiel will split again and use the same attacks.Conclude the fight by grabbing the Gale and finishing her from a distance.

Chapter 11: Semyaza’s Dream
Ascend the hill at the start of the chapter and use the Gale as recommended.Go ahead the hill until you meet Azazel.First job here is to defeat Azazel in the Wacther form so hit him with your melee attacks if you are close. Dodge the laser strikes before striking the enemy. Once you take down the weaker form of th angel, he’ll transform into Nether Azazel.

In this dung beetle form he spends most of the time back and forth in the arena.His attacks need time to charge so that’s the time that you get behind him and strike him. After dealing some damage his eyes will change color from green to yellow to red. The colour change means that his melee attack will get more deadly and cause more damage.Take down the Nether Azazel to reach the final encounter of the game.

This time the obstacle standing infront of you is Dark Armaros.He looks like an amphibious dinosaur.Avoid his attack to make him skid on the floor to become vulnerable to your strikes. The attack with a particular weapon will depend and if you are using a wrong weapon your strikes will deflect and Lucifel will guide you to use the right weapon.After dealing some damage, make Armaros come down to his feet.

The angel will fire projectiles at you so stand near to him and dodge the attack by simply jumping over. After his health is down to half, Armaros will emerge from the water and he will charge energy from his mouth so wait for the right moment to dodge it. He will get back into the water and use the same attack again. Once you’ve done enough damage the sequence will enter into the last cinematic of the game.