Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough

Space Marine is the upcoming third-person shooter set in Warhammer 40K universe. It tells the story of Space Marine captain, Titus and his role in defending an Ork invasion of Imperial Forge World. Below is the complete Warhammer 40K Space Marine walkthrough.

Imperial Forge is a planet-dedicated industry that manufacturers vehicles and weaponry for the Imperium’s soldiers. The Warboss leading the Orks wants to steal a Warlord class Battle Titan that will later help Orks turn the War in their favor.

He is leading a large-scale invasion and your job ‘as Captain Titus’ is to delay the invasion while Liberation Fleet prepares a counter assault. It isn’t going to be an easy task, so if you find yourself against the odds; read our walkthrough to complete this daunting task.

Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough

This walkthrough will get you through each chapter, so focus Marine!

Chapter 1 – Planet Fall
After the cut scene, you will soon find yourself into action. Press the strike button to deal with those creatures. Soon, a bunch of green orks will appear. Stun them first and then kill each of those green beasts. Up ahead, you need to shoot the chamber to the right to break the pipes.

You will have to deal with a couple of more Orks’ waves before you get your hand to the turret. Use the turret to destroy the Ork Ship.

Chapter 2 – Against All Odds
After the cut scene is over, head outside. Now as you move along the path, Orks will attack you periodically. Keep on shooting these malicious creatures. After you reach the cathedral section, refill your ammo using the blue boxes. You are going to need this ammo as plenty of Orks will attack you in this section. Keep moving so that you can spot their spawn.

After you have dealt with this wave, start moving till you reach a town. You will find humans under attack by the Orks. A cut scene will play. After that you need to rendezvous with your squad. Follow the path through the tunnel to reach your fellows. After some chit-chat, move to that blue glowing structure (which is the weapon depot) to exchange your knife with the Chainsword. You have the new weapon. More Orks will attack so that you can test your new blade.

Further ahead, when you see the drop ship, grab some grenades from the side and use them against the approaching enemies. Pick up the ammo on the wall to your left and prepare yourself for more Orks. You can use the grenades but it’s better that you save them for the stronger foe you will meet in the near future.

Pop some grenades at the giant Orc just after the cutscene. You can use heavy stun on him to get rid of him. After you have dealt with him, start moving towards your next objective i.e the command center. Follow that female through the tunnel to the outside where you will find more Orks. More Orks will attack as you move along the path. As you reach the outpost, use the turret against the next wave of Orks.

Now, follow your squad mates to the cathedral where you can find another weapon depot. Grab the Stalker Bolter from here. After the cutscene, you will have the chance to test your new weapon. It’s effective for ranged shooting. Take out a couple of targets you find at distance. Once you reach the open roof through the hall, don’t forget to collect the grenades in the corner.

As you head outside, a couple of waves of Orks will attack you successively. Activate the door and then the door next to it. Enter the door to equip yourself with the Jump pack. Now use the Jump pack to get to that blue item on the sidewalk and then jump back.

After you take out the Orks below the bridge, proceed to the next platform. Help your fellows to defeat the rest of the Orks. Gather some ammo and grenades and jump across the platforms to ultimately reach the cave. You will be interrupted by Orks but they should not present you any real trouble.

Chapter 3 – Belly Of The Beast
Move through the cave to the other side. Deal with the enemies outside and grab the ammo on the wall to your right and move through the opened gates. As you open the next doors, Orks will welcome you in front of the next gate. Deal with them and move on to the next room. Two of your fellows will join you.

Head back and keep on moving towards the elevator. Orks will be in your way so don’t rush it. As you exit the elevator, keep to the right-wing as you kill the attacking Orks. You can use the Stalker Bolter to take out the Ork standing on the catwalk. As you move on, you will encounter something different from Orks. It’s better that you keep a safe distance from them.

Open the next door. Deal with the Orks and activate the panel to your right. Place the bomb on the designated spot and head back outside. Follow the path that will lead you to another door. There will plenty of Orks on the other side including a tough one. If they prove too much for you, you can use your fury meter here (if it is full). Use the elevator to reach the above level.

Grab the Vengeance Launcher and move through the door ahead. New weapon? Orks will attack you from the boxes. You can test your launcher on them. Try targeting a group instead of single enemy to be more effective.

Move through the door and then the hallway to the glowing green icon. Wait for your fellows to join in. Activate the elevator. keep on moving down the hallway till you reach the depot where you can collect the Purity Seal for the Marksman Mode.

You need to give your partner the covering fire as he moves the shell. You have the blasting launcher. You can use it to take out multiple enemies. Make sure that you target the bigger Ork effectively. Your partner will soon ask you to find the exit. Head towards that fist icon to escape from the building.

Chapter 4 – Titans of Craia
Take a left onto the ramp after crossing the bridge. Kill the fleeing orks on the left side and go past the two-large doors. Take a left and head upstairs. Pick up the ammunition from the corner of the hallway and move downwards, towards the bridge and take out whatever stops you.

Cross the bridge to the right side and cross the ramp. Kill the Orks which in/on the train and move towards the stairs (left). Once you get up stairs, more Orks will engage you. Kil them and cross those boxes – towards the glowing fist icon.

A cut-scene will be played, then activate the door and get out. Follow the path, cross the two doors and make your way to the Ram. You will be attacked by a big group of enemies now, use your Marks Man mode as it’s pretty difficult to take them out without its help.

Use the red tanks (barrels) so you can cause massive explosive and do the maximum damage. When you get to the end you will see an Ork on the second floor. Use your Stalker Bolter and snipe him out. Go upstairs and take a left. Head towards the icon and you’ll see an airship – Use your Plasma Canon and take it out. More Orks will attack you, so try to get rid of them FIRST.

Chapter 5 – The Inquisitor
Move towards the glowing fist icon, after the cut-scene – enter into the building and follow the way. Take the ammunition on your way and activate the drawbridge.

Now leave the building and once you cross the bridge turn left and throw a grenade on the Orks. If somebody survives than take care of him, and follow the path… you’ll meet more enemies. Kill them and move towards the bridge. Follow the path straight away until you reach to the stairs, you’ll see another Ork here.

Just next to that enemy is the control room which is full of more Orks, you can simply throw a grenade here to cause massive damage. The Marksman Mode is a good strategy to take out those who survive. Once you clear the area activate the controls, now after sometime you’ll hear from Cpl. Antioch. Turn around and move towards the right side. Activate the controls so you will lower the bridge.

Keep following the path and you’ll get to a group of Orks again. There are some grenades which are found right after killing them (at the right side). After picking the grenades drop downwards. Another group of Orks will rush towards you from the right side; shoot the red tanks at the right time so they blow up.

This stage has lots of Orks, follow the ramp upwards and turn right where you will meet a big group of Orks again. After you take care of them keep following the path and you’ll reach to another group very soon. Get rid of them and follow the path until you get to the two stairs, you’ll also find some ammunition over here.

Pick it up and then turn left after crossing the bridge. Go to the bottom floor and collect the Power Axe. Kill all of the Orks which attack you, there will be many. Try not to use your special abilities here.

Once you have cleared all of the area, move towards the platform and join the squad. Once you’ve reached the destination move towards the right side and follow the pathway. Pick up the ammunition on your way and get to the Titan Manufactorum and rush towards the elevator blindly.

Chapter 6 – Layer of Giants
Once you reach your destination turn right and enter into the door. Move right-downwards from the stairs, and left towards the pathway. It’s pretty long. Turn left once you reach its end so you’ll find an audio log and some more ammunition. Get back on to the main track and move towards the platform. Activate the controls and pass through the door which you just opened.

You’ll get a message from Sgt. Midas now, get into the door on your right and keep following the path until you get to an area which has some pipes (Orks will be climbing them) Take them out and keep moving towards the glowing fist icon. You will reach to another door, enter and activate the controls on your left.

The big bridge will now lower down. Cross it and get inside the door on the other side. Keep following the ramp on your left.A cut-scene will be played and after that you’ll follow Drogan. He will lead you into a room which will be full of Orks, fall back to the ramp and take them out.

Once the area is cleared follow the icon which will take you to another door. Enter and the path, you’ll get to a weapons depot. Pick the plasma pistol and get back up to the ramp, take a left. Another cut-scene will be played, use your Plasma Pistol and shoot the Ork’s shield from it so he will get vulnerable.

You will face another ork of the same type after sometime, take him down too and activate the controls for lowering the platform. Once you have reached to the bottom, head up the ramp and turn right. Get inside the door and follow the path until you reach to another door which leads you to the generators.

Refill your ammunition from there and keep moving forward. You will see the boss soon, but you can’t engage him just now because you will have to kill a group of Orks before. The group is in a large number, keep moving and don’t stay at a spot for a lot of time.

Once you have cleared the area, move towards the controls (the glowing gear icon will take you to it) Activate the controls, avoid the Orks which will attack you and get to the center platform for the power source.

Chapter 7 – Heart of Darkness
Move towards the temporary ramp and then enter into the tunnel, follow the path and look out for the Orks which will fall from the roof holes. Pick up some ammunition from the end and enter into the door on your right.

Clear the room from all of the Orks and move towards the bridge. Once you get beneath it you’ll encounter more enemies. These Orks will probably come out from the pipes. Keep following the path until you reach to the end and take a right. Move towards the glowing fist icon, you will have to fight a couple of Kamakzi toads on your way. You will get to a door, open it and get inside.

There is an ork on your left and some ammunition on the right. Now start following the glowing fist icon again and then drop to the lower level. Move forward, here you’ll have to fight off lots of Orks. Get rid of them and head towards the top of the ramp, take a right into the tunnel.

Move forward and take another right – Enter into the door and keep following the path. You will face the Ork with the Shield and a couple of toads again, take them out and head up the ramp. Enter the door which is on your right.

Pick up the Melta Gun from the ammo depot in your front and move forward. Use your new weapon against those Orks, kill them all and move towards the ramp’s end. Take the ammunition from the right side and turn around. Take a right and follow the path. Take another right once you reach to the dead end and drop off the ledge. Blow off the blockade on your left and grab the grenades and the audio log.

Turn around and follow the path again, you’ll reach to some stairs. Go to the end and enter into the door, follow the path and head down the stairs. Kill all of the Orks and move onto the platform on your left, activate the controls. Once you get to the destination move towards the weapon depot and grab the Purity Seal.

Now go upstairs and take a left, kill the group of Orks…make use of your fury meter. Go downstairs and take out the other Orks. One is equipped with an RPG, so take him out before anything.

Now regroup with your squad by following the glowing fist icon and once the big door opens, move in and head towards the stairs on the right side. Take out the Orks without going down so you’ll have an advantage to engage them.

You may need to use the Stalker Bolter for taking out the ranged enemies. Once all of them are dead move towards the temporary ramp on your right and keep following the path where you’ll climb up a stairs and get out of the sewers.

Chapter 8 – Whispers of the Dead
Go to the ramp on your left and then enter into the tunnel on your right. Enter into the first door on your right side and pick up the ammunition. Get back onto the main track and take another right from the doorway and get down from the ledge. Take another left and go outside.

You will see a weapons depot right after the cut-scene is played, take the lascannon. Another cut-scene will be played, use your lascannon and kill all of the RPG and Laser Gun equipped Orks. You may have to use the Marksman Mode as you’ll encounter some pretty heavy fire over here. When the entire area is cleared, move forward and cross the archway on your right.

You will soon reach to a room on your right. It has an audio log. Now get back on the hallway and go upstairs. There is another audio log on the first room on your left and then some ammunition in the room after. Now get off the ledge and drown down. Follow the next hallway and help your team-mates to takedown the Orks.

The Lascannon can be used to easily kill the Ork who’s on the front building. Once you have got rid of him, move towards the stairs and refill your ammunition, and then climb the next one. There are some more Orks on the other side of the bridge, Lascannon can be handy here. Walk from the left side and pick up the grenades just before you go down-stairs. You will be ambushed by lots and lots of heavy armored Orks now.

Go back upwards so you have a little advantage over them and engage the most of them. Kill the rest of them by the use of your Fury Meter, once the area is cleared cross the artificial ramp and enter into the underground tunnel. Grab the audio log and the ammunition from the right room and get back onto the main track.

You’ll get to some rubble soon. Cross it and make sure you are all loaded up. There will be some more Orks on the stairs in front of you, use your Lascannon to take them out. There will be more on the second floor too so head towards the stairs and take out all the Orks on your way.

There are more on the other side of the gap, once you cross the bridge you’ll see more of them coming from the ramp’s side. Fall down and takeout the couple. Take a left and move towards the rubble. Drop onto the ramp on your right side.
Head towards the right-side and move into the alley.

A cut scene will be played, get into the tunnel on your right and keep moving until you get to the other side. Cross the courtyard and get to the other side. As you get to the rubble, look on the left side for some grenades and then get onto the next ramp. You’ll then get to the ground level where you will have to help your allies to kill the Orks.

When you get to the middle of the battlefield, make good use of your Lascannon against the Orks who are equipped with RPGs. Once the area is cleared regroup with your team.
A cut scene will be played and then some Orks will attack you again. Take them out and move towards the glowing fist icon. You’ll soon equip the Jump Pack and the Thunder Hammer aswell (when you get upstairs).

Now take a right and jump across the ledge by using the Jump Pack. Fly over and land onto the ground level. Kill the Orks and take another flight over the fire and onto the stairs. Now pick up the ammunition and go past the stairs.

Jump down and pick the audio log on your right, use your flying skills to get back up to the stairs and then to the ledge. Get to the path and jump over the structure. More Orks will attack you, take them out and clear this and also the blue force field’s area. Move forward from the opening where the force field was and jump off the ledge.

Follow the next path and keep going straight until you reach to the dead end, there is an audio log upstairs. Turn around after picking the log and turn left; you’ll be on a pathway again. Some more Orks will be guarding the large doorway, take care of them and the ones in the next room as well.

There are some grenades and ammunition in the corners of the room, top up and take the stairs from the left side. Once you get up, you’ll see more of these orks on the doorway. Take them out and move into the open era.

Use the trick of ground pounding with the help of your Jump Pack to take out all of these Orks, its very handy. When the area is cleared move towards the ramp, reload your weapons as a lot of Orks are coming over. You’ll have to kill all of them or else the forcefield won’t disappear. That’s it, go past the doorway and head up stairs. Go outside and move towards the icon.

Chapter 9 – The Weapon
Use the artillery and kill the fleet. Once the camera flees back, move to the back side of the hip and kill the orks who are trying to get on board. After the cut scene is played move down the bridge and kill the Orks on your way. There is an RPG on the bridge, pick it up…it’s just next to the flag on the right side of the bridge.

Keep following the bridge and kill the Orks which you encounter on your way. Once the cut-scene is played, pick up the ammunition and the grenades from the right corner and get to thepath. Once you reach to the rocks you’ll encounter more Orks.

Few of them will be up on the pipes so take them out first. Once you have cleared the pipes you can engage the ground floor. Explore the ship and get to the narrow pathway. Kill all of the Orks on it and take the grenades, ammunition. You will again to get an open area with some pipes on top.

The Orks on those pipes are equipped with RPGs, so take them out first and once you do you can again engage the ground ones. Follow the path and once you reach to the end take a right and take out the Orks on your way.

There is some more ammunition in front of the crashed plane. Pick it up and equip your Lascannon to kill the Orks which are far away. Once you have engaged most of them cross the bridge and take the grenades from the left side. You will soon encounter a lot of Orks again.

Make sure you are heavily loaded. Clear the area and move forward. You’ll soon reach to a door on your right. Just opposite to it are some more weapons and ammunition. A big group of Orks will attack you again, and there will be two waves so you may have to use your Fury Meter.

The door behind you will soon go upwards and once it does you need to get inside as soon as possible. Now move downwards of the ramp and refill your ammo. Choose your weapons wisely before entering into the next door and take a left. Cross the bridge and you’ll meet more Orks again. Kill them all and head towards the icon.

Once you get aside to the river-bed you’ll meet more Orks on your way. Once you get to the bridge again…take out the RPG Orks on the top first. Take the audio log from under the bridge. (it’s at the left side, just before you head up temporary ramp) Take a right once you get up and kill the Orks coming towards you.

Now follow the icon again, get inside the pipe hole and take a left. Move forward and turn right into the next pipe which leads you to a research facility.

Chapter 10 – House of Secrets
Climb up-stairs and follow the path to the door, follow the next path and take a left once you reach to the fork on your way. Stay back and look for an auto-turret on your way (will be hanging on a ceiling) take it out and move forward.

Choose your weapons wisely and take a left, go through the door and quickly take cover behind one of the green boxes. Takeout the two turrets and move forward where you’ll have to face another…but an advanced turret which will fire missiles too.

Once you are done with it head upstairs which are on your left and take a right, then go forward from the door. When you get to the Central Security, there are more turrets to face. Just stay in cover and engage them when they have stopped firing.

They are not too hard to destroy if you have a proper plan for them. Clear the area and when you get to the next door, open it and get inside. Take a right and go up. Here you will face two moving turrets (sliding).

Get rid of them and continue moving. You’ll reach to an audio log on the right side. Grab it, and then take the path on your left. Opening the next door will again welcome another turret. So open it and fallback so you can engage her easily. Once the room is cleared get inside and take the ammunition (it’s on the right side of the room).

Quickly, take cover behind the barricades because there is another couple of turrets for you to take care of. When you’re done, just follow your squad. You will get do another door with your squad – once you open it, take cover and take out the turret. Move forward, cross the doorway, take a couple of rights from the doorways.

Take another right from the bigger room and join your squad. They’ll take you to another door. Open it and more towards the next door. Get inside and pick the Kraken Bolter from the weapons depot.

Now once they tell you about the Firing Core, Go to the right side and enter into that door. Follow the pathway which will lead you to another door. Get inside, and take cover behind the barricade.

Take out the closest turret and then the ranged one. There are 3 more on your way to the next door so stay sharp. Open the door and follow the hallway, a couple of turrets will try to stop you…yet again. These are the sliding turrets which you have faced before too.

So clear the area and look for the ammunition on the right side. Now move out from the door and cross the bridge. Take a left and enter into the door, Start moving towards the next door and be sure to get into cover after opening it.

There are 4 turrets to be destroyed again. Clear the area and move towards the Central Security system, Make use of the weapons depot and take the Purity Seal. Take the ammunition from the right side and get out from the door. Climb up the set of stairs and you’ll finally meet some Orks.

Once you are done with them, go to the center platform to perform the objective. There is an audio log next to the door wih the fire. You’ll soon get the objective to move towards the firing chamber, go down and enter the door. Let your squad members join you and activate the lift.

Chapter 11 – Point of No Return
Get out of the elevator and kill the Orks, clear all of them and move towards the glowing gears icon. Press B so you can close the console, move around and get upstairs-right side. Follow the path and once you reach the controls activate them so you can fire the Psychic Scourge.

After the cut scene get out of the research facility. Once you leave the center you’ll be attacked by more demons which are pretty fast. Don’t fight them yourself and let your team mates do the job. Once they are cleared move downwards from the stairs and move towards the icon.

You will face another group of Chaos Marins, take them out and get into the elevator. Switch it up so you reach to the destination. Now help the Orks to kill the marines and move towards the glowing fist icon again.

You will get some more ammunition from a room (left side). Reach towards the next door and enter into it, shoot everything which moves inside and activate the controls from the left corner of the room and then exit from the doors which open.

Chapter 12 – Dying of the Light
Move towards the fire and then drop down into the hole of the pipe. Move forward and go upwards when you reach the stairs, take a left and blow the blockade – collect the audio log. Get back to the path and cross the doorway, there is some ammunition too.

Take the Iron Halo from the weapons depot and move towards the next doorway. Kill the Chaos Marines and the Orks on your way.

When you reach to the other side get onto the ramp and follow the path around, climb the stairs and pick up the ammunition. When you reach the stairs, cross the hallway. Enable your Marksman Mode over here because you will have to face a lot of soldiers here.

When you make a right turn after clearing the first area you will face more enemies. Some of these will be equipped by laser guns, kill these guys first. Now head back down the stairs and take a left, kill the chaos marines. Take the door next to you and pick up the weapons from the left side.

When you get upstairs, you will have to face a group of Orks again. The Lascannon can be of good use over here, for the enemies on the 2nd level specially. Clear the area and start moving towards left.

Go upstairs and take a right, then again another left across the bridge. Clear the area from all of the Orks and enter into the elevator again. Follow the pathway and make a left when you reach the end. Kill the orks inside the room and once you get to the other side’s wall, take another right and pick up the audio log.

Move towards the hall and then climb upstairs. Take a right and get to the stairs. You will see two Ors again. Take them out and continue climbing the stairs. There are some Orks again…across the bridge. After killing them, look at the bottom-left side and clear the area.

Now get off the stairs and move forward. You will again encounter more Orks here. Clear the area properly and then follow your squad to the glowing gears icon. You will reach to the elevator; once you have reached the destination take a right and start following the hallway.

Take the audio log from the roof on your right and then get to the main hallway again. Keep following it until you go outside. Move towards the ramp and jump downwards…into the junk.

Collect the Plasma Gun from the weapons depot and also the audio log just next to it. Move outside again and kill the Orks on your way. Take the stairs on your right and go up. Look back and kill the Orks which are trying to come upstairs. You will soon get the orders to move out; now start following the fist icon again.

Take the ammo on your way and head towards the left side. Go past the stairs and turn right. Pick up the grenades on your way and drop down into the wreckage. Take a left and move with the path, kill anything which comes in your way.

Continue on your path and you will see some on the ramp too, these can be taken out by the Lascannon easily. Move towards the glowing gears icon again and once you see the group guarding the sentry guns, enable your Marksman Mode and take them out. Clear the area and activate the guns.

When you get to the lowest floor, refill your ammunition from the right and then open the door, Use your melta gun to damage the boss. Hit him with your blasts until he breaks the wall. Once he does, a couple of Orks will attack you again, clear them out.

Attack the boss again and beware of his charge attacks. Once you have done enough damage to him he will move towards the second level (now he will be equipped with missiles) the missiles can be dodged by the “roll to dodge” attribute.

Just keep on damaging him when he’s not attacking, you may use your Fury Meter. Once you are done with him, refill your ammo, take the lift, and then join your squad.

Chapter 13 – Wake the Sleeping Giant
Open the door and get in once you exit from the car, keep following the doorway and when you enter into the next door you’ll see a door which is being opened at the moment, you can go in it and refill your ammunition.

Now get into the next door (right) and keep following the path until you cross two doorways. You will now face some enemies on the left side, kill them and go upwards via the doorway. Enter into the next door which comes diagonally across.

Follow the ramp’s path and once you get to the next door, open it and quickly lean outwards. Enable your Marksman Mode and kill everything inside. Now go towards the right side of the room and see if you have still left anybody alive. Get off the next ramp and move towards the other side.

Once you encounter the demon (right of the front door) kill it ASAP so this will prevent it from spawning more enemies. After killing it you can aim for the minors. Now get into the next door and kill that guy, make a left and take out the enemy on the cat walk too.

You will face a couple of more snipers in the room, take them out and move on to the next door. Now let your squads regroup and then activate the elevator. Once you get off turn left and grab the audio book.

Start following the pathway on the right and once you reach the door, get inside and follow the next pathway until you get to another door. Follow the steps upwards and grab some ammunition from the right side.

Just next to that will be the controls, activate them and go back down (from stairs) and enter into the door on your right. Go upstairs again and look left. Shoot the gas tank so you will blow it off and cause a massive explosive.

Soon after that you’ll have to face a lot of Marines, you must use your Fury Mode as it will help you to get rid of them otherwise you’ll barely or won’t survive. Take cover behind an obstacle and take out the long range shooters first, after that you can aim for the boss – Light him up until he is stunned so after that you can cause easy damage.

Now that you’ve defeated the boss get upstairs and follow through the door, refill your ammunition and follow the next doorway, enter into the lift and activate it. Once you get to the top turn right and follow the ramp downwards. Access the weapons depot so you pick up Storm.

Move towards the ramp…where the glowing gears icon is and activate the controls. Right after activated the controls turn around and enter into the right side door. Let the cut-scene pass and take out the flying thing.

Now get past the door and enter into the lift, activate it and get out once you’ve reached the destination. Follow the ramp upwards and drop off so you get onto the Titan. Take a left from the set of stairs…you’ll now face two floating demons and a helicopter like enemy.

Take them out and follow the glowing fist icon.

Chapter 14 – Victory and Sacrifice
Let your squad members come out and then get inside for activating the lift. Go down and load your weapons and get into the door. Once you get into the next door climb up the ramp and jump down (from the ledge). Turn left and follow the doorway.

A cut-scene will be played, take cover behind the crates and take out the enemies. Your Lascannon is the best weapon in there whereas the only thing which will bug you is the enemy grenades. Kill the enemies and move forward into the next room.

Follow the doorway and get to the place where the battle is.
After the cut scene, grab some ammo and a Lascannon. Take cover behind the crates and kill all of the floating enemies first and then the ground enemies. Take all of them down so the plane can safely land.

Chapter 15 –MARK V
Use the controls to bring the lift downwards and pick up the Audio log from the right side (next to the crates), now head up stairs and refill your ammunition. Once you are all topped up go down the ramp and keep following the path.

Kill all the enemies on your way to the platform and maintain your direction towards the right side where you’ll encounter more enemies (Chaos Marines). Once you go past the marines you’ll find some more ammunition on the left side of the ramp. Equip Lascannon and take out the two marines ASAP.

They will spawn more enemies if you will take a lot of time so be fast. After clearing the area move towards the glowing fist’s icon and kill the Marines again. Enter into the doorway from where they come and keep following the pathway and you will get to a break in the wall.

Once you’ll be near the stairs you will face two more enemies – The best way to take them out is your Lascannon, again. Once you climb up stairs you will meet another enemy, kill him and head towards the fist icon. Once you get though the doorway you’ll encounter another group of enemies…clear the area and get back on track(You will get a couple of grenades over here).

Now start moving downwards of the ramp, just when you make a turn you’ll get to face more Chaos Marines. Get rid of them and head towards the icon again.

Once you get past the doorway more enemies will come, and after crossing them you will find another audio book at the end of the path. Drop down from the edge over there and get behind some cover (crates).

Now here is a TOUGH stage, take out your lascannon and take out the Chaos Marine spawning thingy. Once you take him out the level is almost finished…keep following the path and get upstairs, enter into the next room and get back down where you’ll see the elevator at the left.

Chapter 16 – The Spire of Madness
Get off the ramp by the left side (towards the bridge). Use the Marksman mode right after you face the enemy waves, it’s very difficult to fight them off without it. Kill all the marines on the bridge until you get to the cannon.

You can use it to take out everybody in your range and once you’re done you should take your Lascannon back as it’s the best weapon to use in such situations. Help your teammates to takeout the helicopters and get to the Orbital Spire after doing so. A cut scene will be played…get upstairs and move towards the pathway on your left.

You will have to fight some marines again. You can use the Jump Pack to get down and fight off the remaining enemies.
Go forward and clump up the stairs again, use your jump pack to overcome the enemies on the gap and head towards the next platform (left).

After you get onto the new platform you will have to fight some marines again. Get rid of them and climb up to the next platform again – Once you get to that platform you will have to perform a ground pound with the help of Jump Pack for facing the enemies.

Once you are done with them move towards the hallway and turn left where you’ll pick up the audio log from. Keep following the hallway to the right and you’ll get to another gap where the same tactics are used again.

After crossing the gap you will face more marines which can be taken out by ground pounding. Move forward and jump on to the ledge. Kill the soldier and collect the audio log, jump downwards and climb up. Move towards the ledge on your right and clear out the enemies.

Jump over the area which has some broken staircase and fight off the enemies. You will also face Chaos Marines as you progress. Keep following the pathway and you’ll soon get to some ammunition (Grenades too).

After refilling, open the door on your right and takeout that helicopter like thing. Now search the right side and grab the audio log. Use the opposite doorway to go back and keep following the path.

You will get to a couple of enemies again…take them out and move towards the ramp on your right. You’ll get to some green crates again which are very good for covering yourself and taking out the enemies.

Keep moving towards the top of the ramp and kill everything which comes in your way. Move forward and go through the doorways, go right after the doorway and cross the bridge. Activate the controls for the elevator lift (on the right side) and open the next door.

Move towards the doorway on your right and open the door on the left side (it’s in the next room) you will see another ramp – Climb up to it and get outside.

Chapter 17 – Man Against Daemon
First of all, destroy the Nemeroth’s pack of daemons and then take cover behind the green crates. Kill all of the Chaos Soldiers with the help of Marksman Mode so they won’t bug you anymor.

Right after killing them you’ll see floating demons, kill them and the waves which will come after.
You’ll fight Nemeroth right after the cut-scene is played.

Engage his back-side when he’s not attacking, you can simply avoid his attacks by pressing the on-screen buttons. Nemeroth has a fireball attack too; you will have to use your joystick to avoid those blasts.

Just keep on attacking him and you’ll get to a stage where you’ll be prompted to press B repeatedly…right after that is the end.

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