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Square Enix Wants To Expand Eidos Montreal

The Japanese publisher Square Enix proposed the expansion of the developer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Eidos Montreal. It is believed that the number of working staff will rise to 700 by 2015, which is the double of existing staff members i.e. 350. In order to make it happen Square Enix needs a grant of 2 million Canadian Dollars from Investissement Québec.

If negotiations go well for Enix, then Eidos Montreal would become third largest video game company in Montreal, Competing with Electronic Arts (800 employees) and Ubisoft (2100 employees).

The studio is currently working on two other projects, only one has been officially announced: Thief 4, new employees of Eidos Montreal will work primarily on large-scale games, with production budgets in the tens of millions of dollars.